The best compact dishwashers: 2022 ranking

Review and rating of compact dishwashers. Features, specifications, pros and cons of the best models. What to look for when choosing.

Compact dishwashers are a separate type of small devices.

They are are both freestanding and built-in, and are best suited for small families or small kitchens.

Consider the most successful models of compact dishwashers, analyze their key characteristics and selection criteria.

Rating TOP 8 best compact dishwashers

TOP 4 compact built-in dishwashers
#1Weissgauff BDW 4106 D
#3Electrolux ESL 2500RO
#4Bosch Serie 4 SRV4HKX2DR
TOP 4 compact freestanding dishwashers
#1Electrolux ESF 2300 DW
#2Weissgauff TDW 4037 D
#3Toshiba DWS-22A
#4Weissgauff TDW 4006 D

What to look for when choosing a compact dishwasher?

First of all, you need to decide on the installation location of a small machine.

A stand-alone compact appliance can be placed on a countertop, a built-in unit is installed in kitchen furniture.

It is also recommended to study the main technical characteristics and functions of the equipment:

  • Capacity.
    The parameter indicates how many sets of dishes can be cleaned in the machine at a time.
    A set is usually called the number of plates, cups, forks and spoons used by one person during a meal.
    Compact models can hold up to 12 sets of dishes.
  • Water consumption.
    Compact format dishwashers consume no more than 10 liters of water per cycle.
    At the same time, stand-alone models are characterized by lower fluid consumption, in contrast to more productive embedded devices.
  • Energy consumption.
    The parameter determines how much energy the machine spends per cycle.
    The lower the consumption, the higher the energy efficiency of the device.
    Classes A ... A +++ correspond to the values ​​\u200b\u200bof 1.06-0.75 kWh, in the case of class B, this is 1.25 kWh.
  • Washing and drying class.
    Modern dishwashers, as a rule, have drying classes A, B.
    The washing class basically corresponds to the value A.
    In the first case, absolute cleanliness and dryness are guaranteed, in the second, slight stains may occur.
  • Drying type.
    Condensation - a classic option in which the dishes are dried naturally.
    Turbo is the most efficient type of drying with a stream of hot air through a fan and heating element.
  • Modes.
    Compact dishwashers can be equipped with 3-10 programs.
    Basic modes - standard (the most versatile), intensive (express program), economical (with a low quality of washing).
  • Leak protection.
    Modern dishwashers are supplemented with full or partial (housing, hose) protection against leaks.
    The latter option is usually present in budget models.
  • Additional functionality.
    This often includes an audible alarm to indicate the completion of the cycle and a display to monitor the operation of the device.
    It can also be - internal lighting, a delay start timer, an indication in the form of a beam on the floor, a control panel lock from children, the ability to connect to hot water, the function of autonomous use in models with its own tank.

TOP 4 compact built-in dishwashers

Built-in compact dishwashers Suitable for use in small kitchens. When choosing, it is important to consider the dimensions of the device, which must match the parameters of the headset.

Rating and review of the TOP-4 of the most compact built-in dishwashers in terms of price and quality.

Weissgauff BDW 4106 D

The built-in compact dishwasher Weissgauff BDW 4106 D is endowed with all the necessary functions for high-quality washing with the elimination of the most difficult contaminants.

The user has access to 6 programs with the ability to select the most suitable time and temperature parameters.

The device is equipped with a control panel with a digital display and LED indication.

The model corresponds to a high class of energy consumption.

The value does not exceed 0.61 kWh. The machine is supplemented with a delayed start timer, condensate dryer, a full leak protection system.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • power consumption - A+;
  • washing / drying class - A / A;
  • control - electronic;
  • dimensions - 45.2 × 55 × 51.8 cm;
  • device weight - 28.5 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 6.5 l;
  • Max. noise level - 49 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, standard, economy, BIO, condensation drying;
  • features - 3 loading levels, display, timer 1-24 hours, salt / rinse aid indicators, leakage protection.


  • compactness;
  • quiet work;
  • capacity;
  • wash quality.


  • inconvenient loading of salt;
  • too loud sound signal;
  • not ergonomic coasters for plates.


The compact built-in model MAUNFELD MLP-06IM, made in a stylish design, holds up to 6 sets of dishes and consumes no more than 6.5 liters of water per cycle.

The device consumes 610 Wh of energy.

It is supplemented with condensation drying, leakage protection system, informative indication of the presence of salt and rinse aid.

