Rating TOP-13 smart watches for children with phone function and GPS tracking. How to choose a reliable model in 2022?

It would seem that children's "smart" watches were released to the market quite recently, but they have gained considerable popularity. The assortment in stores is large, the price range is also different, so it can be difficult to choose the right model. We bring to your attention the most discussed models.

Smart watch for children - a device with a bunch of useful functions. This is not just a clock that shows the time, but a set of functions thanks to which parents can get in touch with their child at any time.

it a good alternative to a smartphone, which in some ways is even more convenient and, importantly, cheaper.

But in order to choose the most suitable option, you need to study the modern market.

In total, the rating includes 13 models that have proven themselves well.

Rating TOP 13 best smartwatches for kids

The best models by customer rating and reviews
#1ELARI KidPhone Fresh
#4Jet Kid Start
Models with GPS and SIM card (phone function)
#1ELARI KidPhone 4G
#2Smart Baby Watch Q50
#3ELARI KidPhone 3G
#4Smart Baby Watch Q80
#5ELARI FixiTime 3
#6Smart Baby Watch Q90
#7ELARI KidPhone 2
#8Jet Kid Swimmer

What are the important characteristics to look for when choosing a smart watch for children?

Note! The device can display the time, monitor the user's health, and sometimes make contactless payments for purchases.

All new models of smart accessories have similar functionality, are equipped with the same sensors and processorsHowever, they also have differences that need to be given special attention.

When choosing a children's smart watch specialists in electronics It is recommended to take into account such indicators and options like:

  • The size.
    Do not choose a watch that is too bulky - with a large strap and a huge screen. They will be easier to damage.
    But small ones are not suitable either: it will be difficult for a child to track information on such a display.
    The strap should sit tight on the wrist, without squeezing, and have a margin for the future.
  • functionality by age.
    Basic functions will come in handy in any case: a panic button in case of danger, a call back, voice chat, location determination, a signal to leave the safe zone.
    The rest are selected based on the wishes of the parents and the age of the child: a camera, games, a flashlight.
  • Resistant to water ingress and impact.
    This should be mandatory, and the higher the level of protection, the better.
    By the way, if it is possible to change the strap, this is a big plus.
  • Positioning.
    Wi-Fi (if there are powerful routers nearby), LBS (orientation by cell towers), GPS (detection by satellite) - there are three options.
  • Screen.
    Lighting should be bright, but without the effect of glare in the sun. The more expensive the watch, the better the viewing angle.
  • Instruction
    It must be Russified (if you buy a foreign model).
    Moreover, the translation must be of high quality. The more errors, the worse the quality of the device.

The best models by customer rating and reviews

Rating of the TOP 5 best children's smart watches according to customer reviews and ratings.

ELARI KidPhone Fresh

Elari has developed this model as a phone, video communication tool and tracking tracker for anxious parents who want to know where their child is at any time of the day.

The clock is made of durable plastic, a high level of moisture protection (IP67) allows you to wet the device without fear that it will go haywire.

Compatible with Android and iOS. The child can choose from 3 colors: scarlet, yellow, blue.

The screen is digital, with a diagonal of 1.3?, controlled by touch, the bracelet strap is adjustable for a child's hand.

There is a built-in microphone, camera and speaker for hands-free calling.

Mobile Internet - 2G, calls can only be made from a separate SIM card. From navigation: GLONASS, GPS. Interfaces: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0.


  • battery: 480 mAh (non-removable);
  • waiting time: 72 hours.


  • SOS button;
  • if the child goes outside the established zone, the parents receive a notification;
  • movement history is recorded;
  • alarm;
  • battery life - 2 days.


  • no headphone jack;
  • the application forgets the password;
  • fonts are awkward.


The main feature of this watch is the built-in GLONASS, Wi-Fi and GPS.

The child is offered 4 colors: blue, pink, red and blue. Works seamlessly with both Android and iOS.

