Rating of dehumidifiers for an apartment: the principle of operation and an overview of the best models of 2022

A dehumidifier is indispensable in a house where there is high humidity. Today we will figure out which model is better to choose.

Acquisition air dryer - the best way to get rid of excessive humidity and regulate the temperature in an apartment or house.

Device enough compact, highly efficient and functional, it is convenient to work with it in any conditions.

After reviewing the recommendations of experts, it will be possible to choose the best climate equipment without any problems.

When is a dehumidifier needed?

It is worth noting! A household dehumidifier is necessary in cases where high humidity has been observed in the house for a long period of time.

Here are typical "symptoms" of exceeding this indicator:

  • drops of water flow down the glass;
  • there is a smell of dampness;
  • on the walls (including on the wallpaper) there are traces of mold;
  • floor coverings swell (for no apparent reason);
  • "spoiled" wooden furniture;
  • indoor plants die (the earth in flower pots is almost always wet);
  • household appliances fail;
  • the wallpaper is slightly behind the walls.

In such cases, household members begin to get sick: immunity decreases sharply in children, and cardiovascular diseases and asthma worsen in the elderly.

That's why in an apartment with high humidity use special devices - air dryers.

The principle of operation of the dehumidifier

Stay up to date! There are 3 main types of dehumidifiers with different operating principles:
  1. assimilation - mainly used in production, with a large area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.
    The principle of operation of this device is to ensure constant air exchange.
    As a result, moist air and dampness are removed from the room.
  2. Adsorption - along with condensation (see below), it is considered one of the most common types of dehumidifiers.
    The principle of operation of the device is based on the ability of certain substances to absorb excess moisture from the air.
    The desiccant dryer is ideal for dehumidifying cold rooms (e.g. cold stores).
  3. Condensing are the most common type of dehumidifiers.
    It is most often used in residential premises.
    The principle of operation of the device is based on the property of air to independently get rid of excess moisture during the cooling process.
    Excess moisture in this case falls out in the form of condensate.
    Morning dew is formed according to the same principle: during the night the air cools down and condenses excess moisture in the form of water droplets.

The main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a device

How to choose? When choosing a dehumidifier for an apartment, the following parameters must be considered:
  • Power - this parameter is indicated in the device passport.
    A dehumidifier for a residential area can have a high capacity, but at the same time save energy.
  • Dehumidification intensity - this parameter determines the amount of moisture removed from the air masses for a certain period of time.
    So, if the humidity in the room is more than 80%, it is recommended to buy a device with a maximum dehumidification intensity.
    A dehumidifier for industrial and warehouse premises must be selected in accordance with the area that will need to be rid of excess moisture.
  • Air exchange - this parameter characterizes the amount of air masses that the device can process in 1 hour.
    At the same time, the technical passport indicates what area of ​​​​the room the device can process.
    But still, experts recommend buying a dehumidifier with less air exchange than required.
  • Noise level - has a direct impact on indoor comfort.
    Therefore, when choosing a device, this parameter is important.
    The average noise level for a dehumidifier should be on the order of 35-45 decibels (db.), which is similar in sound strength to calm, quiet speech.
  • Hygrostat - is a sensor that responds to the slightest changes in humidity.
    It regulates the operation of the device in automatic mode (turns on the device when the humidity rises and turns it off when the set values ​​are reached). This sensor allows you to leave the device on all night.
  • Ionization - creates the effect of clean mountain air, eliminates allergens and fills the room with freshness.
    Therefore, it is advisable to buy a device with an ionization function (especially if someone in the family suffers from allergies or asthma).

What additional functionality is worth paying attention to?

