The principle of operation of a geyser coffee maker for an induction cooker. TOP-8 rating of the best models

Induction stoves and hobs entered everyday life not so long ago, but immediately gained a lot of fans.

True, this technique has a peculiarity - not all utensils are suitable for cooking on it.

classical geyser coffee maker, made of aluminum is no exception - it will not work to make coffee in it using induction.

But there is a way out - to choose and purchase a specialized geyser.

Rating of TOP-8 best geyser coffee makers for induction cooker

Compact models up to 200 ml
#1Bialetti Moka Induction (3 cups)
#2Bialetti Venus 1682 (160 ml)
#3Bialetti Kitty 1712 (4 cups)
#4GAT Fashion (3 cups)
Medium and large models from 240 ml
#1Italco Induction (6 cups)
#2Bialetti Moka Induction (6 cups)
#3Bialetti Venus 1683 (6 cups)
#4Bialetti Moka Induction (9 cups)

What is an induction cooker geyser coffee maker?

In a geyser coffee maker, the drink is brewed due to steam pressure, which displaces hot water from the lower reservoir into the filter funnel with ground coffee, and then into the upper part - the finished product accumulator.

Important! For an induction cooker, only those models of "geysers" are suitable, the bottom of which is made of ferromagnetic materials.

The most popular of them is stainless steel. The necessary characteristics are also inherent in cast iron.Aluminum, from which traditional geyser-type coffee makers are made, does not have such properties.

Another one a distinctive feature of induction geyser coffee makers is the size of the bottom. Its diameter is larger than that of classic models.

This is necessary so that the dishes cover most of the burner. Otherwise, heating simply does not occur.

The induction geyser coffee maker can also be used on gas or electric burners..

The ferromagnetic bottom does not interfere with heating from open heat sources. In this sense, a geyser designed for induction cookers is a universal model.

Working principle of induction heating

Induction heating is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, i.e. the effect of the appearance of an electric current in a closed circuit due to a change in the magnetic flux passing through this circuit.

A hob or stove that works according to this principle has glass-ceramic (most often) the surface under which there is an induction coil, through which an electric current flows with a frequency of 20 - 60 kHz.

During the passage of high-frequency alternating current, a pulsating magnetic field appears in the coil.

If at this moment a material with magnetic properties appears on the surface of the plate, it begins to generate electric current that heats up.

Hot dishes, in turn, transfer heat to both the products in it and the surface of the stove.


The induction hob is a modern kitchen equipment, which has a number of properties that are attractive to the user. Among the main advantages for making coffee the following can be distinguished:

  1. Induction heating provides gradual increase in water temperaturewhich prevents the coffee from burning.
  2. Cooking speed. Due to the fact that induction heats water very quickly, brewing time is noticeably reduced.
  3. Safety. The risk of burns is minimized as the cooking surface automatically turns off when removed coffee makers from its surface.
  4. Ease of use. Caring for an induction hob is quite simple, because it cools down to ambient temperature in seconds. If the coffee "runs away" and spills onto the stove, it will not burn and can be easily removed.
  5. Such devices are usually equipped with temperature sensors, clearly maintaining the set heating, and a timer that controls the duration of cooking. Thus, it becomes possible to program the cooking process literally every minute.
  6. The burners have a smooth surface and do not protrude above the hob. That's why the coffee maker can be moved in any direction.

How to brew coffee?

  1. Disassemble the coffee maker.
  2. Pour cold water into the lower tank.
  3. Fill the filter funnel with ground coffee.
  4. Assemble the device.
  5. Set it on the work surface so that the bottom covers most of the burner.
  6. Turn on the stove. Select a mode. If the instructions do not contain information about a special mode for making coffee, select the power of 70 - 80%, and then reduce it to 50%. This will ensure uniform and smooth heating.
  7. Wait for the moment when all the liquid goes to the top. Now the geyser can be removed from the stove and pour the drink into cups.
Advice! It is better not to brew flavored coffee in a geyser coffee maker: it is not known how the essences will manifest themselves with intense heating.

You can make a drink with spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves).To do this, they must be ground and mixed with coffee grounds before brewing.

How to choose?

When choosing a geyser suitable for induction, you should consider a number of factors:

  1. The material from which the bottom of the fixture is made. The best option would be stainless steel. To determine if the cookware is suitable for an induction cooker, simply place a magnet on its bottom. If it is attracted and holds, then the container is suitable. Otherwise, no.
  2. The bottom diameter must be greater than 12cm (that is, not less than 1/2 the diameter of a standard burner).
  3. The thickness of the bottom should be from 2 to 6 millimeters.
  4. Pay attention to the handle, evaluate its convenience. Models where it is made of a non-heating material have an advantage (for example, Bakelite).
  5. Think about how many servings you plan to cook at a time. Manufacturers offer coffee makers designed for a different number of cups of the drink. The design feature of the geyser is such that a strictly defined amount of coffee is brewed in it.: if it is designed for 3 servings, then more or less at a time will not be able to cook.
Reference! Cookware designed for induction heating usually has a special icon - several vertical loops, accompanied by the inscription "Induction".

