TOP 5 best washing machines with a water tank in 2022. Selection tips, overview, features, pros and cons

Despite the wide range of washing machines, many people are forced to abandon such equipment due to difficulties with water supply. However, devices equipped with a water tank have appeared on the modern household appliances market, which are capable of producing high-quality washing in a short period of time.

Washing machine has become not only a part of technological progress, but also an indispensable assistant for many families, freeing up users' time for more important things than regular cleaning of things.

Nonetheless, in conditions of missing or limited water supply, it is rather difficult to cope with contaminated things even with traditional washing equipment.

It will be possible to solve the problem using a device with an additional water tank that does not require special maintenance.

Rating of the TOP 5 best washing machines with a water tank

#1Gorenje WP 7Y2/RV + REZERVOAR PL 95
#2Gorenje WP60S2/IRV+ tank
#3Gorenje W1E70S2/RV+ tank
#5VolTek Raduga SM-5 White

Features of washing machines with a water tank

Note! A washing machine equipped with a water tank is a unit that is perfect for installation in country houses and areas where there is no central water supply.

In this case for a thorough washing of things, the user will only have to fill the tank and select the desired program.

At the end of the cycle, the waste water will be drained into a separate container - in order to avoid a flood, it must be emptied in time.

In appearance, the washing machine practically does not differ from the classic models..

However, there is a reservoir on the side or back of the appliance.

At the same time, it is not necessary to connect the drain hose to the sewer, as in traditional designs.

In contrast to the models familiar to users, washing machines with a water tank have their advantageswhich include items such as:

  • simplification of the washing process;
  • saving water and electricity;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • variety of programs and washing modes;
  • no need to connect the device to the water supply;
  • affordable price.

Popular Models

A list of the best washing machines developed by well-known manufacturers of functional household appliances will help you choose a model that is suitable in all respects.

Rating of the best TOP-5 automatic washing machines with a collapsible tank according to reviews and evaluations of buyers and specialists.


Gorenje WP 7Y2/RV + REZERVOAR PL 95

A well-thought-out machine that guarantees a perfect washing result with minimal user effort.

Ergonomic and durable model, equipped with an innovative water-leakage system and a safety lock from babies for safe operation.

Equipped with an electrical appliance and 16 working programs, thanks to which the owner will receive high-quality cleaned linen without making any effort.

For ease of use, the manufacturer supplemented the device with the ability to independently select the spin speed or cancel it.


  • loading - 7 kg;
  • drum rotation speed - up to 800 rpm;
  • built-in timer - yes;
  • reloading - no;
  • spin cancellation - yes;
  • parameters - 60x55x85 cm.


  • a wide range of working options;
  • simple control of the unit;
  • multilevel protection system;
  • the presence of a compartment for liquid powder;
  • anti-allergic function.


  • the device works only with an additional tank;
  • vibration and noise during the spinning of wet laundry;
  • the unit is difficult to move.


Gorenje WP60S2/IRV+ tank

An improved model that can quickly deal with difficult stains on both normal and delicate fabrics.

Free-standing equipment equipped with electronic control type, a large loading hatch and a capacious plastic tank for linen.

Among the variety of programs offered, there are cleaning of mixed and delicate fabrics, removing stains from downy things, pre-wash and economical wash.

Additional features are the function of selecting the appropriate washing temperature and selecting the speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle.


  • loading - 6 kg;
  • drum rotation speed - up to 1000 rpm;
  • built-in timer - yes;
  • reloading - no;
  • spin cancellation - yes;
  • parameters - 60x66x85 cm.


  • drum self-cleaning;
  • the presence of a filling valve in the tank;
  • effective cleaning of mixed fabrics;
  • automatic control of foam level and balance;
  • economical energy consumption.


  • lack of a hatch for reloading forgotten things;
  • the device does not work without a reservoir;
  • no drying of washed laundry.


Gorenje W1E70S2/RV+ tank

An electrical appliance that will be a great solution for long-term home use.

Equipped with a durable motor and a character display, the device is presented in a classic white case, complemented by black inserts.

The device has a modest size, which allows you to install it in small spaces.

For safe use, the model has multi-level protection against water leaks, blocking from young children and automatic foam control.


  • loading - 7 kg;
  • drum rotation speed - up to 1000 rpm;
  • built-in timer - yes;
  • reloading - no;
  • spin cancellation - yes;
  • parameters - 60x47x85 cm.


  • convenient touch control;
  • high-quality washing of mixed fabrics;
  • drum self-cleaning;
  • a sound signal notifying about the end of washing;
  • the presence of a night mode.


  • inability to load forgotten things;
  • the unit is not equipped with a dryer;
  • noisy spinning of wet clothes.



A miniature device designed for high-quality and fast washing.

Activator stand-alone model with a vertical type of laundry loading, mechanical control, as well as the function of reloading forgotten things through the main hatch.

The appliance is equipped with a small plastic tank, has compact dimensions and low weight.

And this means that the user will not have any difficulties when moving the structure and installing the unit in small bathrooms or other small spaces.


  • loading - 2 kg;
  • drum rotation speed - up to 800 rpm;
  • built-in timer - yes;
  • additional loading - yes;
  • spin cancellation - no;
  • parameters - 32x32x45 cm.


  • easy reloading of linen;
  • intuitive control;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • no need for special maintenance;
  • acceptable price.


  • the device does not provide protection against leaks;
  • there is no safety lock function;
  • small drum.


VolTek Raduga SM-5 White

A multifunctional unit aimed at the effective cleaning of things from fabrics of any type.

Compact design that combines ergonomics, ease of use and reasonable cost.

Thanks to the presence of several working programs, the device perfectly copes with cleaning clothes from various fabrics, gently cleaning and refreshing it.

The possibility of rinsing clothes in the tank is provided by an automatic pump for draining water.


  • loading - 5 kg;
  • drum rotation speed - up to 800 rpm;
  • built-in timer - yes;
  • additional loading - yes;
  • spin cancellation - no;
  • parameters - 49x42x73 cm.


  • the ability to reload forgotten things;
  • informative instruction;
  • long network cable;
  • concise design;
  • affordable price.


  • no protection against leaks;
  • the inability to dry things in the appliance;
  • inconvenient mode switch.


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When choosing a washing machine equipped with a water tank, you must consider the following nuances:

  • laundry load and drum rotation speed during spinning - the parameters that you need to pay attention to first of all;
  • important selection criteria are also the presence of a built-in timer and the ability to reload forgotten things during the washing process;
  • deserve special attention dimensions of the appliance, as well as the length of the network cable;
  • Availability multi-level water leakage protection and child safety lock make operation safer.

Useful video

This video provides an overview of the Gorenje WP7Y2 / RV washing machine:

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