Varieties of Turks for coffee. Which is better and how to choose the right one for cooking on an induction and gas stove?

Preparing coffee in Turku - an ancient and common way, in which the correct choice of a vessel plays an important role, affecting the taste and aroma of the finished drink.

Among the wide range Turk difficult to choose just one model, because each of them has its own distinctive features and advantages.

What is a coffee pot?

Turk is a small vessel for making rich coffee, which has a specific shape. The product has a wide thick bottom and a narrow funnel-shaped neck, thanks to which during the brewing process, a dense coffee foam is formed in the upper part of the device, which does not allow the vapors and aroma of essential oils to pass out.

Attention! For convenient use, the Turk has a long handle made of safe, non-heating materials.


On sale there are various models of Turks made of durable and reliable materials, which is why choose the right product is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

All materials have their advantages and disadvantages, so before purchasing the Turks, it will be correct to familiarize yourself with the main features of each type in order to understand which one is best for you.


Turks made of copper are very popular because considered the most durable, wear-resistant and affordable.

A feature of copper Turks is the presence of an internal coating of stainless steel, tin or silverprotecting the product from oxidation.

Copper Turks can be of two types: stamped and forged. stamped products are much cheaper, their bottom and walls are thinner, which affects the speed of preparing a coffee drink.

As a result, the extraction is too fast, and the coffee is less aromatic and full-bodied. Unlike stamped instruments, forged turks massive, covered with patterns or embossing. They are more difficult to care for, however, the taste of the finished drink is much better.

Important! Copper is a fairly ductile and soft metal. For the production of Turks, it is rarely used in its pure form, providing strength and hardness with additives.


  • uniform heating of the walls;
  • homogeneous extraction of coffee powder;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • narrow neck of the container;
  • attractive appearance;
  • high strength;
  • light weight;
  • availability;
  • durability.


  • copper absorbs odors, so if you drink one coffee for a long time and then change the variety, the aroma of the previous drink will remain for several days;
  • if other materials are added, the copper product can be toxic;
  • brewed coffee cools down quickly;
  • the need for special care using non-abrasive and acid-free compounds for gentle cleaning of dishes;
  • Turku can not be washed in the dishwasher.

Turks made of copper are in high demand among coffee lovers, as they are able to reveal all the taste qualities of this drink.

In addition, gourmet no need to spend a lot of time preparing aromatic coffee, which means that the copper product is ideal for people who prefer to quickly brew a drink and get down to other things.


Ceramic turks are the best alternative to copper coffee makers. They reveal the taste and aroma of coffee beans, do not absorb odors and retain heat for a long time.

There are two types of ceramics: coarse and fine. The first group includes pottery, and the second - porcelain, majolica, faience and stoneware.

On the market you can find products made by craftsmen by hand on a potter's wheel, as well as Turks created in factories on an industrial scale.

Note! Ceramic Turks have the effect of a thermos, because they have a high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. After removing the device from the fire, the thermal effect is preserved and the drink continues to languish.


  • exquisite taste of the finished drink;
  • maximum preservation of aroma;
  • dishes are not subject to oxidation;
  • the Turk does not absorb odors;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • appearance;
  • ease of care.


  • fragility;
  • sharp temperature changes are contraindicated;
  • price.

When choosing a ceramic product, it is worth remembering that ceramics is a fragile material that requires caution and accuracy on the part of the owner..

The Turk can break even from a fall from a small height, so the model should be purchased only if the user is sure that the device will remain safe and sound without breaking immediately after the first use.


Transparent glass Turks with thin walls - a handy device for novice users who have not gotten used to tracking the process of raising coffee crema in an opaque coffee brewing product.

To taste, the finished drink loses to coffee brewed in a copper or ceramic cezve, since the glass device heats up quickly, as a result of which the drink boils after a minute and the coffee oils do not have time to enrich the water with the taste and aroma of natural ground coffee.

For making glass Turks heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used, which makes the device safe to use.


  • the device heats up quickly;
  • cezve does not oxidize, does not darken and retains its presentable appearance;
  • transparent walls allow you to control the cooking process;
  • democratic price;
  • multifunctionality;
  • the ability to wash the Turk in the dishwasher.


  • thin walls;
  • wide neck;
  • during brewing, ground coffee does not have time to give the liquid all its taste and aroma properties;
  • fragility and fragility;
  • limited range.

Turk made of glass is distinguished by its versatility. With its help, you can not only quickly prepare classic coffee or cocoa, but also heat milk, water, or even cook a small portion of porridge., which is one of the main advantages for people who need to quickly prepare breakfast for one person without using large containers.

stainless steel

Stainless steel utensils are popular in the everyday life of almost every modern person, because such kitchen utensils differs in reliability and durability.

Nevertheless, stainless steel dishes can only be called Turkish only conditionally, since in fact it is just a small container resembling a ladle.

Turk does not compete with copper appliances even among most coffee lovers. a stainless steel cezve is not considered suitable for brewing a rich drink.

Stainless steel devices have an average thermal conductivityThey take a long time to heat up and cool down quickly.


  • strength;
  • appearance;
  • resistance to damage;
  • ease of use;
  • long service life;
  • universality;
  • low cost.


  • the taste of the brewed drink;
  • slow and uneven heating.

A stainless steel pot can be advised to users who want to purchase a universal thing for heating water or milk, making coffee and herbal decoctions, as well as those who want to find inexpensive but durable multifunctional dishes.


The most expensive Turks are silver ones. Most often they are purchased as a gift, since a silver cezve is not able to enrich the taste of the finished drink or make it more fragrant.

