How and which clothes dryer to choose? What characteristics to pay attention to?

A dryer is one of those household helpers that can make life more comfortable. By choosing the right device with advanced functionality, you can easily get clean, soft and fresh clothes without damage while maintaining the structure of the fabric, which means you should get to know the innovative device better.

Among the many devices on the modern market designed to simplify life, a special place is occupied by clothes dryers.

These electrical appliances allow not only to save time on hanging wet clothes, but also to dry them quicklypreventing the formation of wrinkles.

Therefore, the dryer will be a useful acquisition for every busy person.

To find the right model, it is worthwhile to study in advance the principle of operation of the device and its advantages, as well as learn about the criteria by which to choose a machine for drying clothes.

What is a clothes dryer?

Should know! The dryer is an electromechanical device for quick drying of textiles, shoes and hats.

The device completely eliminates the need to hang wet laundry on batteries or ropes.

Automatic apparatus cares for all kinds of fabrics, retaining enough moisture, so that the clothes dry evenly, but do not overdry.

As a result, the user receives a clean item with a pleasant smell, which often does not even need to be ironed.

In appearance, the dryer resembles a familiar washing machine., however, differs slightly in dimensions and control panel.

The cost of such electrical appliances is usually higher, due to their principle of operation and functionality.

Device advantages

Know! Experienced users and experts highlight a number of advantages that modern dryers have. These include the following items:
  • ultra-fast and efficient laundry drying;
  • no need to hang clothes;
  • smoothing wet clothes during the drying process;
  • a large number of work programs;
  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • attractive appearance;
  • time saving.

After processing, dried clothes acquire a fresh scent, while when dried naturally, they can easily absorb odors.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of most models of electric dryers is that the exhausted moist air formed after loading the laundry is blown into the ventilation system through a connected hose.

However, today such devices appear on sale less and less.

They are replaced by simple and easy-to-use condensing machines, which are distinguished by a higher cost.

Note! The main element of the dryer is the drum, the rotation speed of which does not exceed 100 revolutions per minute.

Air passes through fluff filters before entering the tank., after which the fan directs the air masses to the heating element.

Gradually, the air heats up to 40-70 degrees and moves into the drum with an additional fan.

Having collected moisture, the air descends to the heat exchanger, gets rid of excess liquid, cools and re-directs to the heating element.

This ensures continuous circulation of air flows and high-quality drying of wet laundry.

Differences in devices by type of drying

According to the principle of moisture removal, tumble dryersThey are divided into ventilation and condensation.

Devices have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which become decisive when choosing.


Stay up to date! Automatic machines for drying clothes of the ventilation type remove moisture through a special pipe directly to the street.

Installation of a ventilation machine requires additional installation work, which is why the demand for such devices is low.


Condensing dryers are much more popular because they are easy to install and use.

Hot air in such devices is supplied to the drum, and moist air is discharged into a separate compartment.

Then the condensate settles in the tank, and the air starts to heat up again.

What is a heat pump dryer?

Heat pump tumble dryers are the most efficient for home use.

Keep in mind! The device differs from a conventional dryer by having a large drawer at the back.

The box houses the air recovery system, which includes a fan, a dehumidifier and branch pipes.

Unlike other electric dryers, the heat pump heated moist air is directed upwards inside the additional chamber and passes through the fluff filter, getting into the box with the cold heat exchanger.

Then the cooled air passes through the heating element and is fed into the dryer drum..

The cycle of air movement is repeated.

The main advantage of this technology is high efficiency.

This is explained by the fact that when drying clothes in a machine with a heat pump, there is practically no heat loss.

Main selection criteria

Important! When planning to purchase a dryer, you should pay attention to the main technical characteristics of the models in question.

This will help you choose the best device without spending extra money on an automatic device with unnecessary options.

Download type

The stores present horizontal and vertical models.

They are equally convenient, but there are much more horizontal devices on sale, which means that it is easier to find such a model.

Device Width

Width of electrical appliances for drying fluctuates between 55-70 cm.

Reference! The choice is made based on how much free space there is for installing the device.


Laundry must move freely inside the appliance, so you should purchase a model with a larger drum volume than that of a washing machine.

If you need to wash a lot, a device with a volume of 100 liters will be the best solution.

Loading weight

Maximum allowable weight items loaded in the machine may vary from 3.5 to 11 kg.

However most in demand considered models calculated for 7-9 kg - this will be quite enough for a large family.