Made of durable plastic, adjustable bracelet made of silicone. Moisture protection - IP67, i.e. very high.

The sensor model is IPS, with a nice-looking backlight and a diagonal of 1.44?. Telephone communication is carried out via a SIM card (micro).

Navigation - GPS, GLONASS, there is Wi-Fi. Processor - MT2503. The amount of built-in memory is equal to the amount of RAM memory - 32 MB.

The battery is non-removable, with a capacity of 600 mAh, able to work 96 hours without recharging.


  • camera: 0.30 MP;
  • dimensions (WxHxT): 43x54x15 mm;
  • screen resolution: 240x240;
  • number of pixels per inch (PPI): 236;
  • recharging: via removable cradle.


  • completely Russified;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • excellent geolocation;
  • high-quality protection against moisture ingress.


  • there is no “removal from the hand” sensor;
  • listening is carried out with sound;
  • you cannot end an auto call from the watch;
  • buyers often complain about location errors.


A simple and convenient means of control without being intrusive: the Geozon Air smart watch.

Thanks to the built-in camera, you can check whether your child has forgotten his hat, chat with him in voice chat and track his progress.

These watches are conveniently adjusted on the hand, do not rub or cause irritation on the children's skin, look bright, not clumsy.

The display is large, color, controlled by a sensor. The microphone is located at the bottom, the camera is at the top, there is only one physical button.

Two slots: for a SIM card and for microUSB. Up to 30 contacts are stored in memory. Very good audibility and decent image quality.


  • display diagonal: 1.22?;
  • battery life: 60-70 hours;
  • resolution: 240x240;
  • camera: 0.30 MP;
  • dimensions: 41.5x45x13 mm.


  • corners are rounded;
  • intelligent and manual positioning;
  • pedometer;
  • voice chat;
  • soft strap;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • simple and convenient software.


  • requires pairing with a smartphone;
  • only two color options.

Jet Kid Start

Cheap but high quality: Jet Kid Start smart watch for children.

Children's watch in a simple plastic case (black, blue, light blue or pink) with several control buttons and a monochrome OLED display.

There is an alarm button, a device search function (what if the watch falls somewhere?), A sensor showing that the watch has been removed from the hand. Movement history is recorded.

You can set an alarm. As soon as the clock starts to discharge, the device will begin to notify you with persistent sound signals.

Charging connector type - micro USB.


  • battery capacity: 400 mAh;
  • operating time in active mode: 7.5 h;
  • screen diagonal: 0.64;
  • weigh: 35g;
  • WxHxD: 34x54x12 mm.


  • the display has a backlight;
  • the watch looks neat;
  • good build;
  • form factor;
  • functional.


  • from navigation: only GPS;
  • sit down quickly;
  • no moisture protection.


Newcomer GEOZON has launched on the market the ideal model of smartwatch for a child: with all the necessary functions, affordable and durable.

This watch has a massive, but light and childishly bright case with rounded corners, made of durable plastic.

3 control buttons, the charging port is hidden under a rubber plug.

Strap made of soft hypoallergenic silicone, under which the hand does not sweat.

Easy to set up, Russified interface. Intelligent positioning itself calculates whether the child has gone out of the restricted area or not.

By setting the “search for device” function, you will find the device if it falls somewhere behind the sofa and you cannot find it on your own.


  • storage capacity: 400 mAh;
  • Internet: 2G;
  • Diagonal: 1.44?;
  • dimensions: 46 × 37.5 × 15.5 mm.


  • accelerometer;
  • calorie counter;
  • auto call;
  • voice messages.


  • poor protection against moisture;
  • the strap cannot be changed.

Models with GPS and SIM card (phone function)

Rating of models for children with GPS tracking and phone function (the presence of a sim card).

ELARI KidPhone 4G

Having bought an ELARI KidPhone 4G watch, you will give yourself peace of mind: you will always know what and where your child is doing.

Tracking LBS, WiFi, GPS track the movement, you can contact via video call or audio call.

