Varieties of coffee grinders: electric, burr, manual. How to choose the right model for your home?

Grinding coffee beans directly affects the taste of the finished drink, so devices designed for their grinding deserve special attention.

Manufacturers offer a variety of manual and electric devicesable to cope with the task, however, in order to decide which model to choose, It is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of each type, their advantages and disadvantages..


There is everything three types of coffee grinders, which are determined by grinding systems:

  1. Rotary. They are a compact body with an engine located inside. In the upper part of the body of the appliance there is a small compartment for coffee beans, which are ground using a rotating knife.. There is no separate container for ground coffee in rotary coffee grinders. The device holds a small amount of raw materials, but this is quite enough to provide a family of five with an invigorating drink.
  2. Millstones. The design of burr grinders is a little more complicated than rotary models: inside the case there are two stainless steel discs, between which the grains are ground. The grinding value in such a device can be adjusted depending on how far the millstones are. Electric burr models are equipped with two containers for filling the product and receiving it in a crushed form, which helps prevent spillage of the powder throughout the kitchen.
  3. Mechanical. A device with a simple principle of operation. To grind grains, the user needs to fill them into the compartment and start turning the handle without connecting to the network. In manual models, the degree of grinding grains is adjusted by a screw, so that the grinding can be made a little finer or coarser. The main thing in a mechanical product is the quality of all components and a comfortable handle that can withstand the pressure exerted on it..
Important! By appointment, electric coffee grinders can be household, professional and industrial. For home use, the first option is the most suitable in all respects.

Electric rotary

Rotary or knife type coffee grinders work like a blender, quickly grinding the coffee beans to the desired size. The device does not have a large volume (usually it ranges from 30 to 120 g) and a variety of functions.

There is only a pulse mode of operation, characterized by constant stops at certain intervals.

The housing of the appliance can be plastic or metal. Plastic models are cheaper, however, less durable.. Stainless steel products will last much longer, but you will have to pay a higher price for them.

The power indicator in rotary models varies from 80 to 270 watts. With the intensive rotation of the knives, the coffee becomes very hot, losing its aromatic and taste properties, therefore it is better to buy a device with a power of 180 watts.


  • low price;
  • the ability to grind coffee beans, spices, nuts;
  • ease of use;
  • compact size;
  • anti-slip feet;
  • removable knives;
  • almost silent operation;
  • light weight;
  • maintainability.


  • uneven grinding;
  • lack of a dispenser for poured grains;
  • the inability to control the quality of the powder;
  • lack of a separate container for the crushed product;
  • the coffee grinder is inconvenient to wash;
  • fragile plastic parts of the case;
  • protruding sharp parts of knives can cut fingers.

Who are suitable?

rotary coffee grinder perfect for people who love and appreciate good coffee brewed in Turkish, but it is rarely prepared.

The chamber of the rotary device accommodates a small amount of coffee beans, because of what to grind them for cooking several servings of the drink will be needed every day.

For users who actively consume coffee throughout the day, such a device will not be the most successful acquisition.

Electric millstones

Electric burr grinders have a capacious tank for coffee beans and provide high quality grinding. The millstones in the grinder are durable steel discs, and the grinding thickness is adjusted using the selected program. The container holds up to 300 g of grains.

There are two types of burrs for burr-type coffee grinders: cylindrical and conical. Unlike cylindrical ones, devices with conical millstones have high power and a long service life, so consumers most often choose this option.

The average power of millstone models is 250-300 W, which is quite enough for domestic use.


  • a large selection of work programs;
  • optimal volume of the tank;
  • the possibility of adjusting the grind;
  • high-quality homogeneous grinding;
  • safety;
  • the device does not heat the grain;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • ergonomic design;
  • the device copes with heavy loads;
  • preservation of taste and aroma of grains;
  • availability of additional functions.


  • coffee grinder takes up a lot of space;
  • noisy work;
  • high price.

Who are suitable?

An electric burr coffee grinder will become an indispensable assistant in the quick preparation of various coffee-based drinks in coffee maker, electric Turk or coffee machine.

The device is also suitable for grinding coffee for further brewing in a cup - This is the easiest way to prepare an aromatic drink without the use of coffee machines.

What affects the grind size?

The degree of coffee grinding is one of the most important factors affecting the taste, aroma and quality of the finished coffee drink.

With the help of a burr coffee grinder, you can achieve any degree of grinding beans and independently adjust the saturation of coffee brewed in various ways..

Hand burrs

Mechanical coffee grinders are the most popular and common devices. for grinding coffee beans.

The principle of operation of manual models does not differ from millstone electric devices.

Attention! The main advantage of a mechanical device is that it does not need to be connected to the mains.

The burrs of a manual coffee grinder are made of ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron. Cast iron are considered inexpensive and durable - they are designed to process 0.5 kg of grains.. The body of the device can be made of wood, ceramic or metal.

