Types of coffee makers for the home. How to choose the best model according to the main criteria?

Among the many models of coffee makers provided by manufacturers of household appliances, every coffee drink lover will be able to find the best option for himself. This article will help you choose the most suitable device for home use.

A coffee maker is a common and affordable household appliance that allows you to quickly and easily brew coffee.

When choosing a coffee maker for your home, you need to prioritize and decide which one is right for you, what is more important: the ability to prepare a drink according to a traditional recipe or ease of operation and time saving.

What is a coffee maker?

Coffee makerit is a semi-automatic device for making a drink by brewing without the need to boil water in a separate container.

The main function of the product is to heat water to a predetermined temperature and pass it through the ground coffee beans, during which the liquid is enriched with the aromatic and gustatory qualities of the powder, turning into a rich drink.

The cooking process in different devices occurs in its own way.: in some, hot water is supplied under pressure, while in others, ground coffee in the filter is poured with boiling water.

Important! A coffee maker and a coffee machine are fundamentally different devices, despite the fact that many people use these names as synonyms.


The modern home goods market offers several types of coffee makers that differ from each other in terms of operation, functionality and appearance.


Electrical carob type coffee maker designed for preparing espresso and espresso-based drinks with the addition of milk or cream.

A distinctive feature of the device is the presence of a holder, in which ground coffee is placed for further brewing the drink.

Such the device has a compact size and reasonable price, it is able to prepare a delicious drink in 2 minutes, and is also easy to use.

Geyser electric

Apparatus for brewing coffee by filtering with an electric heater. To the benefits geyser coffee makers users refer capacity, no need to control the brewing process, rich taste of the finished drink and maintaining the temperature of freshly brewed coffee.

Attention! Using a geyser coffee maker, you can make ordinary black coffee, tea or herbal tea, so the device is suitable for a family where everyone likes to drink different drinks.

Geyser slabs

A budget device in the form of an octahedron for brewing a drink on a gas stove.

Geyser stovetop coffee maker is comfortable and easy to use, because to prepare a coffee drink, the user only needs to fill the tank with water and ground coffee, and then put the appliance on the stove and remove it from the heat after the brewed coffee starts to make a hissing sound.


A traditional vessel with a thick, wide bottom and a funnel-shaped narrow neck. Turk is very popular among true gourmets, because allows you to make classic coffee on a gas stove without much effort, is considered durable, wear-resistant and inexpensive.

Electric Turk

An advanced device that simplifies the brewing process and prepares a drink with minimal human intervention. In appearance, the appliance resembles a small electric kettle and almost does not differ from it in the principle of operation.

By the way! Many models of electric Turks have advanced functionality. A modern device can be equipped with several heating modes, an automatic shutdown function and a foam rise sensor.


Device for brewing coffee using disposable filter paper bags containing pressed or loose coffee. The pod coffee maker is designed on the principle of a carob-type apparatus.

The main difference is in the design of the horn.: in the pod model, the filter holder is wide and flat, it fits only one bag of ground coffee, designed to prepare one portion of the drink.


Electrical drip type coffee makerone of the most common appliances for making coffee at home. To brew a drink, the container is filled with the required amount of water, and ground grains are poured into a special tank.

After turning on the device, the liquid heats up, passes through the ground beans and exits into a separate container for the finished coffee.

Note! A drip coffee maker prepares only one type of drink - americano.


Capsule coffee makersleaders in the speed and convenience of preparing an aromatic drink from natural ground coffee, packaged in portion containers.

The brewing process is carried out automatically: the user places the closed capsule in the coffee maker, presses the power button and after a minute the drink is poured into the cup.

After brewing, all coffee grounds remain in the capsule, so the owner of the appliance does not need to clean it - just throw away the used container.

french press

A French press is a cylindrical device for preparing coffee drinks, tea or herbal infusions using the infusion method..

Important! The design is made of glass resistant to high temperatures, it is reliable, easy to maintain and operate.

How and what to choose for the house?

When choosing a coffee maker for your home, you need to focus on the following aspects of its use:

  • the number of drinks required per day;
  • Is cooking speed important?
  • how many types of coffee drinks to be brewed (espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.);
  • How important is usability?
  • how much money can be spent on the purchase of equipment.


The issue of choosing this device should be decided taking into account important parameters and criteria that indicate high quality and reliability.

The choice is also based on indicators such as the number of family members who consume coffee drinks, ease of operation and preparation, the quality of the finished coffee and the cost of the device..

Number of family members

Families with no more than three coffee lovers can use a compact coffee maker with a small water tank. For families where 4-5 people regularly drink invigorating drinks, it is worth choose more spacious model. In this case, a drip type device would be a good option.

Attention! For home use, a 500 ml model is usually sufficient - it is more economical in terms of coffee powder consumption and electricity consumption.

Difficulty or ease of maintenance of the device

Proper care of an electrical appliance and thorough cleaning prolong its service life, for this reason it is recommended to choose coffee makers that are easy to care for.

In order not to bother yourself, it is better to purchase a French press, stovetop or electric cezve, but if the need to properly and carefully clean the device does not scare you, you should pay attention to other, more expensive models.