What is a drive adapter?

An adapter or adapter in this case is called a device that allows you to use dishes for cooking on an induction hobmade from materials unsuitable for these purposes.

The adapter, which is a disk 3-6 mm thick, consists of several layers.

Thick metal circles have a structure similar to a sandwich, with ferromagnetic layers in the composition, or are completely made of ferromagnetic steel.

Such adapter replaces the magnetic bottom, which is equipped with specialized dishes. Installed on the hob, it will transfer heat to the bottom of the vessel placed on it. Adapters with a diameter of 12 to 14 mm are suitable for coffee makers.

Rating and review of the best models

Well-known manufacturers of household and kitchen goods offer high-quality geyser coffee makers for purchase, which stand out for their efficient operation, compactness and ease of use.

Due to the wide range, it will not be difficult to choose a device, however, before purchasing a device, buyers should pay attention to the main technical characteristics of the models in question, as well as study their advantages and disadvantages.

On the Russian market, geysers suitable for induction cookers are mainly represented by models of European and Chinese production. Italian brands have the best reputation: Bialetti, Pezzetti and GET. Models made in China compete quite successfully with the Italians - Gipfel and Berghoff.

Reference! The Bialetti company is a pioneer in the production of geyser coffee makers. Its founder, Alfonso Bialetti, was the first to invent and patent such a device.

Compact models up to 200 ml

TOP-4 rating and review of compact models according to customer reviews and ratings.


Bialetti Moka Induction (3 cups))

A miniature device that will help you prepare excellent-tasting coffee without the slightest effort.

A classic geyser-type coffee maker, equipped with a non-heating handle made of heat-resistant plastic. The case of the device is made of aluminum that is safe for health, which does not break when accidentally dropped and is not scratched.For comfortable pouring of freshly brewed coffee, the manufacturer supplemented the device with a small spout that prevents the drink from spilling.


  • volume - 180 ml;
  • body material - aluminum;
  • handle material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • height - 16 cm;
  • weight - 0.47 kg.


  • the possibility of using on plates of any type;
  • absence of foreign odors;
  • securely closing lid;
  • convenient filling of cups with hot drink;
  • easy cleaning of dirt.


  • the impossibility of simultaneous preparation of several servings;
  • the need for thorough cleaning;
  • slow heating.


Bialetti Venus 1682 (160 ml)

An attractive device designed for brewing delicious and aromatic coffee drinks.

An inexpensive coffee maker from a proven Italian brand that perfectly combines functionality, unique shape and practicality. For safe operation, the device is equipped with a pressure relief valve and a nylon ultra-ergonomic handle. The owner will be able to use the unit not only for making coffee on an induction hob, but also for cooking electric and even gas stoves.


  • volume - 160 ml;
  • case material – stainless steel;
  • handle material - nylon;
  • height - 15 cm;
  • weight - 0.65 kg.


  • securely fixed handle made of high-strength material;
  • the possibility of cooking on various cooking surfaces;
  • the presence of a safety valve;
  • elegant and modern design;
  • rapid and uniform heating of the liquid.


  • the device requires careful care;
  • the appliance must not be cleaned in a dishwasher;
  • there may be scratches on the case.


Bialetti Kitty 1712 (4 cups)

An interesting model that will be appreciated by real gourmets.

A device from the mid-price segment, presented in a shock-resistant silver case of an interesting shape and complemented by a heat-insulating handle that remains cold during the preparation of the drink. A small spout and a lid effectively complement the design. The device is suitable for brewing coffee both on an induction cooker and on other heating surfaces, including gas and electronic hobs.


  • volume - 160 ml;
  • case material – stainless steel;
  • handle material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • height - 17.8 cm;
  • weight - 0.6 kg.


  • the possibility of cleaning in the dishwasher;
  • the device is suitable for all types of plates;
  • nice and compact design;
  • acceptable cost;
  • high quality materials and assembly.


  • when unwinding, you can scratch the handle;
  • small volume;
  • insufficiently finished edge of the lid.


G.A.T Fashion (3 cups)

An easy-to-use coffee maker that has the ability to prepare aromatic drinks in just a few minutes.

