Review of VITEK carob coffee makers. Comparative characteristics of VITEK VT-1511, 1513, 1514, 1516, 1524 models

The Vitek trademark and its equipment are well known to Russian buyers. The manufacturer appeared on the domestic market not so long ago, but due to the high level of functionality of the manufactured devices, their reliability, quality and fairly low prices, he was able to win the trust of customers and get a lot of positive feedback.

Carob coffee makers VITEK (Vitek) have become widely known thanks to simplicity of the device and rich taste of freshly brewed coffee.

The choice of any household appliances and electrical appliances for making coffee drinks must be approached consciously, evaluating all the positive and negative aspects of the models under consideration.

Therefore, in order to understand which of the proposed options is most suitable, It is worth familiarizing yourself with the main functions and parameters of each of them..

Popular models of VITEK carob coffee makers

Ruler carob type coffee maker VITEK is small, however, models presented by the manufacturer stand out from competitors and get into ratings the best coffee makers. Among all devices, the best-selling ones are 5 models of coffee makers.


Compact and easy-to-use coffee maker, presented in a stylish black plastic case with metal inserts.

The ergonomic design of the device is complemented by convenient controls, with which the owner can choose and set any operating mode.

On the control panel are power and water level indicators. In stock semi-automatic cappuccinatore with steam function for frothing delicate milk frothrequired for making cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate.

No automatic decalcification function and anti-drip systemHowever, even an inexperienced user can handle cleaning the device from contamination.

The main advantages of the carob coffee maker VT-1511 are:

  • high performance;
  • the possibility of simultaneous preparation of two portions of the drink;
  • a variety of recipes for making coffee and drinks based on it;
  • small body size;
  • ergonomic design;
  • silent operation;
  • acceptable price.
Important! With prolonged use, individual elements of the coffee maker, made of rubber or plastic, heat up and begin to exude an unpleasant odor, which can affect the taste of the finished drink.


Powerful carob-type machine with built-in automatic cappuccinatore.

Electrical device housing Made from high quality material with virtually no scratches, which means that over the course of several years of use, the coffee maker will not lose its presentable appearance.

On the front panel there are buttons for controlling the coffee maker and an on indication.

The device is equipped:

  • heating coffee cups;
  • water level indicator;
  • adjusting the portion of coffee;
  • separate milk container.

Milk tank holds 480 ml of liquid – this amount will be enough to prepare three servings of cappuccino. At the bottom of the device is Removable pull-out low cup tray. After cooking, it must be cleaned manually.

Attention! The VT-1516 model has a special filter structure - it does not contain rubber and plastic elements that give freshly brewed coffee an unpleasant aftertaste and increase the service life of the part itself.


Espresso coffee maker in black and silver.

The machine is equipped with the following items:

  • automatic milk frother for quick milk frothing;
  • removable aluminum tray for collecting drops;
  • heating panel in the upper part of the housing for heating coffee cups immediately before filling them;
  • small milk container - it is covered with a special lid that prevents liquid from splashing while whipping the creamy foam.

Thanks to the automatic cappuccinatore model VT-1514 is able to prepare three types of coffee: espresso, cappuccino and latte, so it is perfect for a large family or a team in which employees regularly drink different coffee drinks.

By the way! The cappuccinator tube is adjustable to the height of the cup, which allows you to use both small dishes and tall glasses.

Regulator milk froth intensity adjustable to your taste.

A feature of the coffee maker is the presence of a self-cleaning function from scale and coffee oils. When you hold one button inside the appliance, automatic decalcification is performed, resulting in the device is thoroughly washed and the user does not need to wash it manually.


Budget pump-action carob coffee maker with a metal holder and a manual cappuccinatore.

In addition to the main device, the kit also includes:

  • water tank;
  • aluminum tray for warming cups;
  • removable drip tray;
  • measuring spoon for ground coffee beans.