The machine belongs to the products with low noise level and weighs only 20.5 kg.

The model is equipped with a small display, a delay start timer, supports six washing programs.

The set includes an ergonomic cutlery basket.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • power consumption - A+;
  • washing / drying class - A / A;
  • control - electronic;
  • dimensions - 43.8 × 55 × 51.8 cm;
  • device weight - 20.5 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 6.5 l;
  • Max. noise level - 49 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, standard, economy, condensation drying;
  • features - display, timer 1-24 hours, salt / rinse aid indicators, sound signal, leakage protection.


  • compact model;
  • functionality;
  • many modes of operation;
  • noiselessness;
  • economy.


  • no fixation of the basket for appliances;
  • bases of fasteners made of plastic;
  • the complexity of the selection of the facade.

Electrolux ESL 2500RO

The stylish and compact Electrolux ESL 2500 RO built-in model provides fast, delicate, intensive, standard and economical dishwashing with excellent results.

The device supports condensation type of drying.

Its capacity is 6 standard sets of dishes and accessories.

The machine is provided with an electronic control panel, an informative display, and a water purity sensor.

The total number of washing programs is five.

The system is supplemented with an audible alarm, indicators for the presence of rinse aid and salt. The device weighs 21 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • power consumption - A+;
  • washing / drying class - A / A;
  • control - electronic;
  • dimensions - 43.8 × 55 × 51.8 cm;
  • device weight - 21 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 6.5 l;
  • Max. noise level - 50 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, standard, economy, condensation drying;
  • features - display, water sensor, salt / rinse aid indicators, sound signal.


  • good capacity;
  • energy efficiency;
  • convenient management;
  • light weight.


  • high price;
  • noise level;
  • long dry.

Bosch Serie 4 SRV4HKX2DR

The 45 cm Bosch Serie 4 SRV4HKX2DR built-in small dishwasher will save you time, delivering consistently excellent results and low resource consumption.

The model consumes only 8.5 liters of water per working cycle, allowing you to place 9 sets of dishes at the same time.

The device supports the functioning of five programs, provides optimal water hardness for the most gentle cleaning of glass or porcelain utensils.

Ergonomic body and standardized dimensions guarantee easy installation in any kitchen set.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 9 sets;
  • power consumption - A;
  • washing / drying class - A / A;
  • control - electronic;
  • dimensions - 81 × 44.8 × 55 cm;
  • device weight - 27 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 8.5 l;
  • Max. noise level - 46 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, standard, economy, intensive drying;
  • features - 3 loading levels, timer, sound signal, beam on the floor, leakage protection.


  • functionality;
  • compact dimensions;
  • low water consumption;
  • low noise level.


  • high price;
  • Energy consumption;
  • few washing programs.

TOP 4 compact freestanding dishwashers

Devices the size of a microwave suitable for installation in small apartments, cottages and offices.

Despite the small capacity, they are not inferior in terms of cleaning quality to full-size counterparts.

Rating and comparison of the TOP 4 smallest freestanding dishwashers according to customer reviews and ratings.

Electrolux ESF 2300 DW

The compact dishwasher Electrolux ESF 2300 DW is made in a stylish and practical case with dimensions of 55 × 43.8 × 50 cm, holds up to 6 sets of dishes and consumes only 7 liters of water per cycle.

The model consumes no more than 630 Wh of energy.

The device is provided with a condensation drying system, the possibility of heating water in the range of 40-70 degrees.

The equipment is equipped with a sensor for determining the state of the liquid, a delay start timer, standard, fast, economical and intensive washing programs.

The machine is supplemented with leakage protection, indicators for the presence of salt and rinse aid. The maximum power consumption of the unit is 1180 W.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • power consumption - A+;
  • washing / drying class - A / A;
  • control - electronic;
  • dimensions - 43.8 × 55 × 50 cm;
  • device weight - 23.18 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 7 l;
  • Max.noise level - 52 dB;
  • modes - fast, intensive, standard, economy, condensation drying;
  • features - 3 loading levels, salt / rinse aid indicators, sound signal, leakage protection.


  • excellent washing quality;
  • compact dimensions;
  • functionality;
  • large internal volume.


  • not the best filtration system;
  • no protection from children;
  • poor equipment.

Weissgauff TDW 4037 D

The compact dishwasher Weissgauff TDW 4037 D stands out for its autonomous use, as it does not require a connection to the water supply.

The model is provided with a Hygiene 72 degree function, a touch control panel, and its own water tank.