Ease of making a drink

The easiest way to brew coffee is in a capsule or pod coffee maker., since for the preparation of a drink in these devices special disposable capsules or sachets. Models are expensive, in addition, they are focused on the use of containers with ground coffee of an identical manufacturer, which creates certain difficulties for the user.

By the way! Drip-type coffee makers and electric Turks are also easy to operate, which do not require much effort to brew coffee and additional financial costs.

Cooking speed

Each type of coffee maker has its own coffee brewing speed.:

  • carob - 20-30 seconds;
  • geyser electric - 3-4 minutes;
  • geyser slab - 6 minutes;
  • Turk - 7 minutes;
  • electric Turk - 3 minutes;
  • pod - 30 seconds;
  • drip - 1.5 minutes;
  • capsule - 50-60 seconds;
  • French press - 6 minutes.

Finished coffee quality

The taste and aroma of brewed coffee depend not only on the quality of the beans and their degree of grinding, but also on the rate at which liquid passes through coffee powder. When the water seeps through the coffee too quickly, it doesn't have time to enrich the flavor and aroma of the crushed beans, so the drink is less rich and tasty.

The complexity or simplicity of the design and its reliability

All types of coffee makers from proven and well-known manufacturers are made from high-quality, safe and durable materials, but it would be useful to check the presence of rubber feet in electric coffee makers and the stability of the case.

Note! Ordinary Turks and geyser coffee makers have a minimum of parts and a simple design.


The most budgetary and inexpensive option for making coffee is an ordinary Turk made of ceramics or copper, which is suitable for a gas stove.

With the help of such a compact device, you can independently brew good-tasting coffee, however, users note that it is more convenient to brew a drink in electric coffee makers. Devices powered by the mains are more expensive, but they simplify the cooking process and save time.

Important! If there is not much time for making coffee, it is better to purchase a drip, carob or capsule coffee maker.

Popular manufacturers

Many well-known companies specializing in household appliances are engaged in the production of coffee makers for the home. To rating of the best manufacturers of coffee makers are:

  1. De'Longhi is one of the world's largest manufacturers of household goods.
  2. Polaris is a Russian company engaged in the manufacture of climate equipment and utensils.
  3. Bosch - a German brand under which household and kitchen appliances are produced.
  4. Redmond is a leading manufacturer of electronics and household appliances, known throughout the world.
  5. Krups is a German brand that has become famous for the production of reliable coffee makers and coffee machines.
  6. Panasonic is a famous Japanese electronics brand.
  7. Kenwood is a company that has been redefining home cooking for 70 years.


The price of a coffee maker directly depends on the materials used and design features, the number of functions or operations performed, as well as the brand.. Wanting to purchase quality products, the consumer should know that:

  • the cost of budget models is about 3000 rubles;
  • devices of the middle price segment can be purchased for 6000 rubles;
  • automatic devices with many additional functions are more expensive - from 9,000 rubles.


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I purchased a carob model for the home from the domestic brand Polaris. The device is cute, compact, looks good in the kitchen and makes great drinks. The design is durable, made of high quality material, there is a removable tray and a transparent glass flask. I used to use an electric geyser coffee maker, but pretty quickly came to the conclusion that this is not the best option. In it, the coffee is not so rich and aromatic.


I have been using a Bosch drip coffee maker for a long time.The device works almost silently and quickly brews delicious black coffee, which I love very much. What I don’t like is the high consumption of ground coffee: when brewing in a cup or brewing in a Turk on gas, much less powder is required. You also need to additionally buy paper filters - without them, it will not work to brew coffee in a drip-type coffee maker.

Useful video

From this video you will learn more about which model is better to choose for home use:


Before you go shopping, pay attention to the main points:

  • to minimize your participation in the cooking process, you need to buy an electric coffee maker with a built-in coffee grinder;
  • drip coffee maker is able to quickly brew several servings of coffee at once and is suitable for a large family;
  • the cost of the device depends on the number of additional functions that are not always useful and necessary.

Choosing a good coffee maker it is important to take into account not only its main technical characteristics, but also personal taste preferences. A drink prepared in different models of coffee makers will vary in taste, strength and aroma, so experts recommend first deciding what kind of coffee you want to drink.

  1. Anya He speaks

    We once had a capsule coffee maker, but we abandoned it and bought a carob one.Firstly, the capsules of one manufacturer do not fit the coffee makers of another, and here is the constant running around, when in one supermarket for one, in another for another. And I didn’t like the quality of coffee, no matter how much I tried, it’s not even worth talking about powdered tea. It seems to me that it is more for the office, for clients, but I will definitely never buy it at home.

    1. Igor He speaks

      I agree with you, the carob apparatus is definitely more interesting for the home.

  2. Catherine He speaks

    I would not say that we are coffee lovers, but we have been using a coffee maker for over 20 years. The first was the incredibly durable Bosch drip coffee maker. She served for almost 18 years without any complaints. Having got used to such quality, we were afraid to buy a new one and brewed coffee in an ordinary Turk or French press. Now we use the Polaris coffee maker, which I received as a gift as an employee of the company. Also not bad, only it seems to me that the water does not heat up.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Yes, household appliances used to be much more “survivable” than they are now. But even now there is an opportunity to buy a good device based on the rating of buyers who have already rated the product. You can check the ratings on this page: https://toprating.techinfus.com/en/tag/ratingi

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