The horn is capacious, with two nozzles. It dispenses two cups of coffee at the same time. If necessary, the filter designed for ground coffee can be disassembled and washed. Anti-drip system, automatic decalcification, display and timer are not provided in the device, but many users claim that this does not affect usability.

Important! The model has a cream valve, which allows you to get a rich coffee with a beautiful creamy foam, regardless of the degree of grinding of the beans or the quality of the compaction of the coffee powder in the cone.


Coffee maker, equipped with manual milk frother and built-in pump with thermoblock.

The body of the device is made of high-quality black plastic, complemented by a gold insert in the upper part of the device, where there are buttons that control the equipment.

Simple electronic control does not require much time to master, because the device is intuitive to use.

Like other models from VITEK, the device maintains the temperature of a freshly brewed coffee drink for a long time, so the user won't have to rush to get their coffee before it gets cold.

Also available are:

  • function of programming of volumes of coffee for one portion;
  • water level indicator;
  • inclusion indication;
  • steam supply tube;
  • "quick steam" system;
  • compactor of raw materials in the horn;
  • measuring spoon for ground coffee.
Attention! To extend the life and efficient operation of the coffee maker, the owner will have to periodically remove scale from the walls with a soft cloth and non-abrasive detergents, since there is no automatic cleaning function in the device.


Model Dimensions W*H*D, cm Power, W Water tank volume, l Max. pressure, bar used coffee Housing material
VT-1511 20.5x29.5x25 1050 1.5 15 ground plastic, metal
VT-1516 26.8x35x33 1470 1.65 15 ground metal
VT-1514 22x29x28 1300 1.5 15 ground plastic
VT-1513 20.5x30x26 1350 1.25 15 ground plastic
VT-1524 20.5x30x28.5 850 1 15 ground plastic

What to look for when buying? conclusions

Choosing a coffee maker coffee lovers need to remember important nuances:

  • 15 bar - optimum pressure for preparation of tasty and fragrant espresso;
  • preparing coffee in a carob coffee maker does not require special skills;
  • automatic decalcification function necessary for those who do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning the appliance from scale;
  • cup warmer area – optional, however, it allows you to keep the temperature of the brewed coffee for a long time;
  • carob-type coffee makers can be used both at home and in a small office.


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I have been using the VITEK VT-1514 coffee maker for almost three years. For all the time of use, there was not a day that she stood idle, as we drink delicious coffee every day with the whole family. The model is not the most expensive, but the temperature and pressure are enough to make rich classic black coffee. Cappuccino is also good, but I rarely cook it. The device does not like finely ground coffee powder, the filter mesh immediately clogs, but it is easy to clean.


I bought the VT-1511 model quite recently, I have never tried coffee brewed in a coffee maker before. The choice was made based on reviews on the Internet and so far I have not regretted it. She brews very tasty coffee with a beautiful high foam, and if you add cinnamon or cream, it turns out no worse than they cook in coffee shops. I don’t master technology well, but I coped with this coffee maker even without instructions, so it’s really easy to use.

Useful video

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  1. Irina He speaks

    great review. Thanks for the warnings about heating elements, I will take into account when buying. I didn’t use these models specifically, I don’t have a coffee maker at all yet, I’m just looking closely. But my cousin also has a coffee maker from Vitek (only without a cappuccinatore). The coffee is great, I love it. I also like the fact that replaceable filters are not needed (I don’t like extra fuss).

  2. Lilianna He speaks

    It has long been a desire to buy a carob coffee maker. I did not know which one to choose, I doubted for a long time. For me, the most important thing is that you can make cappuccino in it. After reading the review, I chose Vitek VT-1514. Yesterday we brought our beauty. Conforms to all described characteristics. Plus there is also a measuring spoon for coffee that comes with the coffee maker. The milk container is enough to prepare three large glasses of cappuccino or latte. But I would not use it to make coffee at work. We have a lot of people in the team and all coffee lovers. And the preparation of a drink in this coffee maker takes some time. It seems to me that for such purposes it is better to opt for a coffee machine.

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