Rules and criteria for choosing a good electric kettle for the home

In 2019, a familiar device in the kitchen called "electric kettle" turned 126 years old. Now it is difficult to imagine a person who does not use this household appliance. You can read about what criteria you should pay attention to when choosing and buying this necessary device for your home in this article.

Electric kettle has long been the same a familiar attribute of the kitchenlike pots and pans.

The abundance of models on the market makes you take seriously the issue of choosing this device for your home, this material will help you deal with this issue.

The table contains the models that received the highest reviews on the Yandex.Market service.

#1Morphy Richards Accents Rose Gold Black 102104
#3Morphy Richards Evoke Pyramid
#4Kitfort KT-633
#5Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth
#7Bosch TWK 8611/8612/8613/8614/8617/8619
#8Scarlett SC-EK27G58
#9Xiaomi Mi Kettle
#10Kitfort KT-640
#11Bosch TWK 3A011/3A013/3A014/3A017
#12Philips HD9358
#13Philips HD4646
#14Kitfort KT-654

Electric kettle device

Most high-quality modern models consist of 5 elements:

  • stand with power cord
  • the body of the kettle
  • flask inside the case,
  • TEN,
  • thermostat.

In the most budget models, the stand and the flask may be missing, in more expensive ones, a control board for additional functions or temperature is added.

TEN - a tubular electric heater, which is the main element for the operation of any model of an electric kettle.

The effectiveness of the main function of your device depends on it.

The principle of operation of any electric kettle can be summed up in two sentences:

  1. Kettle plugged into outlet, then include buttonsupplying electricity to the heating element.
  2. The heating element heats the water to the maximum temperature for this appliance, after which the thermostat automatically turns off the current supply to the heating element.
Note! There are models with a choice of water heating temperature and with a mode of maintaining a certain temperature.

In this case, the thermostat either turns off the power supply when the desired degrees are reached, or the current is constantly supplied.


The main advantage of an electric kettle over a conventional one is water heating rate.

Modern medium-capacity models heat water 3-4 times faster than a conventional stove-top kettle.

The second advantage is ease of use.

The time for maintaining the temperature of heated water in an electric kettle will be higher, especially for those models that are based on the principle of a thermos.

Stay up to date! The plastic handle of the kettle is also more comfortable and will not burn the user.

An important positive point will be more high operational safetyespecially when there are small children.

It is almost impossible to get burned on the body of a high-quality electric kettle.

In addition, modern electric kettles are fireproof, which is of no small importance in kitchen use.


In most cases, the main shortcomings are revealed only for budget models.

For example, smell of plastic when heated and slight aftertaste of near water, for very cheap devices of an unknown manufacturer, harmful substances.

Know! A conditional disadvantage for models of any price category is a faster failure of the heating element in the event of the formation of a large amount of scale.

But this refers rather to improper operation of the device.

Criterias of choice

The question “which kettle to choose and how to do it right” is faced by almost any buyer.

After all, there are a great many models on the market, from venerable manufacturers, priced at $ 700-800, to cheap "non-name" models that can be bought for 200 rubles.

For those who are serious about buying, It is worth paying attention to a number of factors that form the price of this most useful device..

Housing material

Important! This, perhaps, is the case when the choice is between a useful component and the desire not to miscalculate with the design of the appliance for an already equipped kitchen.

The choice consists of four types.


Plastic teapots rank first in sales. The main reason is the price.

advantage plastic models is very low heating level, it is difficult to get burned on it, so it is quite safe for small children.

minus of this material is its composition, there is an opinion about the release of chemical elements unsafe for the body during boiling.

But this is critical only for cheap models, because certified products from well-known manufacturers undergo all possible checks before they go on sale.

In addition, during active use, plastic loses color over time, fades, becomes faded.

Therefore, the service life of such a product can be limited to several years.


It is worth noting! Devices created from these materials have a certain charm and elegance.

Appearance ceramic teapot often similar to its classic brother, many models have a characteristic design in all components - the shape of the body, lid, handle, spout.

But its functionality is much wider, it is environmentally friendly, does not create scale during operation, noiseless when heated.

In addition, it holds heat well and is easy to wash.

minus ceramic appliance is longer water heating, such teapots are significantly heavier than plastic and even metal models.

At the same time, they are less durable, and their price falls into the highest price segment on the market.


Should know! Glass teapot, like ceramic, is highly environmentally friendly and also found its niche among aesthetes because of its appearance.

minus is his less impact resistance and the ability to easily burn yourself on the case during operation.

Stainless steel

Metal models of teapots, perhaps, are some "golden mean" among a variety of other materials.

Their explicit pros: durability, appearance. There are no questions about the environmental component, but a slight taste of metal may be present.

The design of these devices is also quite diverse and you can choose the appropriate type for the user's kitchen.

cons are the high temperature of the case during heating, weight (which is important for a child or a fragile woman), significant noise during heating.

Keep in mind! There are combined models on the market, for example, glass or metal covered with plastic.

