What is a portable coffee machine? Features of choosing a mini device

In the world of technology and progress, nothing stands still. Specialists have come up with a number of novelties for life that make life easier for the layman.

Portable coffee makers are considered very convenient appliances, which can become indispensable for a person in conditions of active recreation, work, going out into nature, as well as for home.

The device is quite light and easy to carry in a backpack, bag or bag.

What is a single cup portable coffee machine?

One cup portable coffee maker unique and compact. At the same time, care for such manual machines is completely simple. Fragrant drink can cook in 1 minute and will delight the user anywhere.

Attention! In order for the convenience to be in full form, the products are made of aluminum.

This material is strong and durable. He is not afraid of corrosion, so you can use them for as long as you like.

Since the parts of the device are made of identical material, then high quality allows you to get a fragrant and tasty drink.

The only disadvantage of using a miracle machine is its regular washing. After each serving of brewed coffee, it is necessary to rinse the device well.. In this case, it is desirable to dry it well.

The principle of operation of a mini-coffee maker is that hot water seeps through the crushed grains.. The grains are placed in a special funnel. This method is called capsular.

The base is installed on the mug, and then the grains are poured. After that, the container is filled with boiling water. One minute and the room is filled with a wonderful aroma.

What to look for when choosing?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice and make the right decision adhere to the following rules:

  • Product size. Do not think that the small size is inconvenient to use. This is not true. In addition, cozy coffee machines fit perfectly in the closet and in any handbags.
  • Taste. A pleasant note and aroma is provided from mini coffee machines. Due to the small volumes, the taste qualities become ideal.
  • The quality of prefabricated construction materials. As a rule, small cars are made of high-quality metal materials. High temperatures are not terrible for such products. Plastic emits an unpleasant odor when heated, and small coffee makers are completely odorless.

Types of mini coffee makers and their features


Car coffee makers appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. They developed their popularity first in the countries of Western Europe and the USA, where car tourism developed at an accelerated pace.

The most sought after is the drip or filter coffee maker. Water enters the tank, where it then flows through a thin tube to the heater.

When the temperature reaches 87 - 95 degrees, it enters the ground coffee and is brought out. Heating element power is limited. A small power makes it better to irrigate coffee and allows you to absorb the whole range of aromas.

There are also car espresso coffee makers.

Important! It is worth preparing coffee slowly, then it will be exquisite in taste and color. It is the filtration machine that provides these properties.

The most popular car coffee makers are Handpresso auto (handpresso coffee machine), Dometic HerftctCoffee, WAECO PerfectCoffee, Alca Auto Coffee Maker.

Electric Turk

The product looks like a device with a stand at the bottom. At the very bottom is a heater. Turk may turn off automatically. Some models have a lid on top.

The main material of the product is stainless steel or refractory ceramics. Bulb sizes may also vary.

The housing is made of plastic with a waterproof gasket. Electric Turks can be large volumes - 1.5 liters and quite small - up to 300 ml.

Reference Information! Electric Turks with automatic shutdown have a lot of advantages. They are durable, economical, have a presentable appearance and reasonable cost.

In stores you can find many convenient and economical models. Nonetheless Gorenje, Beko, Kelli, Zimber ZM-10732 are considered the most popular.


Capsule coffee machines require a minimum of time to prepare a fragrant drink. With this machine you can prepare two completely different types of coffee one after the other.. This feature of capsule models of machines. Other products require constant personal care after preparing one serving.

The principle of operation is that hot water is passed through high pressure. She walks through the coffee shop capsule with any content. It can be roasted, ground or pressed coffee.

Making coffee is very simple: the capsule is placed inside the product, a cup is placed under the machine and a button is pressed.

If earlier people were frightened by the cost of capsule products, now the range of models offered has grown significantly. There are expensive and cheap products on the market. Any buyer will be able to find the right car for himself.

Note! The types of capsules most popular among consumers are as follows: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza Sweety Bialeti, CF 80.


This type of device has a special horn on the device. That is why the coffee maker is called that. There is a round filter holder on the handle. It contains a coffee tablet.

Depending on the pressure developed and how it is achieved carob coffee makers are divided into classes:

  • Pumpless or boiler. This type is based on the production of espresso coffee.
  • pump action. The pressure in them is provided by the operation of the water pump and pump.
  • Lever. The most expensive and equipped models. The pressure is manually adjusted using a special switch.

Inexpensive and proven carob coffee makers are as follows: Delonghi ECP, Gaggia Viva, Delonghi EC685.

Electric geyser

Coffee makers geyser type prepare a drink in seconds. They are very easy to manage and do not require complex manipulations during operation. They have the ability to pre-set the amount of drink in cups. Coffee in such a machine is aromatic, without sediment and impurities.

Reference! Electric geyser coffee machines cannot grind grains, so they need to be filled only with special crushed varieties. At the same time, strong coffee is not prepared in such a device.

The best models are Bialetti, Elettricа, Moka Express, Brikka.


drip patterns they only make a filtered type of coffee, and in fact, it makes an excellent Americano. The finer the grind, the more water and less portioned coffee required..

Drip coffee makers spill all the water poured into the tank through the ground coffee until they are manually turned off.

There are volumetric models. They are more expensive and better quality. Their tank is from 600 to 900 ml. Philips HD7434 is considered the most popular. He always comes with a 600 ml nylon reusable filter. We can recommend Redmond RCM-M1507. This machine also has a reusable filter, which makes it comfortable to use.

Note! Bosch TKA 3A031 / 3A034, Philips HD 7447 or HD 7457, Vitek VT-1503 BK, Polaris PCM 1211 are also considered good models.

Useful video

This video provides an overview of one of the models of manual coffee machines:

Portable coffee machines are a great helper for those who don't like to waste time making drinks..

These devices can be easily taken with you on a long journey and used for as long as you like. Coffee lovers should definitely purchase a miracle device with which you can even go to nature.

  1. Igor He speaks

    I often travel, but during my trips I forget about all sorts of frills like coffee. Also, I usually don’t have extra space even for a compact coffee machine (I ride a bike), but I decided to buy a cheap model of a capsule coffee machine and try it out. It was convenient to pour, but to cook, to get hot water somewhere - no.

  2. Anna He speaks

    I have been using an electric geyser coffee machine for a long time on various trips. I will say that it is very convenient and great that I can get the drink I wanted almost immediately. Maintenance is also easy, which I really like. But only electric ones, ordinary geyser ones are not so attractive to the traveler.

  3. margarita He speaks

    I have been eyeing portable models of coffee machines for a long time. We often go on trips, and I want to pamper myself with my favorite coffee in them. In my opinion, capsule coffee machines are very convenient. And variety is always present in tastes!

    1. Igor He speaks

      Yes, definitely - if you choose portable, then capsule, then what you need!

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