The device has a capacity of 3 sets, high energy consumption class.

Its maximum power is 860 W, the machine consumes only 0.43 kWh of energy per cycle.

The device is equipped with seven washing programs and the same number of temperature modes.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 3 sets;
  • power consumption - A;
  • washing / drying class - A / B;
  • control - touch;
  • dimensions - 46.5 × 42 × 43.5 cm;
  • device weight - 14.5 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 6 l;
  • Max. noise level - 58 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, economy, glass, turbo-drying;
  • features - display, 1-24 hour timer, salt / rinse aid indicators, sound signal, autonomous operation, self-cleaning, protection from children / leaks.


  • ease of connection;
  • autonomous water tank;
  • many modes of operation;
  • effective drying;
  • Beautiful design.


  • non-ergonomic instrument compartment;
  • loud enough beep.

Toshiba DWS-22A

The Toshiba DWS-22A compact dishwasher is a high-quality freestanding appliance with a width of 42 cm, capable of cleaning two sets of dishes.

The model is equipped with an effective safety system in the form of protection against leaks, provided with fast, delicate, intensive and economical washing programs.

The device is equipped with touch control, informative display, camera backlight.

The maximum power consumption of the unit is 730 W.

Included in the package is a handy cutlery basket.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 2 sets;
  • power consumption - A;
  • washing / drying class - B / A;
  • control - touch;
  • dimensions - 43.5 × 42 × 44 cm;
  • device weight - 13 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 5 l;
  • Max. noise level - 58 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, economy;
  • features - display, camera backlight, leakage protection.


  • quiet work;
  • capacity;
  • compact dimensions;
  • many programs.


  • no compartment for salt;
  • no timer;
  • no drying program.

Weissgauff TDW 4006 D

The compact dishwasher Weissgauff TDW 4006 D is designed for 8 sets of dishes, has a self-cleaning function and fully electronic control.

The model is characterized not only by excellent functionality, but by high power.

With energy consumption per cycle of 1.05 kWh, this figure is 1620 watts.

The machine supports 7 washing programs and additional functionality - the possibility of reloading, self-cleaning mode.

The set includes an ergonomic cutlery basket.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity - 8 sets;
  • power consumption - A+;
  • washing / drying class - A / A;
  • control - electronic;
  • dimensions - 59 × 55 × 50 cm;
  • device weight - 26 kg;
  • water consumption per cycle - 8 l;
  • Max. noise level - 49 dB;
  • modes - fast, delicate, intensive, standard, economy, condensation drying;
  • features - display, timer 1-24 hours, salt / rinse aid indicators, sound signal, self-cleaning, reloading.


  • good capacity;
  • high quality washing;
  • stylish design;
  • self cleaning mode.


  • no basket for appliances;
  • prolonged drying;
  • great weight.

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  • Compact dishwashers are freestanding and built-in, the former can be placed anywhere, the latter are mounted in kitchen furniture.
  • When choosing a compact dishwasher, you should take into account its capacity, water consumption, energy consumption, type of drying, number of modes, pay attention to the presence of leakage protection.
  • The presence of additional options (beep, display, backlight, timer, beam on the floor, child lock, autonomous operation) affects the cost of the device, but at the same time increases its usability and functionality.

  1. Julia He speaks

    The Electrolux ESF 2300 DW model perfectly copes with a large volume of dishes. We've been using it for a year now with no problems. The only negative is the unsuccessful placement of an information sticker indicating the operating modes - on the inside of the end. Under the influence of moisture, it began to peel off, but this does not affect the operation of the device.

    1. Ludmila He speaks

      In our family, we always choose the Bosch brand. For a long time we have been convinced of the reliability of this manufacturer. Of course, it is better to take the newest models, as they are always more advanced than the previous ones.

  2. Natalia He speaks

    Hello. We recently purchased a dishwasher. It is slightly larger than a microwave oven. This is a great solution for our small kitchen. Has several modes, dries dishes well. In addition, it is very economical - it does not consume much water and electricity.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Good afternoon! Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Irina He speaks

        Dishwasher makes life a lot easier. Even so small. Especially when there are frequent guests. A lot of dishes in a compact machine, of course, does not fit. But I put in it first of all fatty and what is harder to wash.
        I live in Khrushchev with a tiny kitchen, and even with a gas water heater. But I still found a place to build a small dishwasher. Above it installed the same compact oven. This is advice for kitchenette owners if they do not know how to place everything.