In this case, when choosing, it is worth considering the combination of the advantages of these materials, because. cons often disappear from sharing in the manufacture.


With this option, everything is simple, it is recommended to determine the number of people for whom the device will work.

If this is one person, then the volume up to a liter will be “with a head”.

A small family of 2-3 people will need a one and a half liter kettle, for a large family it is worth choosing a model that holds at least 2 liters.

Sometimes there are portable models for heating water for 1-2 cups of tea, they are also in demand.

To note! If there is a need for a large “corporate” kettle, then you should look at thermo pots, large-volume kettles that can constantly maintain the desired temperature.


And with this question there will be no difficulties: the higher it is, the faster the user will get boiling water.

But at the same time, do not forget about the condition and quality of the electrical wiring - if the power is very high, and the wiring is not of very high quality, then traffic jams can be knocked out regularly.

That's why it is recommended not to choose models more powerful than 2-2.5 kW. The average heating time for 1.5 liters of water with this power will be about 4-5 minutes.

Heating element

There are two types: open and closed.

An open heating surface is most often a stainless steel plate or spiral mounted in the bottom of the kettle body, it is she who heats the water.

Such surfaces are most often found in budget models, in which case scale forms faster, slowing down the heating of water and giving it a specific taste.

Note! The closed heating surface is isolated from contact with water, which is a significant help in the fight against scale.

Such a surface for teapots of medium and high price categories, they are easier to clean and water boils faster.


An element that is usually not paid attention to, but in vain.

Exists two types of stands.

More contemporary allows you to put the kettle, as convenient for the user, because. the contact group is located in the center.

Obsolete type had contact, placed side, and the kettle had to be placed strictly in a certain position.

In addition, you should pay attention to the weight of the stand, cheap models usually sin with light weight.

Reference! In everyday use, such a trifle as a stand following a raised kettle for a while can be very annoying.

Additional functions

Any modern Home Appliances often performs not only the main function, but also a number of additional main tasks.

Electric kettles are not an exception in this list, a lot of such functions have accumulated, the most common are:

thermostat, which allows you to select the desired temperature for different types of tea.

This option will also be important for preparing infant formulas.

Blocker for turning on the electric kettle without water - an important element for families with young kitchen helpers.

This function may well save the heating elements of your appliance.

Availability water filter, most often it is a nylon fine-mesh mesh or a gilded steel grille.

Important! Light and sound indication will show whether the kettle is on, whether the water has boiled.

In addition, modern models are even equipped with special light games for young children, which can win mom some time in the kitchen.

Special mention should be made of backlight, which has either a decorative function (it is possible to choose a color that matches the design of the room), or the kettle can serve as a prototype of a kind of night light for the room.

Top models equipped pump, which will allow you to pour boiling water without lifting the kettle from the stand.

Remote control is becoming more and more fashionable. The ability to turn on the kettle using your phone or select the desired temperature will please many.

Reference! The list is completed by the panel lock button if additional control is placed on the kettle handle.

What general details to pay attention to when choosing?

There are a number of recommendations for those who choose an electric kettle for the first time, they are listed below:

  • look at overall build quality, starting from the quality of the installation of a window for assessing the water level, ending with the state of the contact group and the convenience of the location of the cord on the stand;
  • lift the kettle by simulating pouring water.
    Rate convenience, not forgetting that it will be heavier for the selected displacement, thinking about the convenience of using the device by physically weaker family members, if any;
  • check the forces applied when opening and closing the lid, its smoothness and fixation, depending on its type (removable or not, in the first case it is easier to wash, in the second it is easier to draw water).
Note. If the budget allows, it makes sense to look at double-walled models that work like a thermos.

They have significant advantages: firstly, the water temperature remains much longer, and secondly, it is impossible to get burned on contact with the body of such a kettle.

Popular manufacturers, the price segment of their products and their features

Which manufacturer to choose? The market allows you to choose any model for a specific budget and requirements - from material to design.

There are good reviews about electric kettles of budget production from Vitek and Scarlett, more famous models are teapots from Moulinex and Braun.

A wide range of high-quality devices of a large level of environmental production frequency are provided. Bosch and Tefal, Phillips.

By the way, these manufacturers have teapots of different price ranges, including the middle price category.

Appearance and build quality

Remember! If such a parameter as appearance is absolutely diverse for all manufacturers and you can choose a model for any design, then the build quality can vary greatly.

Extremely It is important when choosing to pay attention to a number of options:

  • the general condition of all elements of the electric kettle;
  • the quality of the installation of the contact group (controller), which is located at the junction of the device with the stand;
  • the quality of the installation of the window to control the water level, if any;
  • the presence of a label responsible for the level of chemical safety (REACH or ROHS) and a quality mark, market access (GS).


Warranties for electric kettles most often correspond to the name of the manufacturer.

On the cheap chinese product warranty may be 3 or 6 months, medium price models usually have one year warranty, top brands provide a 3-year warranty.