Constructed from high quality durable aluminum with an ergonomically shaped insulated handle for comfortable preparation of your favorite drink. The presence of a non-stick coating allows you to easily clean the coffee maker from dirt and be completely confident in the excellent taste of freshly brewed coffee. The convenience of filling the cups is ensured by the presence of a small spout.


  • volume - 150 ml;
  • body material - aluminum;
  • handle material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • height - 16 cm;
  • weight - 0.39 kg.


  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • the presence of a high-quality non-stick coating;
  • comfortable non-heating handle;
  • absence of foreign odors;
  • interesting design.


  • difficulties in removing the label on the bottom of the device;
  • the need to use a special adapter;
  • small scratches may appear on the device.

Medium and large models from 240 ml

The best models of large and medium sizes from 240 ml.


Italco Induction (6 cups)

A presentable device that effectively combines ergonomics, laconic design and reasonable price.

Functional and elegant geyser coffee maker, designed for the simultaneous preparation of 6 servings of rich and invigorating coffee. The device is equipped with a comfortable handle that does not heat up during cooking and does not slip in wet hands. For comfortable filling of coffee cups with a drink, the unit is equipped with a small spout that prevents accidental splashing of hot liquid on the table.


  • volume - 300 ml;
  • case material – stainless steel;
  • handle material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • height - 19 cm;
  • weight - 0.77 kg.


  • thick bottom;
  • long-term preservation of temperature;
  • the ability to use on any cooking surfaces;
  • the presence of an ergonomic handle;
  • sufficient volume.


  • specific smell at first use;
  • the unit requires careful and careful cleaning;
  • small area of ​​contact with the burner.


Bialetti Moka Induction (6) cups)

A capacious device aimed at the quick preparation of coffee and drinks based on it with minimal user intervention.

Traditional geyser apparatus from the premium segment, made of high quality stainless steel.The coffee maker has an attractive appearance and stands out with an interesting octagonal body, so the device will not only help you brew delicious coffee, but also perfectly complement the interior of any kitchen, becoming a real decoration. The unit is easy to use due to the presence of a handle made of heat-resistant plastic and a securely closing lid.


  • volume - 240 ml;
  • case material – stainless steel;
  • handle material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • height - 17.8 cm;
  • weight - 0.7 kg.


  • interesting and modern design;
  • ease of cleaning from various contaminants;
  • instant heating of the liquid and cooking speed;
  • work with a low level of sound;
  • no need for special maintenance.


  • the cost of the device is much higher than similar models;
  • the appearance of small scratches on the cover;
  • difficulty opening the lid.


Bialetti Venus 1683 (6 cups)

An upscale model with an attractive appearance, ease of use and maintenance.

Stylish geyser-type device equipped with a pressure relief valve that guarantees safe and long-term operation. The device also features a heavy duty nylon handle, a lid and a small hole for pouring a hot drink. The unit is also distinguished by ease of cleaning, because if necessary, the user can remove dirt not manually, but simply by immersing the coffee maker in the dishwasher.


  • volume - 280 ml;
  • case material – stainless steel;
  • handle material - nylon;
  • height - 21 cm;
  • weight - 0.73 kg.


  • preparation of a drink on any cooking surfaces;
  • two-piece bottom;
  • absence of foreign odors;
  • the presence of a safety valve;
  • small button to open the lid;
  • attractive appearance.


  • slow heating of the liquid;
  • ill-conceived lid design;
  • small area of ​​​​contact with the induction hob.


Bialetti Moka Induction (9 cups)

A classic geyser coffee maker with which the process of making coffee will become an exciting experience.

A high-quality unit capable of preparing a fragrant drink for a large company in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the well-designed octagonal shape, stainless steel body and thick bottom, the poured liquid is heated evenly, which ensures excellent extraction of flavoring substances. As a result, the user gets the perfect Italian drink without any effort.


  • volume - 420 ml;
  • case material – stainless steel;
  • handle material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • height - 19 cm;
  • weight - 0.8 kg.


  • the taste of a freshly prepared drink;
  • operational safety;
  • original design;
  • damage-resistant housing;
  • small spout for easy filling of cups.


  • the presence of a specific smell at the first use;
  • the device must be thoroughly cleaned of contaminants;
  • you may need a special adapter for the burner.


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From this video you will learn about the rules for making coffee in a geyser coffee maker on an induction stove:

Many people like to start the day with a cup of delicious and aromatic coffee brewed in a geyser coffee maker. When using an induction hob, there is the need to select the right utensils.

The way out of the situation can be the use of a special disk - an adapter. But the best solution would be to buy a geyser, the bottom of which is made of ferromagnetic materials.

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