    2. Tatiana He speaks

      I have been thinking about purchasing a dishwasher for a long time and this article helped me a lot. It would be absolutely ideal if the author also indicated the general price range, and not just certain models. And I would like a little more about the installation, otherwise my husband and I are used to doing everything ourselves.

  3. Anastasia He speaks

    The dishwasher is a dream. But when the kitchen is small, many refuse such an assistant, but in vain. Thank you for the selection of compact dishwashers. I'm just looking for myself. The most important thing for me is that the cups are free of tea marks, that the crystal is shiny and drip-free.

  4. Stella He speaks

    Of course, I am glad that compact dishwashers save not only time, but also water and electricity, since the volume of the washing chamber is small and the washing process takes little time. Not to mention the fact that they significantly save valuable kitchen space and fit well into the interior. In my opinion, top-loading models are especially convenient. On them, the control panel is located on the table top. And of the minuses - additional costs (for washing tablets, for water softeners, rinses).
    And yet, a compact dishwasher is a real find! There are many advantages over the overall unit, but in terms of functionality it is almost not inferior. But again, this is my opinion.

  5. Valeria He speaks

    Before your article, I could not even think about the existence of such compact dishwashers. Given that I dream of such an assistant in the kitchen, but unfortunately I can’t afford it due to the size. But now I know the way out of my situation. Thank you!

  6. Norma He speaks

    Very interesting information. I am now thinking about replacing my Bosh dishwasher with a compact one, because. there is little space in the kitchen and the service life is suitable. My question is: does anyone know if there is such a safe detergent for a compact machine, such as a washing machine. I try to wash off the dishes, remove food debris, but the fat still gets clogged, and then the machine works inefficiently until you clean everything mechanically and so almost every time. And that takes time. Please, tell me how to solve this global problem for me.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Good afternoon! Try using special products: rinses for cleanliness and shine, in addition to your standard product.

  7. Olga He speaks

    A Candy CDCP 6/E dishwasher was placed in a small kitchen. The minimalist design will fit perfectly into any interior. The price-quality ratio is adequate. Washes dishes perfectly, even copes with greasy frying pans. Only high cups of 200 ml do not fit. There is a 30 minute cycle. I use powder. Dries well. A little noisy, but I forgive it for its budget cost. Fitted perfectly under the sink. More than enough for a family of three.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Thanks for your feedback, Olga!

  8. Katerina He speaks

    What an interesting solution! I work in kitchens to order and a common problem with our customers is the desire to have a dishwasher in the kitchen with a small room size. More recently, I learned about the existence of such compact PMMs, began to look for information about them, but finding a full description was not so easy. Therefore, special thanks for the informative article with such a detailed description of dishwasher models!

  9. Alyona He speaks

    Good time of the day! I want to tell you how I chose a dishwasher and what criteria I paid special attention to. I have a medium-sized kitchen, but I didn’t want the dishwasher to take up a lot of space or somehow stand out from the overall interior. Therefore, I chose MAUNFELD MLP-06IM - it is compact, it works quite quietly, it has a drying function and 6 operating modes. And more importantly, there is a child lock. Ideal for a young family. I can't imagine how I used to live without her.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Thanks for your feedback, Alena!

      1. Anya He speaks

        This is the second year that the Midea compact dishwasher has been working in my kitchen. Small but remote, the machine fits a lot of dishes, washes quickly, without errors, only 6 modes of operation, no need to connect to the water supply, uses only 6 liters of water. I can’t say that it is silent, it makes noise like a big one, maybe somewhere around 50-55 dB. The machine is good, and most importantly, the quality and design is beautiful.

  10. Ilya He speaks

    Well? We bought a Weissgauff BDW 4106 D machine, and you know, this is one of my best purchases. I did not feel sorry for the money spent, it is practically silent, my grandmother is delighted, I hope it will serve us for a very, very long time. It stands in the kitchen like its own, does not stand out, but even complements the interior of the kitchen. In general, technology rules, friends! There was one thing: they were afraid that few dishes would fit there and that they would have to load the machine a couple more times, but no, all the dishes fit (and they are larger than average).

  11. Tatiana He speaks

    I trust the Electrolux brand in general. I bought the ESF2400OK model, I have been using it for several months. I am an economical person and pick up a dishwasher meticulously. Everything suited me here: energy efficiency class A +, low water consumption, good capacity. Dishes can be washed in 20 minutes. Works very quietly! They promise to shut off the water if there is a leak. So it's pretty safe. Slightly inconvenient tray for dishes.

