TOP 8 ovens with a microwave function in 2022. What are the options for choosing?

Multifunctional kitchen equipment has many advantages. In the built-in oven with microwave function, you can defrost a dish, bake it and cover it with a crispy crust without removing it from the oven.

The more kitchen equipment the hostess has, the less time it takes to cook and more dishes are served to the household on the table.

Now is becoming more and more popular oven with function microwave.

The kitchens in the apartments are small and it is difficult to arrange all the devices in it that help to quickly and efficiently cook, heat up food and perform other operations.

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Rating of the TOP 7 best ovens with a microwave function

#1Midea TF944EG9-BL
#3Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX
#4Gorenje BCM 547-ORAW
#5Zigmund & Shtain EN 102.112 S
#6Bosch HNG6764W6
#7Siemens CM636GBW1

What is a microwave oven?

Note! Kitchen equipment that combines the functions of an oven and a microwave oven takes up little space and replaces 2 devices.

The heating elements and the magnetron - a short-wave emitter - are located in one housing. It can be used as a conventional oven and microwave oven.

The built-in oven with microwave function has its own positive sides:

  • a large number of modes for defrosting, heating and cooking dishes;
  • saving usable kitchen space;
  • heat products fast and even;
  • care requires one device;
  • the cost is high, but buying an oven and a microwave oven separately is more expensive.

Having put the products in the oven, the hostess simply dials the desired program on the control panel.

Negative sides combined equipment:

  • working chambers combined devices smaller in size;
  • oven - microwave are used more often and consume a lot of electricity, require a separate connection;
  • in case of failure of one node, the kitchen is actually left without 2 devices.
It is worth noting! The process of processing food in the microwave is short. It is usually placed on the countertop to quickly get and put products.

The combined device is installed like an oven, lower, and you have to constantly bend over.

Often, manufacturers in combined equipment install additional features that raise the price, but are not used during operation.

The principle of operation of the device

In a conventional oven products are heated by heat coming from outside.

Heating elements are built into the side walls, at the top and turn on depending on the selected operating mode.

In microwave ovens, a magnetron located on the side or at the bottom generates low-frequency radiation into the chamber.

Passing through food, the rays affect the liquid in the molecules.

Very fast heating to the entire depth of the dish. In this case, the water partially evaporates, the products become drier.

Keep in mind! Both types of heaters are built into the oven with microwave function.

All modes are launched from the control panel. The hostess can only choose what she needs now, bake a delicious roll or defrost meat.

For cooking, usually choose oven modes. They turn out tasty, juicy, but it takes a lot of time.

In the microwave, cooked food is often heated, and food is defrosted.


By the method of installing an oven with a microwave function divided into: built-in and free-standing.

The first are installed in the niche of the kitchen cabinet. The second are located on the countertop or open shelf.

In a closed space, the equipment heats up more and requires conditions for cooling and air ventilation. Stand-alone models take up useful space on the table.

Operating mode and main functions

Stay up to date! The oven and microwave in the combined appliance are switched on alternately, except for special programs.

The convenience of the equipment is not only in saving space. You can cook food using the oven and microwave alternately without removing the baking sheet from the oven.

For example, take ready-made meals from the freezer, defrost them quickly with the help of microbeams and then bake them.

And vice versa, bake a chicken in the oven, then turn on the magnetron and get a crisp on the bird.

What characteristics to look for when choosing?

When choosing an oven with a microwave function, first you should pay attention to equipment that meets the needs of the consumer in terms of general requirements.

Then among models choose a model with suitable additional functions.


Note! With the same outer dimensions of the body, the 2 in 1 equipment has a smaller working chamber.

Therefore, for a large family and grilled chicken lovers, you should choose a larger oven.

For built-in models, it is important that there is free space in the niche on the sides and top..

The heated air must escape freely, giving way to cold air so that the stove does not overheat.

For large non-standard models, you have to make custom-made furniture.


The more powerful the oven, the faster it can heat up., and it will take less time to cook.

On the other hand, more powerful hardware consumes more power. You should choose the best option.

Devices that use electricity economically are labeled energy saving class A.

The most profitable, having special programs for the economical use of electricity, are marked "A ++". But the price of such equipment is higher.

Cleaning type

Reference! The oven and microwave have one thing in common - they constantly need to be cleaned inside from fat and steam that has settled on the walls.

Doing it in the usual ways is difficult and time consuming.