Audio monitoring allows you to listen to the surroundings.

To entertain the child, interesting games are loaded into the system, it is possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones and listen to music.

Pictures taken by the child are transferred to parent smartphones.

Hands can be washed right inside the watch as it is protected from water. Voice assistant Alice communicates with the child at his first request.


  • SIM card type: nano SIM;
  • GLONASS and GPS installed;
  • mobile internet: 4G.


  • voice chat;
  • MP3 player;
  • built-in games;
  • mute mode "In class";
  • SOS button;
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, camera.


  • the battery is very hot;
  • battery drains quickly.

Smart Baby Watch Q50

Smart Baby Watch Q50 will help you take care of your child's safety without spending a lot of money.

There is a separate button for the SOS distress signal.

Charge indication, Internet mode, GPS and cellular communications are displayed on the screen.

The promised standby time is up to 4 days.

There is a free SeTracker app, a pedometer, movement memory, calorie counting and sleep.

Strap made of hypoallergenic material, metal case with rubber coating, 3 control buttons. Case color options: eight.

The 400 mAh battery is non-removable.


  • screen: 0.96?;
  • parameters: 33x52x12 mm.


  • protected from moisture and dust;
  • lungs;
  • durable;
  • the strap does not irritate the skin;
  • cheap.


  • it takes a long time to fiddle with the preliminary setting of the clock.

ELARI KidPhone 3G

Watch with voice assistant Alice: a useful gadget for your child.

This is the first smart watch with a child assistant in the system: it will tell fairy tales and funny stories to the little owner, answer various questions, joke and entertain.

The Elari SafeFamily application will help you to use the functionality of the watch in full force: talk via video and audio communications, exchange electronic messages.

The built-in GPS tracks the location up to several meters. Able to count steps.

Of the functions: a flashlight, a history of movements, notification of an exit from a delineated zone.


  • battery: non-removable Li-Polymer with a capacity of 580 mAh;
  • interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi;
  • navigation: GPS;
  • camera: 2 MP;
  • screen resolution: 240x240;
  • IP65 protection against drops of water and dust.


  • serve for a long time;
  • accurate geolocation;
  • there is the help of a voice assistant;
  • good sound;
  • accelerometer.


  • bulky;
  • the battery runs out quickly;
  • the screen is easy to scratch;
  • slot cover mounting socket is flimsy;
  • charge indication is not informative.

Smart Baby Watch Q80

With the Smart Baby Watch Q80, your children will always be supervised.

Lightweight, comfortable, small - your child will definitely like this watch.

The LED display is made of high quality, the backlight is comfortable and does not make children's eyes strain.

Water resistance gives the child the opportunity to run in the rain, fall into puddles and wash their hands without fear that the watch will break. There is also dust protection.

The GPS tracker and removal sensor will immediately send notifications to the parent that the child for some reason got rid of the watch.

Routes can be tracked, the sound can be listened to. Outwardly they look stylish, there are six possible colors. Compatible with Android and iOS.


  • size: 37x44x15mm;
  • weigh 42 g;
  • screen resolution: 240x240;
  • number of pixels: 278.


  • there is a vibration
  • quality silicone strap;
  • screen backlight;
  • Has a speaker and microphone
  • alarm;
  • alarm button;
  • hidden call feature.


  • you can not turn off the sound;
  • the battery runs out quickly;
  • messages can only be sent through a separate application.

ELARI FixiTime 3

Really smart children's watch at an affordable price.

In the general ranking of watches for children, they occupy a rather high place.

They are suitable for both parents (thanks to the possibility of remote control, Google-maps, rubberized housing and affordable price), and children (bright flashlight, emoticons, the ability to take photos and play games - entertainment for every taste).

The battery can withstand 4-5 days of work. For boys, the model is available in black, for girls - in pink.

IPS screen, touch, there is a backlight for the dark time of the day, does not glare.