As an option, dehumidifiers can be equipped with features such as:

  • Aromatization — fills the house with freshness and creates a pleasant, cozy atmosphere.
    Dehumidifiers with aroma function are equipped with separate compartments for refilling essential oils.
    Therefore, this function gives the home the desired aroma (orange, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, etc.).
    It also allows you to organize aromatherapy at home (for example, to relieve stress, massage or for colds).
  • Fan speed control - allows you to set any speed by changing the intensity of the device.
    This is very convenient when there are several rooms with different levels of humidity.
    In this case, you can choose the optimal drying mode for different rooms, which will provide maximum comfort and coziness in the room.
  • Air purification function - thanks to the built-in fine filters, the device gently and effectively cleans the air from dust and bacteria, which maintains a healthy atmosphere in the house.
    This function is indispensable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as for young children.
Note! At the same time, some manufacturers and sellers of household appliances include a humidistat and ionization as additional functionality.

The rating of the best devices will help you choose the right dehumidifier for installation in your apartment.

All of them made of reliable and high-quality materials - will last far more than one year.

TOP-4 dehumidifiers up to 25 square meters

Rating and review of TOP-4 dehumidifiers up to 25 square meters in terms of price, quality and reliability.

Ballu BD10U

Compact dehumidifier with electronic control system for floor installation.

The equipment is designed for an average area - it copes with its task as efficiently as possible and allows you to instantly eliminate excess moisture.

To determine the level of condensate in the tank, the manufacturer equipped the product with a special indicator.

When the tank is full, the device switches off automatically.

Additional comfort is guaranteed by the presence of an informative display.

In addition to the main set of programs, the design will please with the presence of a timer, an ionization function, the possibility of self-adjusting the speed, as well as an automatic defrost mode.

The device is presented in a white case.


  • power consumption - 240 W;
  • recommended area - 17 m2;
  • productivity - 10 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 1.8 l;
  • sound power indicator - 45 dB.


  • large tank for collecting liquid;
  • excellent temperature range;
  • you can independently adjust the speed;
  • good protective options;
  • simple and intuitive control panel.


  • it is better to study the instruction manual in advance;
  • the white body gets dirty quickly;
  • wire length is average.

NeoClima ND-10AH

High performance electronically controlled dehumidifier with long mains cable for comfortable connection.

The model at first sight attracts with its presentable appearance, well-located control panel and the presence of a display.

A significant advantage of the technology was the low level of sound - the equipment operates with virtually no sound.

A capacious tank acts as a water collector. It is easy to clean if necessary. The connection of the device is single-phase.

The floor device is complemented by miniature legs. They make the case stable and simplify the transportation of the structure.


  • power consumption - 200 W;
  • recommended area - 16 m2;
  • productivity - 10 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 1.8 l;
  • sound power index - 39 dB.


  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • an air filter is provided;
  • shutdown of equipment by timer;
  • elementary adjustment system;
  • suitable for small spaces.


  • complex instructions for use;
  • plastic gets dirty quickly;
  • some features of the service.

Remezair RMD-304

A home dehumidifier with advanced settings that can be controlled even remotely.

The thermoelectric device is designed to be placed on the floor, it has a built-in air filter and an automatic shutdown function when the container is filled with water.

To work with the equipment, you can use the electronic control panel. It's no less convenient.

A distinctive feature of climate control equipment has become a wide temperature range.

Despite the compactness of the technology, it provides highly efficient work without interruptions and failures.

The sound level does not exceed the norm.


  • power consumption - 45 W;
  • recommended area - 17 m2;
  • productivity - 0.75 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–50 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 1 l;
  • sound power indicator - 45 dB.


  • capacious tank for collecting water;
  • compactness and ergonomics of the case;
  • the device can be controlled from a smartphone;
  • excellent airflow;
  • self-adjusting fan speed.


  • medium length wire;
  • work may seem noisy;
  • The white body is easy to get dirty.


A dehumidifier designed for floor placement, which will be the best purchase for a family living in an apartment or house with a high humidity index.

The equipment has a hygrostat, an indicator for self-determining the level of filling of the tank, as well as a shutdown timer.

Small wheels are provided for comfortable movement of the device from room to room.

The control system in this device is electronic, there is a display.

The size of the device is small, so it can be installed in a small room - it will not interfere with the movement of households.