Ovens with microwave functions, have built-in cleaning methods according to the principle:

  • hydrolysis;
  • pyrolysis;
  • catalysis.

hydrolysis method involves the dissolution of fat with steam. You should put a container of water in the chamber and put it on heat.

Then soft dirt is removed manually with a napkin with the addition of detergents.

Purification by pyrolysis involves burning and turning fat into ashes under the influence of high temperatures.

The maximum heating temperature is set. Then the dust from the walls is removed with a dry sponge.

Important! Purification by catalysis takes a minimum of time. Inside the case there are plates that absorb fat and excess moisture. They need to be changed periodically.


In all electric stoves there is a blockage from getting human hands into the heating zone. When the door is opened, the heating is immediately turned off.

The child lock prevents a child from opening the oven and changing the program during operation.

Doors with 4-pane glass always stay cool on the outside. Thin double-glazed windows allow heat to pass through. You can burn your hand on them.

The overheating protection system is a particularly important feature for built-in models.

Sensors turn off the heat when the body temperature is high and prevent equipment from burning and furniture warping.

Additional functions

Many additional functions are built into the combined equipment.

Need to know! About 30 types of various bells and whistles are installed in the oven with a microwave function. Requested options include:
  • grill - an open spiral on top makes the crust crispy;
  • convection - forced air movement inside the chamber equalizes the temperature and heating;
  • turbogrill – simultaneous operation of the grill and air ventilation through the chamber;
  • spit;
  • With steamer function;
  • telescopic rails – sheets and gratings move out of the hot chamber;
  • electronic programming of cooking modes;
  • delayed start;
  • beeps when opening the door, at the end of the working cycle;
  • fault indication.

Manufacturers, sometimes, in addition to useful functions, install a lot of all sorts of bells and whistles, many of which are not needed by the buyer or are used by them extremely rarely.

This affects the cost of ovens.

Overview of popular models

The demand for combination ovens with microwave functions is constantly growing.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection for every taste. We offer an overview of the TOP-8 most popular models. The rating is based on customer ratings and reviews that they left on the popular shopping service Yandex Market.

For each model, technical specifications, pros and cons, as well as current prices are indicated.


Midea TF944EG9-BL

Touch control, self-diagnostics of malfunctions, indication of an operating mode.

Additional functions: electronic programmer, built-in clock, sound timer, convection.

Model Midea TF944EG9-BL has a special coating that does not leave fingerprints.


  • dimensions 595 × 454 × 568 mm;
  • volume 44 l;
  • power 3350 W;
  • energy saving class A;
  • type of cleaning - steam;
  • safety child lock.


  • stainless steel chamber;
  • 13 programs;
  • glass tray included
  • emergency turn-off;
  • 2 year warranty.


  • high power consumption;
  • housings only in black;
  • double layer glass.


Bosch HMG636NS1

Large oven with 4D heating, 6 power levels and telescopic rails.

The Bosch HMG636NS1 model with touch control and 9 programs has an intuitive control system.

When cooking in the oven, you can connect the functions of the microwave at the same time.

Temperature range 30 - 300?.


  • dimensions 595 × 595 × 548 mm;
  • volume 67 l;
  • power 3650 W;
  • energy saving class B;
  • cleaning type - easy cleaning TitanEmail enamel;
  • safety - emergency shutdown.


  • power is regulated depending on the mode;
  • laminated glass;
  • oven size XXL;
  • handle lock;
  • the cooling system has an impeller;
  • soft-closing door system;
  • automatic temperature setting;
  • residual heat indicator.


  • only 1 level of guides;
  • high energy consumption;
  • Only one dish can be cooked at a time;
  • requires a niche of a non-standard size for installation.



Compact, energy-saving, with independent installation type and memory for cooking 13 dishes.

The MAUNFELD MCMO 44.9S model has 9 operating modes, including a grill with 3 power modes and convection.

Panoramic glass, always cold outside. Additionally installed timer, multifunctional clock.

The door opens in any mode.


  • sizes 460? 550? 600 mm;
  • volume 44 l;
  • power 3350 W;
  • energy saving class A;
  • type of cleaning - manual;
  • safety - automatic shutdown.


  • compact;
  • fast heating;
  • the grill and convection are turned on at the same time.


  • switching modes with rotary knobs;
  • the door opens down;
  • no child lock
  • difficult to clean.


Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

Miniature and simple for a summer residence with a silver body and protection against children.

The Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX model is compact, with independent installation.

It has 11 heating modes, including optional grill, convection, defrosting.

Mode switches are rotary. Digital display. Energy class A.