  • weight: 47 g;
  • size: 39.6x47x15mm;
  • screen diagonal: 1.3?.


  • sit comfortably on the hand;
  • design;
  • multicolor;
  • lungs.


  • the battery weakly holds a charge;
  • functionality often fails.

Smart Baby Watch Q90

Chinese device at a low price with good content.

There are 8 possible colors: yellow, black, blue, purple, red, orange, blue and pink.

Display 1.22?, touch, color. There is also a touch button below the screen.

The physical button is 1, the port is also 1 - micro-SIM.The sensor of removal from a hand on the rear panel, the QR code and IMEI are also indicated there.

The SeTracker 2 application allows you to link your smartphone with the watch, the battery capacity (400 mAh) will last for a long time.

Equipped with water and impact protection.


  • weight: 43 g;
  • dimensions: 52x39x16 mm;
  • battery: non-removable, 400 mAh;
  • ports: microUSB;
  • Processor: MediaTek MT2503D.


  • firmly attached to the hand;
  • large font;
  • pedometer;
  • colorful menu;
  • google map;
  • WiFi.


  • there is no charger included;
  • brightness is not enough;
  • poorly pick up cellular network signals;
  • poorly Russified menu.

ELARI KidPhone 2

Catchy big watch: they are inexpensive, but they will give you a feeling of complete safety for the child.

The display is color, touch, bright enough, does not glare in the sun.

There is an SOS button, support for voice messages, the owner's movements are recorded.

Thanks to the free ELARI SafeFamily app, you can control your watch remotely and set geofences yourself.

Case colors: black, pink, green, pale blue.

Supports iOS version 7 and Android version 4.4, water drop protection level is IPX5.


  • watch dimensions: 37x50x18 mm;
  • screen diagonal: 1.44?,
  • bluetooth version: 3.0.


  • ban on unknown numbers;
  • wiretapping;
  • little traffic is spent;
  • hold a charge well;
  • pedometer;
  • pleasant to the touch strap.


  • location determines extremely conditionally;
  • good sound only near the face;
  • no vibration;
  • there is no control outside the application;
  • SOS button works only via GPRS.

Jet Kid Swimmer

Jet Kid Swimmer is a little classic for little people.

Black, blue, pink, whatever you like.

Compatible with both Android (4.4) and iOS (7).Notifications come in the form of SMS.

Made of durable plastic, the strap of the bracelet is made of silicone.

They sit comfortably on the hand, without twisting and do not leave marks on the skin. Allergic reactions to the material are also not observed.

The screen is touch-sensitive, the backlight does not harm the eyes. The IP67 waterproof level allows the child to swim without removing the device.

The screen diagonal is 1.44?, the number of pixels is 236. To make calls, you need a nano SIM card. GPS and GLONASS systems have been installed. Processor - MTK2503.


  • parameters: 40x45x15 mm;
  • screen resolution: 240x240;
  • battery: 400 mAh.


  • WiFi;
  • the strap is adjustable;
  • accelerometer;
  • LBS positioning;
  • the history of the child's movements;
  • voice messages;
  • anti-lost function;
  • emergency call button.


  • you can’t listen to music through these hours;
  • the screen scratches easily;
  • charging is inconvenient.


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If you don’t want to buy a smartphone for your child for the time being, but you want to keep track of his movement and always be in touch, buy a “smart” watch:

  • they are much cheaper than a mobile phone, but with them you will be calm for your child, while he located at school, in training or on a walk.
    Forewarned is forearmed.

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This video provides an overview of the TOP 10 children's smart watches with GPS:

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    ELARI FixiTime 3
    The battery can withstand 4-5 days of work.
    But at the same time, in shortcomings - the battery does not hold a charge well.
    The author, do you even delve into what you write ?? Who needs such stupid reviews!

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      4-5 days, according to the manufacturer, one of the “cons” of the model is described based on customer reviews - accordingly, there were complaints that the battery was weak.

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