Burr-type manual coffee grinders carefully and thoroughly grind the beans with maximum preservation of their unique aroma.


  • careful processing of the product;
  • uniform grinding of grains;
  • the possibility of adjusting the degree of grinding;
  • the device does not burn the grain during processing;
  • the presence of a container for ground coffee;
  • simple design;
  • compact size and light weight;
  • ease of care;
  • low noise level;
  • democratic price.


  • grinding grains by hand;
  • time and energy costs;
  • small bean container
  • to change the degree of grinding, you need to remove the fixing screw.

Who are suitable?

A manual coffee grinder has many advantages over using electric models, however, working with a mechanical device takes time and effort, which is why the coffee grinder is not suitable for busy people.

Choosing a manual model should be for those who live in a measured rhythm and can set aside a few minutes to grind grains by hand.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home?

When choosing a coffee grinder for your home, you need to specify the following: characteristics:

  1. Power. The powerful device only needs a few seconds to grind coffee into powder, but often after such intensive grinding, coffee acquires a bitter aftertaste. For this reason experts recommend choosing models with a power of 160-180 W.
  2. Capacity. Freshly ground coffee does not retain its taste and aroma properties for long, so the bean container should not be too large. However, if you are buying a coffee grinder for a large family or office, it is better to choose a burr grinder that can grind a large number of beans at a time.
  3. Safety. coffee grinder must not be switched on with the lid loosely closed or opento prevent spilling of ground coffee, and must also have anti-slip feet for stability during operation.
  4. Housing material. Unlike plastic devices, metal structures are more stable and durable.

In electrical models, you need pay attention to the button to turn on the device. If it does not sink down and it is convenient to press it, you can safely buy the product.

Additional functions

For ease of use, manufacturers equip coffee grinders with additional features. Among them:

  1. Protection against overheating or ingress of foreign objects - if the machine overheats or a stone or a piece of a branch accidentally gets into it, the operation will stop, which will save the coffee grinder from breakage, and the user from drinking a low-quality drink.
  2. Timer for setting the grinding time of grains – allows you to set the duration of the grinding of the product.
  3. Display - it displays all the necessary data about the state of the device.
  4. Cord winder - makes the electric apparatus compact and easy to store.
  5. double knives - increase the speed of grinding coffee beans several times.
  6. Soundproofing - ensures quieter operation of the electrical appliance when it is used in the morning, when all family members are still sleeping.

Popular manufacturers

When choosing a coffee grinder, you should focus on products from trusted manufacturers that produce quality products for the home and kitchen.

Proven manufacturers such as:

  • Polaris;
  • Bosch;
  • De'Longhi;
  • redmond;
  • Vitek.


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After the breakdown of the old rotary model, I set out to purchase a compact, easy to maintain and use coffee grinder at an affordable price. For a long time I chose between an electric rotary and a mechanical one, but, in the end, I bought a regular manual one. It perfectly grinds grains, does not burn them and works quietly. Although for me the main thing is that the coffee grinder lasts a long time, but the fact that you need to grind by hand is not a problem. A couple of minutes and you're done.


I love coffee and drink several cups every day. I use only freshly ground coffee to make a drink, so a few years ago I bought a rotary coffee grinder from Bosch for only 1000 rubles. The price is ridiculous, but the quality is excellent! There are no additional functions in it, I think, in everyday life you can do without them. In addition to coffee beans, you can grind seeds and sea salt in it, so the coffee grinder also simplifies the cooking process.

Useful video

From this video you will learn more about how to choose the right model for making your favorite drink:

With the right choice of coffee grinder, even a person who is far from cooking will be able to prepare a delicious and rich coffee drink.

Having decided to purchase a coffee bean grinder, you must first study the information about all types of coffee grinders and decide on the functions that must be present in the machine - this will help you choose the right model without overpaying for unnecessary options.

  1. Vika He speaks

    A much needed review. More recently, I began to get involved in brewing coffee. Since I am an avid coffee lover, your article was also useful to me. Thanks to

  2. Anna He speaks

    Of course, the millstone is handmade! When you do something by hand, by yourself, slowly, with pleasure, it always comes out better. So here. And the drink turns out thicker, more aromatic, richer. Yes, and there is less chance of a manual coffee grinder breaking down. And it's more compact.

    1. Igor He speaks

      I can recommend proven for many years Model Bosch MKM 6000.

  3. Mikhalych He speaks

    If you grind only coffee beans, then I agree with the adherents of manual coffee grinders. But electric is much more convenient. With their help, you can get powdered sugar, pea flour in seconds - whatever, even grind the seeds of burdock or milk thistle, if you are being treated with folk methods. Maintenance of the machine is simple. And try to clean-wash the manual coffee grinder. Yes, the classic wooden lacquered windmill, and even with copper details, will decorate any interior. But more functional is still electric.

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