  • power consumption - 290 W;
  • recommended area - 23 m2;
  • productivity - 16 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 2.5 l;
  • sound power indicator - 40 dB.


  • determination of the level of occupancy using the indicator;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • work in the mode of automatic defrosting;
  • large container for collecting condensate;
  • convenient electronic control.


  • electricity consumption is quite high;
  • need to deal with the settings;
  • technical service features.

TOP-4 dehumidifiers for an apartment from 25 to 45 square meters

Review and rating of the TOP-4 household dehumidifiers for apartments and houses from 25 to 45 square meters according to customer reviews and ratings.

Timberk T-DH30-P41E

Floor dehumidifier for rooms with a high humidity index, with a hygrostat and an off timer.

The device provides the user with the opportunity to independently select the appropriate fan speed, which makes the operation process much more comfortable.

To determine the level of filling the container with liquid, a separate indicator is provided.

There is an air filter element. In addition, the device can operate in automatic defrost mode.

The functionality of the technique is classic. Small wheels are provided for easy movement. There is a display showing key indicators.


  • power consumption - 460 W;
  • recommended area - 30 m2;
  • productivity - 10 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 7–35 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 4 l;
  • sound power index - 53 dB.


  • clear control system of electronic type;
  • good temperature range;
  • excellent speed and strength of the air flow;
  • convenient floor installation of equipment;
  • large tank to collect excess liquid.


  • sound power level is high enough;
  • equipment weight;
  • enlarged sizes.

Ballu BD30U

An innovative device designed specifically for quickly dehumidifying too humid air in an apartment or house.

The equipment perfectly copes with its work in three modes, effectively eliminating excess moisture.

Thanks to the low-noise engine, the equipment can work even at night, without interfering with the rest of the household.

Thanks to the built-in hygrometer, climate technology provides an excellent opportunity to exercise full control, maintaining the required level of humidity.

Various indicators are also provided - they display the selected settings.

The case can be easily moved at your discretion, since the device is equipped with small wheels.

The execution of the case is concise and unobtrusive - the technique looks very neat.


  • power consumption - 530 W;
  • recommended area - 42 m2;
  • productivity - 30 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 5 l;
  • sound power indicator - 40 dB.


  • impressive serviced area;
  • there is a built-in humidistat;
  • available indicators of temperature and humidity;
  • a display is provided;
  • There is a defrost function.


  • length of the network wire;
  • soiled white body;
  • need to study the manual.

REMEZair RMD-301 Wi-Fi controlled

Drying equipment with a remote control function, which has absolutely everything for productive and efficient work.

Thanks to several operating modes, the user will be able to choose the optimal settings depending on their own needs.

A convenient electronic control panel will help you easily determine the appropriate temperature and the speed of removing excess moisture.

A capacious tank is provided for collecting condensate. There is a small but very informative display that shows the latest changes.

The sound power level does not exceed the norm, but the equipment does not work silently.

In the presence of a modern filter element and a fairly powerful motor.


  • power consumption - 245 W;
  • recommended area - 40 m2;
  • productivity - 12 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 2.2 l;
  • sound power indicator - 45 dB.


  • possibility of remote control;
  • a charcoal filter is provided;
  • indicators located on the body;
  • there is an informative display;
  • high drying capacity.


  • increased dimensions of the product;
  • service features;
  • model cost.

Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi control RMD-302

State-of-the-art dehumidifier designed for installation in medium-sized rooms.

The equipment is equipped with a hygrostat, has the function of automatic protective shutdown, and also has the ability to carry out its work in the defrosting mode.

There is a tank full indicator for easy control. There is a display - it shows the selected settings.

The user can choose the optimal fan speed himself.

The tank holds more than two liters of liquid. This is a significant advantage of the device, since you do not have to clean it often.


  • power consumption - 245 W;
  • recommended area - 40 m2;
  • productivity - 13 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 2.2 l;
  • sound power indicator - 45 dB.


  • modern control system;
  • acceptable sound power;
  • no difficulties with the installation of equipment;
  • wheels for comfortable transportation;
  • attractive appearance.


