TOP 6 Xiaomi electric kettles in 2022. Their characteristics, overview, pros and cons

Electric kettles from Xiaomi are becoming more and more popular every day, because this brand has a good reputation and is known for its unique developments. The rating and review of the best models of electric kettles will help you quickly make a choice and purchase a model with high technical characteristics.

Appearance electric kettles from the Chinese brand Xiaomi on the market household goods and cuisine has become one of the main reasons for the refusal of many users from conventional appliances for heating water.

Xiaomi smart devices allow you to heat and boil water for further preparation of drinks at the time when the owner comes home from work or is in another room, which is especially convenient for people living in a modern rhythm.

A wide range of electric kettles will conquer even the most demanding customers, but before you go shopping, you should study the characteristics and overview of popular models.

Rating of the TOP 5 best Xiaomi electric kettles

#1Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth
#2Xiaomi Mi Kettle
#3Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth
#4Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Electric Cooker
#5Xiaomi Deerma Portable Electric Kettle (DH207)

The best models of Xiaomi electric kettles

The rating includes TOP-6 unique models of electric kettles that attract buyers with their stylish design, advanced technologies and a set of positive characteristics.


Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth

Functional device Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth with the ability to control using an application on a smartphone, designed for people who value comfort.

Electric kettle with a three-level protection system: against electric shock, current leakage in case of water on the stand and automatic shutdown when the device is empty.

Model Equipped with temperature control function - it is carried out through the Xiaomi Smart Home application installed on the phone.

The inner surface of the structure has no seams, and the body itself has a wide top opening and a flat bottom, which provides convenience when cleaning the kettle.


  • volume - 1.5 l;
  • weight - 1.24 kg;
  • power - 1800 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of heating element - closed spiral;
  • filter is.


  • water heating rate;
  • attractive appearance;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • temperature indication in the application;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • auto-off function.


  • lack of water level indicator;
  • no remote start of boiling;
  • short cord;
  • Chinese fork.


Xiaomi Mi Kettle

Modern model Xiaomi Mi Kettle with triple protection against electric shock for quick and safe preparation of hot drinks.

A simple yet powerful model with an ergonomic handle, water-free shut-off and a small spout for easy filling of cups.

Laconic design and small size allow you to place the electric kettle in any part of the kitchen, where it will perfectly complement the interior.

Besides, the device is equipped with rubber feet, which ensure its stable position on the surface and exclude the possibility of getting burned by boiling water.


  • volume - 1.5 l;
  • weight - 1.1 kg;
  • power - 1800 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of heating element - closed spiral;
  • filter is.


  • build quality and materials;
  • rapid boiling;
  • minimalistic design;
  • wide filler neck;
  • installation on a stand in different positions;
  • thoughtful security system.


  • the need to replace the Chinese plug;
  • lack of mesh in the spout;
  • unpleasant smell of plastic at the first boil;
  • body gets dirty quickly.


Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth

Smart electric kettle Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth with an ideal price-quality ratio, made in a laconic design.

Device, equipped with OLED display with temperature display in real time, protection against contact of water with electrical components and durable double walls made of metal and plastic.

Thanks to the smart setting function and thermostat, the owner has the opportunity to independently set the heating temperature required for the drink.

Large heating element and high power provide instant heating, so you can make tea or coffee in just a couple of minutes.


  • volume - 1.5 l;
  • weight - 1.3 kg;
  • power - 1800 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of heating element - closed spiral;
  • filter is.


  • choice of water heating temperature;
  • the presence of a display with temperature display;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • simple control from a smartphone;
  • non-heating case;
  • switch-on indication.


  • difficulties when connecting through the application;
  • noise during heating of the liquid;
  • There is no filter mesh in the spout.


Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Electric Cooker

The Mijia Multifunctional Electric Cooker is a multifunctional electric cooker with reliable components that will help you prepare not only tea or coffee, but also cook soup.

Model with hidden stainless steel heating element, made of durable borosilicate glass and complete with a tea infuser mesh.

Device designed for brewing hot drinks, making yoghurts, cereals, eggs and soups, which means it can replace several kitchen appliances at once.

You can control the kettle remotely by selecting the cooking mode and the desired temperature using a mobile application.


  • volume - 1.5 l;
  • weight - 1.6 kg;
  • power - 1800 W;
  • body material - metal, glass;
  • type of heating element - closed spiral;
  • filter is.


  • 99 power levels;
  • glass for cooking from borosilicate glass;
  • uniform heating;
  • hidden projection indicator;
  • one-piece design with a safe handle;
  • long service life.


  • big weight;
  • the power cord is not long enough;
  • high price.


Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot

Spectacular device Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot, which stands out among competitors with a large set of performance characteristics and appearance.

Electric kettle with contact base and 6 preset operating modes, as well as the ability to program the heating time.

Included with the device is the presence of a glass flask, which will be needed in order to heat up the soup or cook compote.

A metal stand is useful for stewing meat or vegetables - it comes with the main device.


  • volume - 1.5 l;
  • weight - 1.5 kg;
  • power - 1000 W;
  • body material - metal, glass;
  • type of heating element - closed spiral;
  • filter is.


  • convenience and ease of use;
  • maintaining the temperature of heated water up to 6 hours;
  • the presence of a timer, display and indication of inclusion;
  • metal stand for extinguishing;
  • teapot complete with the device;
  • stylish design.


  • slow heating of water;
  • instruction in Chinese;
  • price.


Xiaomi Deerma Portable Electric Kettle (DH207)

Portable electric kettle Deerma Portable Electric Kettle (DH207) with the provided protection against the spill of boiling water, allowing you to prepare a delicious drink both at home and on a trip.

Unique design with foldable body - one push on the lid the kettle can be folded down to a height of less than 10 cm, then place it in a backpack or suitcase, where it does not take up much space.

The model is equipped 3 main functions: temperature maintenance, boiling and chlorine removal.

They are available on a clear control panel with displayed data.


  • volume - 0.6 l;
  • weight - 1.16 kg;
  • power - 850 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of heating element - closed spiral;
  • filter is.


  • safe and reliable materials;
  • compact size and light weight;
  • absence of foreign odors;
  • removable adjustable handle;
  • touch screen for easy control;
  • maintaining the temperature for 5-6 hours.


  • small volume of the tank;
  • the cost is higher than analogues;
  • rapid surface contamination.


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When choosing an electric kettle from Xiaomi recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • great helpers in the kitchen will roomy models Smart Kettle Bluetooth and Viomi;
  • for a small kitchen an elegant device with a reliable protection system Mi Kettle;
  • save time and help to prepare several dishes quickly electric kettle Xiaomi Multifunctional Electric Cooker;
  • lovers of unusual and spectacular things will definitely like the Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot model;
  • people who travel frequently look at the miniature model Deerma Portable Electric Kettle (DH207).

Useful video

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  1. Olga He speaks

    I love Xiaomi and all the products they make. The electronic kettle is no exception. The only question was which model to buy. I chose for a long time and decided on Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth. Satisfied was like an elephant! He is so beautiful! And I figured out the setup pretty quickly, so I didn’t feel any problems. A worthwhile thing is 100%, and most importantly, comfortable.

  2. Oleg He speaks

    An electric kettle is a necessary gadget for every day. Since I am a fan of Xiaomi, I bought a Xiaomi Mi Kettle a few months ago. Of course, I had to replace the Chinese plug with ours, but this is such a trifle compared to how it works.It heats up quickly, you definitely won’t be late for work with it, it doesn’t look catchy, but what kind of kettle should be? I vouch for the reliability, I have never failed.

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