What is the difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine? What is the best choice for home use?

If you cannot imagine your morning without a fragrant cup of freshly brewed coffee, you cannot do without a kitchen helper. But what is better to choose - a coffee maker or a coffee machine? Consider the functional features, as well as compare the pros and cons of each device.

In recent years, coffee has taken on a whole new status. It's already not just a hot drink, but a significant part of the culture.

Thousands of people cannot imagine the beginning of their day without a cup of hot espresso, a friendly meeting without a glass of sweet latte and a romantic date without a cappuccino.

No wonder that many seek to automate and speed up the process making a drink at home.

What is the main difference?

Main difference and difference coffee makers and coffee machines – autonomy. The first device requires the direct participation of a person, and the second is fully automated and is able to prepare drinks of any level of complexity.

Attention! In addition, the coffee maker works only with ground grains or pods, while a modern coffee machine grinds whole grains in the process.

What features and functionality do coffee makers have?

The coffee maker is an electrical device for the home that able to prepare invigorating, hot coffee from ready-made raw materials.

Therefore, in order to drink a drink, you first need to grind the beans on a coffee grinder, if you have one, or buy a ready-made grind, and only then pour it into the device.

Types and principle of operation

Coffee makers are four main types:

  • drip. A simple and convenient device, best suited for making classic Americano. The water heats up, steam and condensate are formed, due to which the water passes drop by drop through the filter and flows into the cup.
  • Rozhkovaya. It differs from a drip-type device in the presence of a holder into which ground coffee is placed. A jet of hot water is passed through the holder under pressure, thanks to which you get a tart drink.
  • Geysernaya. Water heating occurs in the lower part of the structure. Steam rises through the filter with crushed raw materials, into the upper compartment. It also accumulates ready-made coffee.
  • Capsular. This type is gaining particular popularity recently, as it does not require an accurate calculation of the grain for a serving. The ground grain is already enclosed in a special capsule.

What features and functionality do coffee machines have?

A coffee machine, unlike a coffee maker, allows you to automate the process of making natural coffee - from the grinding stage to serving in a cup.

Just a few clicks on the appropriate keys, a couple of minutes of waiting, and you can enjoy your favorite espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte and other coffees.

Modern coffee machines have the following list of functionality:

  • grinding coffee raw materials;
  • adjusting the strength of the drink;
  • the degree of grinding grains;
  • water temperature adjustment;
  • cappuccinatore (a device that froths milk into foam);
  • automatic determination of the required volume of water for given portions;
  • cup warmer.
Reference! According to experts, the ideal coffee is obtained at a temperature of 95 to 97 degrees.

Types and principle of operation

First of all, coffee machines are divided into automata and semi-automatic, and only then on varieties:

  • Espresso combine. The unit with a coffee grinder makes it possible to use whole coffee raw materials in preparation.
  • Portion. It is necessary to place a tablet in the device, designed to receive a certain amount of coffee.
  • Rozhkovy. Considered the easiest to use. To make espresso, you need to put crushed grain in the horn. The drink is obtained by moving steam through the raw material.
  • Capsular. To prepare the drink, special capsules sealed in foil are used, which are opened before immersion in the coffee machine or directly in the device itself.

What is the best choice for home?

Both a coffee maker and a coffee machine should meet your needs and personal gastronomic preferences.

Coffee brewed in a particular appliance has a number of distinctive abilities.:

  • For lovers of strong classic espresso, a geyser coffee maker is the best fit.
  • If you prefer a delicate cappuccino - give preference carob device.
  • Delicious americano is obtained in drip devices.
  • Capsule models allow you to experiment with flavors and textures.
Note! The lower the power level of the device, the more saturated and tart the drink is.

Advantages and disadvantages

To clearly see all the pros and cons, check out the table that will help you choose the right device for you.

coffee machine Coffee maker
pros Minuses pros Minuses
The grinding of grains is carried out directly in the machine immediately before making coffee High price Affordable price Grains must first be ground
Possibility to adjust the temperature Impressive dimensions compactness No temperature control
High brewing speed Noise at work Low noise Speed ​​is lower than coffee machines
Built-in milk frother Ease of device and repair The foam must be beaten separately
Deep taste and aroma of coffee The use of pre-ground raw materials can adversely affect the taste.
Possibility to prepare several varieties of drink at once
car wash

As you can see, the pros and cons of these devices are almost polar to each other. To make your final choice, please refer to the following table.