Energy consumption

Dryer for home use ideally should be class A++ - the lowest level of energy consumption.

A good solution would also be devices that belong to class B.


It is worth noting! For most models, the optimal indicator is 1.5-2.3 kW.

However, some devices have a power of 4 kW - they are more expensive and can negatively affect the wiring.

Number of programs

Well-known manufacturers give users the opportunity to choose a device with any set of functions, depending on their preferences.

If the device is purchased with the aim of washing a large number of clothes from different fabrics, you should look at models with 15 programs or more..

Drum specifications

The drum is a part that is constantly in contact with clothing, which is why developers pay increased attention to this element.

Coating drum must be made of stainless steel, characterized by wear resistance and durability.

Coating smooth, so it does not damage or cling to the fabric.

type of instalation

For reference! By type of installation, dryers are:
  • in a column - implies a compact installation of the device on the washing machine;
  • embedded - advanced technology that does not take up much space and perfectly complements the overall interior;
  • freestanding - one of the most convenient options, since the device will be located separately, in a place convenient for the owner.

Differences between budget devices from premium and middle class

From expensive electrical appliances for drying clothes and models from the mid-price segment budget devices usually differ in the set of functions, the number of programs and design.

Often depends on the cost dryer and from the reputation of the manufacturer, which has been producing its products for many years or has recently appeared on the home appliance market.

Having studied the cost of dryers from different price categories, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • the average price of budget models is 20,000 - 30,000 rubles;
  • you can buy a device from the mid-price segment for 35,000 - 50,000 rubles;
  • expensive devices will cost the buyer about 60,000 - 75,000 rubles.

Additional functionality

Important! In addition to the main programs, you need to take into account the presence of additional functions that increase the cost of the device, but greatly simplify operation.

The dryer can be equipped with useful features such as:

  • child protection – the option is designed to block the control panel during the drying process, which guarantees complete safety;
  • delayed start - makes it possible to postpone the start of work for several hours after loading the laundry;
  • cooling - provides blowing of dried things with cold air after the end of the main program;
  • drum lighting - reminds you of things forgotten inside the device.

Popular manufacturers

Remember! Many popular manufacturers of household appliances offer buyers functional models of dryers.

It is quite difficult to choose one device, so it is worth checking out the list of the best brands and designed electrical appliances that have become the best sellers. Among them:

  1. Bosch.
    The leading German brand under which various household appliances are produced, known for their reliability, build quality and materials, as well as high technical characteristics.
    From the many models of dryers offered by the manufacturer, experts distinguish:
  • WTW85469OE;
  • WTH83000OE;
  • WTW876H0OE;
  • WTM83260OE.
  1. Gorenje.
    Slovenian company, which is one of the seven best manufacturers of home appliances.
    Users especially liked such multifunctional devices from Gorenje as:
  • DS94ILS/I;
  • DE82;
  • DA82IL;
  • D98F65F.
  1. Electrolux.
    The largest Swedish manufacturer of household and professional appliances, which has won the trust of customers with high-quality products.
    The best Electrolux dryers are:
  • EW6CR527P;
  • EW6CR428W;
  • EW8HR258B;
  • EW9W161B.
  1. Hotpoint-Ariston.
    An Italian company that has been manufacturing large and small household appliances for many years.
    The leading positions in the ratings are occupied by the following models of dryers:
  • FTCD 97B 6H (EU);
  • AQC94F5T/Z1;
  • WDG862;
  1. beco.
    A Turkish company that has established itself as a quality, reliable and affordable brand.
    Among the variety of devices developed by the manufacturer, the following models stand out:
  • DU7111PA;
  • DS8433RX;
  • DPS 7205GB5;
  • DB7111PA.
  1. Siemens.
    German concern specializing in the production of electronics, home appliances and medical equipment.
    According to the owners, several functional models deserve increased attention:
  • WT45W561OE;
  • WT45RV20OE;
  • WT47Y782OE;
  • WT47W561OE.

Conclusion and Conclusions

When choosing a dryer, consider the following:

  • first of all necessary pay attention to the power of the device, the volume of the drum, the energy class and the type of load;
  • availability of additional functions help to quickly and efficiently cope with the drying of clothes from any fabrics;
  • for an average family of 4-5 people, a roomy model designed for 7-9 kg is suitable;
  • if there are small children in the family, it is better to purchase a device with a safety interlock that ensures safe operation.

Useful video

From this video you will learn the types of dryers and which one is better to buy:

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