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Welcome to the site dedicated to reviews, comparisons, tips for choosing and ratings of gadgets and home appliances.

On our site you can find tips on choosing, reviews, ratings and comparisons of various products ranging from household appliances to gadgets and electronics.

To compile ratings, we analyze many characteristics and product reviews on various popular online storefronts and only after that we compile a list of recommended devices.

We work daily on the site and post new articles, and also make sure that the previously published ratings are updated.

If you have questions about certain types of devices from the ratings, you can find this rating on the site and study it.

Categories of posted articles

The site presents several types of articles that are in different sections, below are links to them:

  • Informative articles and instructions - there are very few articles of purely informational orientation on the site, but a sufficient number of instructions for the use of various devices are published, you will find them in this section.
  • Ratingsbulk materials on the site it is the ratings. In each such article you will find list of the most popular devices at the time of publication of the article. There is a description of the model itself, technical characteristics, pluses and minuses. Under each device is a widget with offers and current prices. This is very convenient - you can immediately find the product of interest and go to the store to buy it.
  • Device overviews - before buying, many are interested in the detailed technical characteristics of the product. We prepare reviews according to the standard plan, so that the visitor can see all the pros and cons of a particular product, and also was able to understand whether it really suits him.
  • Articles with recommendations «how to choose» - before going to the store or to the site for shopping, our readers are interested in what characteristics to look for when choosing a device. In this section, we talk about this in detail.

You can always find the entire list of articles on the page site `s map.

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