Comparative characteristics by main parameters

The table shows the main technical parameters of the coffee machine and coffee maker. Compare them to see which is best for you.

Technical specifications Coffee maker coffee machine
Brewing principle Hot water brewing Brewing a clean drink without sediment
Control Requires human intervention at all stages of the preparation of the drink Requires minimal participation. Management is intuitive.
Recipes Espresso, Americano The main classic recipes and the opportunity to experiment with flavors thanks to the capsules
Settings Minimum functionality It is possible to adjust the degree of grinding, the number of servings, the water temperature,
Price Available. Depending on the type - from 1000 and above High - from 10,000 and above
The taste of the finished drink Average taste values, depends on power High taste performance, depends on the built-in functionality.


Summing up, it is worth going over the main points again. When choosing between a coffee machine and a coffee maker, consider the main parameters:

  • coffee machine - ideal for a large family or office, if you are not confused by the noise level of work and the high price.
  • Unlike coffee makers, coffee machine saves you time in preparing a drink.
  • Coffee maker suitable for beginnersand those on a budget.
  • The total cost of the drink on a coffee machine it turns out cheaper than on a coffee maker if you buy whole coffee beans, and more expensive if you use capsules.
  • Choose device type depending on your taste preferences. If you don't need anything more than classic espresso and americano, the coffee maker is your choice. If you like to experiment with flavors and textures, a coffee machine is the way to go.

Useful video

From this video you will learn the main differences between coffee makers and coffee machines:

As you can see, there is no universal answer to the question - what is better a coffee maker or a coffee machine. In each case, it will be individual.


  1. Natalia He speaks

    I am an avid coffee drinker. Every morning I brewed Turkish coffee. My husband gave me a coffee maker, which made my dream come true. Coffee machines, of course, are an order of magnitude superior to coffee makers in terms of performance, power and number of functions. But for a family where only I drink coffee, it is not cost-effective, especially in terms of cost.Coffee machines, ideal for offices and large families, where the speed of making coffee and the number of cups is important.

  2. Sveta He speaks

    My husband strongly disapproved of the purchase of a coffee machine, and in general he did not understand my passion for coffee, he does not like it at all, alas. But I bought a coffee maker first. I will say that it was inconvenient for me, since almost everything has to be done by myself. I don't remember the brand of the coffee maker. But then my husband became generous and bought a coffee machine, that's when I was happy)) A well-known Bosch CTL636EB1 brand. Happy with everything, yes.

  3. Albert He speaks

    Even it is strange to discuss such a question. There is a huge difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine. The essence of the process is the same - making coffee, but what kind of coffee is obtained at the exit here and there - these are two big differences. A coffee maker is an alternative for those who do not want to drink instant coffee and who, at the same time, do not have enough money for a coffee machine. But even in this case, I would personally choose a Turk and a coffee grinder - coffee would be much tastier and richer, and in a coffee maker, even in the coolest, it, alas, turns out to be weak and watery ...

  4. Vik-Vik He speaks

    The article is necessary because it highlights for beginners the fundamental difference in units. One "but": in the table there is an item "coffee makers from 1000". I had one, if I bought it myself - money down the drain. She worked regularly for about six months, hissed and hiccupped, but she knew her business. Then the exit between the hole of the horn and the flask loosened, which led to coffee getting on the heating element. I threw it away and I don’t regret it, because I don’t like thin Americano. Buy a better car! And I will buy. Someday.

  5. Natalia He speaks

    As far as I understand, the more multifunctional the coffee machine, the more expensive and larger it is. The question arises: how reasonable is it to buy a coffee machine for home use if there is only one coffee lover in the family? It's me! And I really want to drink coffee, which, as they say, is much tastier than coffee from a coffee maker. Now I use a geyser coffee maker. In principle, satisfied! But thoughts keep returning to the dream of a coffee machine. Thank you for the opportunity to "feel" the difference!

    1. Igor He speaks

      You can try to buy a not very expensive coffee machine with a cappuccinatore in the region of 5-6 thousand rubles.

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