  • dimensions 455 × 594 × 545 mm;
  • volume 44 l;
  • power 3350 W;
  • energy saving class A;
  • type of cleaning - traditional;
  • safety - protection from children.


  • timer with shutdown;
  • digital display;
  • protection from children;
  • compact, light weight, easy to carry.


  • complex care;
  • handle control;
  • no spit.


Gorenje BCM 547-ORAW

For gourmets and supporters of proper nutrition, the eco-cooking function, a large grill and ventilation heating.

Compact multifunctional model Gorenje BCM 547-ORAW with multi-level cooking.

Glass panel, electronic control with recessed switches and touch programmer.

There are 3 glasses on the door, a protective mesh and a thermal layer.


  • dimensions 595 × 455 × 546 mm;
  • volume 50 l;
  • power 3000 W;
  • energy saving class A++;
  • type of steam cleaning;
  • safety - child lock, thermoelectric fuse.


  • several dishes are cooked at the same time;
  • fast heating of the oven;
  • low power consumption;
  • a large set of baking sheets included;
  • replaceable guides; eco cooking mode.


  • vaulted body shape;
  • no grill.


Zigmund & Shtain EN 102.112 S

Compact, independent, oven with touch switches and grill, long warranty period.

Robust and miniature model Zigmund & Shtain EN 102.112 S with hinged door. Touch switches.

The camera has a backlight, a fan for cooling, a child protection system, automatic shutdown.

The electric grill is located on top. There is a defrost program, convection, 14 heating modes.


  • dimensions 595 × 455 × 565 mm;
  • volume 40 l;
  • power 2550 W;
  • energy saving class A;
  • type of cleaning - traditional;
  • safety - child lock, auto-off;


  • warranty period 3 years;
  • child protection installed;
  • removable door;
  • sound timer.


  • door with 2 glasses;
  • difficult cleaning.


Bosch HNG6764W6

German quality, powerful and large oven, 15 operating modes, energy-saving.

The Bosch HNG6764W6 model is designed for a large family. It has an emergency shutdown, child protection, door closer.

4-layer glass is always cold outside.


  • dimensions 595 × 595 × 548 mm;
  • volume 67 l;
  • power 3650 W;
  • energy saving class A;
  • cleaning type pyrolytic;
  • safety - lock, protection from children.


  • telescopic guides;
  • temperature probe for meat included;
  • built-in steam generator;
  • LED and side lighting;
  • Multilevel cooking;
  • mode indication;
  • individual cooking time;
  • steam cooking;
  • sleep timer;
  • simple care.


  • telescopic guides only on level 1;
  • high consumption of electricity.


Siemens CM636GBW1

Small-sized, with a large number of programs and easy cleaning of the oven.

Model Siemens CM636GBW1 has a mixed control of buttons and rotary knobs.

There is a built-in energy saving program. Large selection of programs - 11.

Catalytic cleaning allows you to put the oven in order in a matter of minutes.


  • dimensions 455 × 595 × 548 mm;
  • volume 45 l;
  • power 3650 W;
  • energy saving class A +;
  • type of cleaning catalytic;
  • security - door lock.


  • energy saving;
  • Beautiful design;
  • the oven is easy to clean;
  • there is a grill;
  • many programs.


  • no spit;
  • white - brand for the kitchen;
  • it is not possible to cook more than 1 dish.


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Based on the foregoing, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • It is enough to purchase an oven with a microwave function and you can cook a lot of dishes spending a minimum of time.
  • Compact models are suitable for families with children living in the summer in the country. They are easy to transport.
  • The volume of the oven is enough to heat food, defrost food, bake a roll and fry meat.

Useful video

This video provides an overview of the compact microwave oven GCM712X gorenje+:

  1. Victoria He speaks

    I bought an oven with a microwave function and after a month of use I felt the main advantages of the technique. Firstly, it is a relatively safe use of gas or a gas cylinder in the conditions of old electrical wiring (old-built houses) or connecting the house to the mains without the participation of professionals (private residential or country house). And gas prices are significantly lower than electricity prices, you can significantly save the family budget.

  2. Olga He speaks

    In my miniature kitchen of just 5.5 square meters, the relatively small stove from Zigmund & Shtain was best suited. I also have a hob from this manufacturer, which is also very compact, for 3 small saucepans (enough for us), successfully combined with the stove. Good equipment - no frills, but reliable work. Zigmund & Shtain has a recognizable signature style: no frills. Simple, angular, stainless steel. Very German.

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