Its properties are no different from copper products, however, it costs much more expensive than other models and requires more careful maintenance.

In addition, although silver is known for its bactericidal propertiesif you quickly prepare a drink and immediately pour it into a cup, they will not appear in any way.

Attention! Evidence confirming the possibility of using a silver cezve for brewing coffee is a hygiene certificate for products.


  • conical shape;
  • attractive appearance;
  • design reliability.


  • price;
  • the device must be cleaned regularly;
  • excessive decorativeness;
  • fast heating of water;
  • only souvenir cezves are made of high-quality silver.

Turks made of silver look good and last a long time if properly cared for, but for making coffee, experts recommend purchasing a product from a different material. Silver appliances are more suitable for aesthetic pleasure., so it is better not to use them for cooking.


Aluminum is a practical and cheap material that does not require special care. In the manufacture of aluminum Turks, various food-grade aluminum alloys are used, and the dishes themselves are produced using the industrial stamping method.

With regular use on the inner walls of the Turks there is a dark coating from coffee essential oils - it does not need to be rubbed off with hard washcloths or abrasive detergents, since it is this plaque that gives the drink a richer taste and unique aroma.

The best option is an advanced aluminum cezve with a non-stick coating. The appliance is more stable, easy to clean and the coffee never burns.


  • high thermal conductivity;
  • light weight;
  • ease of care and storage;
  • reliability;
  • price.


  • quick cooling of the drink;
  • instability of stamped utensils;
  • the Turk is easy to deform;
  • a small difference in the diameters of the neck and bottom;
  • during the brewing process, the drink loses some of its aromatic properties.

Aluminum rods with a thickened bottom are light in weight and perfect for home use, and for brewing coffee in field conditions. If desired, the product can be taken with you on any trip, where it will definitely come in handy for those who prefer to enjoy delicious coffee in the fresh air.


Turks made of fireclay are environmentally friendly dishes, since clay is a natural material with high porosity, which perfectly passes oxygen and saturates hot coffee with it.

Due to low thermal conductivity clay cezve retains heat well and heats up evenly, thanks to which the coffee drink fully reveals its aromatic and flavor bouquet.

The clay cezve is easily damaged, so it must be handled with care.


  • natural and safe material;
  • uniform heating;
  • saturation of the drink with oxygen;
  • high coefficient of heat retention;
  • price.


  • the device is sensitive to temperature changes;
  • the need for proper care;
  • cezve retains the aroma of coffee;
  • fragility.

The clay cezve absorbs the taste of the prepared drink and retains its aroma, so the device is not suitable for consumers who like to often try new varieties of coffee. When if a connoisseur of an invigorating drink drinks only one coffee every day, a clay cezve will become an indispensable assistant for him.

How to choose by volume?

Manufacturers make it possible to choose a Turk of any volume, which will allow you to quickly prepare coffee for both one person and a large company.

However, it is worth remembering that in a small-sized Turk, coffee is tastier and richer.

Important! The optimal volume is considered to be 100-150 ml - this is enough to prepare one serving. Brewing coffee in such dishes is more difficult, but the taste of the drink will conquer even the most demanding gourmet.

To prepare two servings of a drink at home, a 350 ml Turk is suitable, but for the office it is better to choose models with a volume of 750 ml.

Types of handles

When choosing a Turk, you need to pay attention to the following options:

  1. Production material. To make the vessel convenient to use, its handle must be made of high-quality material that will not heat up during the preparation of the drink. Often used materials such as:
  • metal - found in inexpensive aluminum Turks;
  • wood - does not heat up and is often found in Turks made of copper or ceramics;
  • plastic - used in glass and steel vessels.
  1. Fastening. An important role is played by the fastening of the handle, which ensures the safe use of the device. There are two types of fastening:
  • on bolts - the holder is securely fixed on the body with two bolts, the heads of which are visible on the inside of the device;
  • solder - a less reliable option, since soldered handles often break off during coffee preparation.
Note! Experts advise choosing a Turk with a wooden or plastic handle, bolted.


Choosing the design of the Turks, you should rely on your own taste preferences, but you should also consider a few moments:

  • a large number of decorative elements makes it difficult to care, and smooth products without extra recesses are easier to wash;
  • models with a small sieve allow you to get rid of the thickthat gets into the finished drink when pouring coffee into a cup;
  • dark dishes retain their original appearance longer and looks more presentable.

Which one is best for an induction hob?

An induction cooker cannot be made of copper, ceramic or aluminum, since such materials do not have ferromagnetic properties.

The best of all possible options would be a stainless steel Turk.

To check if the Turk is suitable for an induction cooker, you should attach a magnet to the bottom of the appliance and check if it attracts.If not, the vessel cannot be used.

See rating best Turks for induction cookers by this link. We have selected the most popular models according to customer reviews and ratings.

For cooking on a classic gas stove

For making Turkish coffee on a gas stove products made of copper and ceramics - they will help you quickly brew aromatic coffee, while retaining all its taste properties.

Useful video

From this video you will learn more about how to choose the right Turk:

Coffee brewed in Turkish has a special taste that cannot be achieved using coffee makers or modern coffee machines. Using the advice of experts, it will not be difficult to choose a quality Turk for daily use, you just need to carefully study the main characteristics of the products.

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  13. Elena He speaks

    In her youth, she brewed coffee in a simple duralumin ladle. But then I began to understand the taste of coffee. I tried different Turks and settled on ceramic - the best taste, and really does not cool down for a long time.

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