  • the plastic case needs to be cleaned periodically;
  • slight heating of the case is possible;
  • It's best to read the manual first.

TOP-4 dehumidifiers from 45 sq. meters

Ballu BD70T

A high-quality dehumidifier with excellent technical performance, for which there are no barriers.

The dimensions of the design give the user the opportunity to conveniently place the device in any room.

To quickly eliminate moisture, several operating modes are provided. There is a large enough container to collect the liquid. There is a filter.

The product is equipped with a durable motor that guarantees efficient operation for many years.

The control system here is standard electronic.


  • power consumption - 980 W;
  • recommended area - 17 m2;
  • productivity - 70 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 6.5 l;
  • sound power indicator - 45 dB.


  • classical electronic control;
  • a built-in pump is provided;
  • you can change the fan speed;
  • large condensate tank;
  • basic service.


  • tangible electricity consumption;
  • white case gets dirty quickly;
  • overpriced technology.

Ballu BD60U

The classic model, presented in a sophisticated design, which is distinguished by its high functionality, compact size, acceptable noise level and ease of transportation.

The equipment is great for large rooms with high humidity, where not only high-quality dehumidification is required, but also air ionization.

The settings specified by the user are displayed on the display - it is located on the front of the case.

Condensate is collected in two ways. Using a special tank and using a drainage hole with a hose.

The developer supplemented the device with a timer to turn off the appliance.


  • power consumption - 680 W;
  • recommended area - 85 m2;
  • productivity - 60 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 7 l;
  • sound power indicator - 45 dB.


  • decent equipment;
  • there is an automatic diagnostic system;
  • air ionization program;
  • efficiency for large areas;
  • long warranty period.


  • heavy equipment weight;
  • no antibacterial filter;
  • electricity consumption.


A professional model presented by a popular developer of multifunctional climatic equipment.

The floor-mounted device captivates with ergonomics, thoughtful design and a clear control system.

For productive work, the manufacturer supplemented the design with an automatic defrost mode, the ability to adjust the fan speed and an automatic shutdown timer.

Control over the process of work is carried out using the display.

The only drawback of the equipment is quite noisy work, which can interfere with rest.

It is not the best option for use at night.


  • power consumption - 750 W;
  • recommended area - 17 m2;
  • productivity - 60 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–35 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 1.8 l;
  • sound power index - 52 dB.


  • equipment ergonomics;
  • simple floor installation;
  • work at a professional level;
  • large condensate collection tank;
  • impressive performance.


  • increased weight of the product;
  • periodically the body must be cleaned;
  • noise index.

NeoClima ND-40AH

Stylish dehumidifier with clear settings, which is designed for floor installation in rooms with a large area.

The device has a good power indicator, which provides an excellent opportunity to quickly eliminate excess moisture and collect it in a large tank.

Electronic control, like most modern models.

The noise level is adequate, so the equipment will not interfere with sleep at night.

The temperature range is 5-35 ° C - a good indicator for home use.


  • power consumption - 700 W;
  • recommended area - 50 m2;
  • productivity - 40 l / day;
  • operating temperature range - 5–32 °С;
  • condensate tank capacity - 2.7 l;
  • sound power indicator - 48 dB.


  • tank with full indicator;
  • acceptable design dimensions;
  • the sound power indicator does not exceed the norm;
  • simple electronic control;
  • There is a timer with shutdown.


  • high weight of the structure;
  • average cable length for connecting to the network;
  • some details of the service.

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When choosing a high-quality and durable air dryer, experts in the field of climate equipment recommend that buyers consider the following nuances:

  • key indicators are power consumption, area covered and device performance;
  • an important role is played by the temperature range, as well as the characteristics of the condensate tank - it should be convenient to clean it from the collected liquid;
  • you should carefully look at the dimensions of the structure, the sound power indicator and ergonomic elements;
  • additionally, it is worth asking the consultant for information about the type of control system, additional features of the device and the length of the network cable.

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