Reference! The rules for replacing an electric kettle, if it is out of order, are carried out in accordance with the regulations prescribed in the warranty card.

Reviews on the Internet

Online reviews should be taken very seriously.

After all often seller representatives hire people to write reviews on topics goods, which are in sales plans or have become dusty in the warehouse.

Therefore, it is still worth making a choice on your own.

But it still makes sense to use additional information, especially if it comes from people you know with experience in using a particular electrical appliance.


This is perhaps the most painful question for the buyer, because you always want to buy something cheaper, but at the same time of high quality, although the well-known saying “the miser pays twice” has proven its relevance more than once.

The most budget models electric kettles (which are scary to take in hand) you can buy for the amount of 200 rubles.

Of course, such a purchase will be on the conscience of the buyer himself.

Need to know! Budget kettles cost around 1.5-4 thousand rubles, models of the middle price category are focused on 4-10 thousand.

Top positions occupy models by price from 10 thousand and above, some of them may surprise you with a price in the region of 40 thousand.

Useful video

From this video you will learn what to look for when choosing an electric kettle:

Conclusion and Conclusions

In conclusion of the article, it is worth noting the following: the water that a person drinks every day is one of the most important elements of the balance of his body as a whole.

Tea or coffee, as components of the water diet, are no less important than pure water, the choice of which many take very seriously.

When choosing a kettle model, it is worth remembering that it will ensure the quality of the daily consumed liquid.

So, in any case, you need to choose a model with the following parameters:

  1. Maximum environmental friendliness, because it is better to maintain a healthy state of the body than to treat it, but later.
  2. High security in that case, especially if small children or the elderly have access to the kettle.
  3. Correctly chosen volumeso that you do not have to boil water several times in a row, or vice versa, wait for heating more than necessary.

Most likely, an electric kettle with a combination of these parameters will not be very cheap. But you need to decide whether it is worth saving on health.

  1. Sergey He speaks

    Helpful stuff. Thanks, I didn't know all the details. Faced with the fact that cheap models from China not only have a terrible smell of plastic, but also it is not clear how the assembled electrician. As a result, the power is cut off. You can only use it through a network filter, otherwise nothing. As a result, it is better to take models that are more expensive, but with a thermostat and a system that turns off the kettle when it is out of water.It is both safe and convenient, and there is a normal guarantee for such models.

  2. Valentine He speaks

    My friend tried to dissuade me from buying a glass teapot, arguing that it was too difficult to care for such models. Scale, stains on glass and so on. But, the dream of having a glowing friend in the kitchen was stronger. As a result, our kettle can work as a night light in the kitchen and it is very convenient. And I get rid of scale easily: I pour a pack of citric acid into the kettle and just boil water. A few minutes and everything is clear. Just keep in mind that the next cup of tea may be lemon-flavored if you don't rinse it inside properly.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Thanks for the advice Valentine! We also have a glass teapot - everyone is happy.

      1. Olga He speaks

        I had a problem choosing a kettle. The child is in the family and I want to give him water to drink without odors and harmful impurities. She sniffed all the teapots that were in the store. As a result, the choice fell on a well-known brand. In addition, the lid of the kettle is not automatic (this is a weak spot for kettles, the lid stops opening over time!), but it was necessary to press and open it yourself. It was a pleasure for a couple of weeks. But moisture suddenly began to appear in the kitchen. It turned out the product was defective and leaked, water flowed onto the floor. Since the hole was very small, when holding the kettle in hand, the drops were not visible. But later, plastic began to crumble on the heating element (on the stand). In general, the kettle was sent for testing and the manufacturer admitted his marriage. Although the store employees resisted and hinted that it was my fault (they dropped it themselves or something).
        We saw the marriage ourselves, putting the kettle in the basin for the night (1/5 of the water flowed out).
        As a result: even the most branded brands allow marriage. If you bought a product, check its work thoroughly!

  3. Alexander He speaks

    The review makes no mention of the reliability of the thermal relay. In my kettle, the contacts of the thermal relay literally burned out, melting the case of the relay itself. How can this be avoided in the future when buying a new kettle?

    1. Igor He speaks

      It is possible to buy devices with good reviews and, for example, from our ratings =)

  4. Marina He speaks

    Through trial and error, we came to the conclusion that you need to buy a kettle with a classic lid. Lids that open by pressing a button “died” very quickly for me, and when three teapots were replaced in a little over a year, my patience snapped. As a result, we took a steel kettle with a regular lid and we don’t know grief. My mother-in-law was also given a similar kettle with a regular lid, and it works great for her. Due to the fact that the kettle is always tightly closed during operation, energy is saved. Another very useful thing is a thermometer, my husband likes to drink warm tea, so he is very pleased with the opportunity to heat the water to the desired temperature.

  5. Michael He speaks

    metal case, bosch, 1.7 private collection… smudges after heating… is it repairable… metal case…

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      How about a warranty replacement?

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