Which is better: a geyser coffee maker or a Turk? Advantages and disadvantages of devices

There are several opinions about who first discovered the unique properties of coffee beans. But in fact, for true connoisseurs of this drink, this is not so important.

After all, it is much more important for them to find out what is the best way to prepare such a fragrant, mysterious and incomparable “infusion” from ground coffee beans.

Which is better: an old cezve or a modern geyser coffee maker? It's time to deal with this issue.

Geyser coffee maker

Geyser coffee maker, she is Moka Espresso, in the form in which it is known to everyone today, was invented in Italy. But the first principle preparing a coffee drink thus invented in 1833 by the English inventor Samuel Parker.

And Alfonso Bialetti, the "father" of Mocha Espresso, patented the device and set up its industrial production.

So here it is the main and only purpose of this coffee maker is high-quality and fast preparation of espresso.

The principle of operation of this device is as follows:

  • water is poured into Moka Espresso and coffee is poured;
  • coffee maker put on fire or plugged into the network;
  • the water at the bottom of the device is heated and under high pressure passes upward through the coffee strainer;
  • the drink is collected at the top of the Mocha Espresso in a special compartment.
For information! This principle of making espresso is also used in large coffee machines.


The Turk, she is a cezve, was invented a very long time ago. Its first "inventors", as the name implies, were the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula.

But few people know that the ancestor of the cezve was "dalla" - a small copper jug ​​with a long, narrow spout and the same long handles. This piece of utensil was invented by African nomads who highly appreciated the coffee drink.

The modern Turk has a fairly recognizable shape: narrow at the top and expanding downwards. Most often it is made of copper, but inside it is covered with tin or silver..

Preparing coffee in such a special dish is not difficult if you follow the established procedure.

  • First, the cezve is heated over a fire.
  • Then coffee is poured into it, it also warms up slightly.
  • Sugar and spices are added to ground coffee beans.
  • From above, the contents of the Turks are poured with cold water.
  • The drink is heated over low heat until a foamy cap appears.
  • After that, the cezve is removed from the stove, and the prepared coffee is poured into a cup.
Note! Connoisseurs of real coffee are sure that only a drink prepared in Turkish can be considered a classic.

What is the difference and which is better?

In fact, it is a little strange to compare these devices for making a drink from coffee beans, because:

  • Geyser coffee maker "can" cook only espresso, and in the Turk you can make any kind of coffee. At the same time, the coffee maker does not need to be monitored at all, and it is not recommended to leave the Turk water “unattended”.
  • Mocha Espresso delivers the amount of drink it was designed for, unlike cezve, where the volume is regulated independently. At the same time, natural coffee sediment always forms in the cezve, which must be additionally removed by filtering. But it's not in the coffee maker.
  • Fragrant "infusion" of ground coffee beans, cooked in cezve, is always stronger. However, strong coffee is not good for everyone, so for some people it is more rational to choose Moka Espresso.

Advantages of a geyser coffee maker

All modern inventions are invented in order to make life easier for people. A similar situation develops with a coffee maker-geyser.

After all, all that is required to be done by its owner is to add the necessary “ingredients” to the device. Even a child can cope with such a task.

In what other ways does Moka Espresso outperform cezve?

  • The electric version of the device will provide high-quality coffee for both car travelers and those who like to spend the weekend in the country. Clubbers will also appreciate the electric coffee maker when they return home early in the morning.
  • The usual version of the coffee maker-geyser takes up very little space. You can safely take it with you, going fishing or hiking.
  • Many connoisseurs of the “drink of the Gods” dream of a pure “infusion” made from ground coffee beans. Moka Espresso reliably "hides" the sediment, preventing it from getting into the cups.
Important point! Coffee brewed in a geyser coffee maker has a more pronounced aroma.

Disadvantages of Moka Espresso

Oddly enough, but the main disadvantage of a geyser coffee maker is its manufacturability. After all, such a device consists of several parts, and they can fail at any time.


  • you can re-prepare a hot, aromatic drink in Moka Espresso only after it has partially cooled down. This is not very convenient if coffee is brewed for a large group of people;
  • this coffee maker must be washed thoroughly after each use, otherwise it will quickly break;
  • into the device do not add anything but water and coffee. Even sugar to taste is put already in a cup with a ready drink.

The disadvantages of a geyser coffee maker can also be attributed to the fact of a large consumption of ground coffee beans.

After all, each time the strainer of the device is loaded with a new portion of "raw materials".

Advantages of the Turks

The copper cezve, decorated with ancient ornaments, looks very stylish. And therefore, this piece of utensils is very often tried to be kept in sight, which is its very first advantage.

Also, the undeniable advantages of the Turks, which cannot be found at the geyser coffee machine, include:

  • Lightness and ease of care. As soon as the freshly brewed drink is in the cup, the cezve is filled with water and left in the sink. At the same time, it can be immediately washed and reused.
  • The ability to prepare coffee "infusion" according to any recipe. Fans of experiments, unusual tastes and just dreamers will definitely appreciate this plus.
  • Possibility simultaneous preparation of coffee for a large number of people. Only thanks to the Turk, a good housewife can quickly prepare an invigorating, aromatic drink for herself and for all members of her family.
Important! Cezva is also indispensable in cases where frequent power outages become constant “companions” of a person.

Disadvantages of the Turks

The first and perhaps the most the main drawback of the Turks is its quality.

If you purchase a not very thoughtful piece of utensil, consisting of two halves, then you can very quickly split the cezve.


  • this appliance for brewing coffee beans does not tolerate fuss, haste and inattention. As a result, it is only a moment to be distracted, as the coffee "runs away".
  • thick, specific thick, which remains after boiling ground grains, is liked only by those who know how to guess from it. All the rest of the people experience discomfort when it gets into the mouth.
Attention! The fact of how the cezve is “arranged” is also important. For example, a metal handle that is not long enough will bring a lot of additional trouble to its owners.

Useful video

From this video, you will learn in comparison about the methods of making coffee in a geyser coffee maker and a Turk:

As it becomes clear, both Moka Espresso and cezve can be used to make a real “drink of the Gods”.

But if beginners in matters of brewing ground coffee beans and people who value their own time are advised to purchase a geyser coffee makerthen calm, thoughtful and in no hurry coffee connoisseurs are better off buying a Turk.

Moreover, the most ideal situation will develop only if both such items are adjacent on the same shelf. After all, the cezve will definitely come in handy on a hike, and Moca Espresso will save a lot of time in the morning.

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  1. Dmitry He speaks

    For me personally, the best option is the Turk. I have a forged copper cezve. Coffee in it turns out simply gorgeous: fragrant and tasty. Not yet ready to trade it for any other.

    1. Igor He speaks

      I support! The Turk is the most authentic and versatile device. You can even take it with you on trips and outdoors (cook on a gas portable burner).

  2. Anna He speaks

    My choice has long been made in favor of the Turks. Coffee will be tasty and aromatic.
    But the Turk also needs to choose the right one. For myself, I realized that the Turks should have a narrow neck and the narrower the better. For some reason, with wider peas, coffee is obtained with a specific aroma. I don't use this one anymore. But with a narrow neck, the Turk has served me faithfully for several years now and I don’t plan to change it to another option for making coffee.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Absolutely accurate remark, the thinner the better!

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