  12. Taisa He speaks

    I have been using the Bosch SKS 41E11 compact dishwasher for almost half a year. I was delighted with the size, because. My kitchen is small, I want to fit a lot of equipment, but the place ends and I have to sacrifice something.There are all the necessary programs, indicators, it is very easy to use, it works quietly and is quite roomy. No complaints, satisfied with the purchase! Helps me out all the time!

    1. Yulia He speaks

      We bought a Weissgauff_BDW_4106_D car as a gift for grandparents. They are very content. Granny is already old and cannot stand and wash mountains of dishes for a long time, but this machine does an excellent job with this job. Grandpa loves to take a nap during the day and the machine does not interfere with him at all, it works silently. They are very happy and so are we. Thank you company. Great option for this price

  13. Karina He speaks

    Hello. Recently, on the advice of a friend, I purchased a compact dishwasher model Midea MCFD-0606. The device launders glasses to their previous state, excellent value for money. Also, the pluses include the presence of several modes, concise design and comfort in use, silent operation. The main disadvantage is that it is not known how much time is left until the end of the wash. In general, I recommend it to everyone who does not have much time for washing dishes.

  14. Olesya He speaks

    I have limited space for a kitchen set in my kitchen. When they ordered it, and everyone counted, it was not possible to allocate space for a built-in dishwasher. Although, of course, I really wanted to! After some time, I was told about compact dishwashers that can be put just like a microwave. For me, it was a discovery, if I had known about such a thing when we were doing repairs, I would not have puzzled over the size of the kitchen. We bought Bosch, because I trust this manufacturer, the stove and oven are also from this company. this machine is amazing! I feel very comfortable with her.I advise everyone who does not have enough space for large appliances in the kitchen.

  15. Olesya He speaks

    We were looking for a top-loading washing machine only, another would not fit in our bathroom. We opted for Electrolux. I am very satisfied, it has been serving for more than 10 years, and during this time, the small gasket was changed only once. Otherwise, no complaints. It is convenient to use such a machine, it is compact and fits well into the design of our bathroom.

  16. Inna He speaks

    Midea MCFD-55500W, bought for my grandmother. The model is inexpensive, unfortunately made in China. Of the benefits: the best price, it works quietly, it washes well, though only small dishes. There are many more disadvantages: small capacity (it is necessary to do two sets of dishes), pots remain with a coating, you have to wash them manually first, not a convenient hinged lid for tablets, often the tablet falls out and you have to put it back in the container. Worked for about a year and broke completely. I do not recommend buying, it is better to look at more expensive models and another manufacturer.

  17. Olga He speaks

    I believe that a dishwasher with a small load capacity is the best option for a small family. This is a maximum of 5 people, no more. You can fully load it with dishes after dinner in the evening and wash it. Every morning clean cups, spoons and so on will be waiting for you. It is very comfortable. You do not need to have two or more sets of dishes: what kind of yelled, then washed. The experience with the large dishwasher was negative. It was half empty all the time, and there were no more dishes. And the desire to buy it too. There was a feeling that you were driving the device in vain. Water and electricity were wasted just like that. But this is not the most unpleasant, unfortunately.If the machine was filled with a couple of bowls, say, not all family members ate at home, then it seems like it’s not time to turn it on yet, you can wait until tomorrow. And tomorrow... It's better not to open it. The smell is unbearable! Then special flavors come to the rescue, as in cars. And this is also the cost and the stench still does not interrupt, but only strengthens in my opinion. Therefore, a compact machine will help you, a small family. And what model and brand to use, this is someone who will like what, what characteristics are right for you.

  18. Igor He speaks

    Hello, until some time we did not use a dishwasher, but one day we decided to try what it is. Since our apartment is not very big, we opted for the Candy CDCP 6/E dishwasher. It is more miniature, small amount of water consumption, only 7 liters and the price is affordable, we are very satisfied, we recommend.

  19. Olga He speaks

    I think that a dishwasher should be in the house! That's what size it doesn't matter, the main thing is to be! Such a baby is a great option for those who have little space in the kitchen, or who thought about her late. When planning the kitchen, I immediately included a dishwasher in the plan, but my girlfriend did not think about it. I realized it already when the kitchen was mounted and she settled in it. I bought this baby and I'm happy with it. Enough for a family of two, although sometimes it runs 2 times a day. But it's better than not having it at all.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Yes, this option is a way out for those who have not laid a built-in model in the kitchen design in advance.

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