How to choose the right electric meat grinder for your home? Popular manufacturers

When choosing an electric meat grinder for home use, it is worth considering several parameters and characteristics at once. Their presence and combination in certain models may vary, depending on the use cases and expected loads. In this case, the cost of the device does not always justify its relevance and ease of use.

Choice electric meat grinder solely on price is a fundamentally wrong approach.

Even for little money, you can pick up a device that meets all the requirements and requests of the buyer.

The article tells about what you need to pay attention to when buying, what options for electric meat grinders are on the market and which one is better to choose.

At the end of the article is a list of the most popular manufacturers.

In the meantime, we offer you to get acquainted with the most popular models in terms of price and quality ratio.

The table contains devices that received the highest reviews on the Yandex.Market service.

#1Bosch MFW 45020/45120
#2Bosch MFW 68660
#3Gorenje MG 1600W
#5Kitfort KT-2102
#6Polaris PMG 1852
#8Moulinex HV1 ME108832
#9Bosch MFW 3630
#10Axion M 41.02

What is an electric grinder?

Note! An electric meat grinder is a household appliance designed for grinding meat and other types of products.

The electric meat grinder consists of the following parts:

  • frame;
  • chopping knife;
  • grating and fixing disk;
  • screw shaft;
  • product receiver and pusher;
  • additional elements and nozzles, depending on the model.

The product placed in the receiver falls on the auger and moves towards the knives.

Here it is pressed against the grate and crushed with a knife to a size that allows you to push the product through the holes.

The whole grinding process takes about 5-10 seconds.

Reference! For safety, the product hopper has an elongated and narrow inlet that prevents fingers from getting into the rotating mechanism of the auger shaft.

Purpose of the device

electric meat grinder, depending on the configuration, can perform the following tasks:

  • chop all types of minced meat: from meat, fish or poultry;
  • chop vegetables;
  • squeeze juice from soft vegetables and fruits;
  • stuff the casing of sausages and sausages with minced meat;
  • cook noodles or spaghetti;
  • form shortcrust pastry cookies.

Some models are equipped with a nozzle for chopping nuts.

How to choose: parameters and characteristics

In order to figure out how to choose the right model of an electric meat grinder for your home, you should pay attention not only to its cost, but also to a number of other important characteristics.

Power and performance

Keep in mind! This is one of the important parameters that you should pay attention to in the first place.

The higher the power indicator, the easier the device copes with veins and hard pieces of meat.

The power of models on the market, ranges from 400 to 2200 watts.

All devices with higher rates are industrial, the use of which at home is unjustified.

Powerful electric meat grinders can easily handle any meat or other product.

However, their noise level and power consumption are much higher than those with low power.

Should know! Productivity - a parameter showing how many products the meat grinder can grind in 1 minute of operation.

This indicator is closely related to power: the higher it is, the greater the performance, and vice versa.

Range of indicators performance varies from 0.5 to 2.5 kg per minute.

If the description of the meat grinder model indicates, at the same power, different performance, then it is worth giving preference to a device with a higher capacity.

Such an electric meat grinder will better cope with tough meat and will wear out less under load.


The presence of a reverse means that the appliance motor can rotate in the opposite direction.

This function will greatly facilitate the release of the knife and auger from the cores wound around them.

After starting the reverse, the auger starts to rotate in the opposite direction and all the cores come out of the loading hole, where they can be easily removed.

Models without reverse would have to be taken apart and cleaned by hand.

Note! In meat grinders with high power, there may be no reverse, since there is no need for it: all the cores are ground and do not impede the operation of the screw and knife.

Overload protection

As a protection there is a special fuse that stops the operation of the device in case of overheating or excessive loads.

For example, when a bone hits and gets stuck in the auger, or the engine heats up during a long time of continuous operation.

Exists several options for implementing the protection function:

  • blocking using a fuse sleeve.
    When overheating or increasing the load, it bursts and stops work.
    This method is used in most models;
  • plates that are in a closed state when the motor is running.
    If the engine stops, then the plates are affected by the flow of electrons, they open and power is lost.
    After disconnecting from the network, the chain returns to its original position and does not interfere with work.
    This protection option is much less common in devices;
  • thermoelement.
    This component is present only in certain models and is an addition.
    The thermoelement measures the temperature of the motor and turns it off when it overheats.
    Since the electric meat grinder has other protection, the presence of a thermoelement is not a key parameter.
Important! Cheap models, without any protection, will work until the first jamming of the auger or overheating of the engine.

Time of continuous work

This the parameter is important if serious and regular loads are expected on the electric meat grinder.

The duration of work directly depends on the type of product being processed.

When grinding minced meat, the continuous operation time cannot exceed 15 minutes.

Housing material

Stay up to date! The body has several options:
  • plastic.
    lightweight, durable material with a large number of shades, which is easy to care for.
    The only negative is fragility. Plastic is easy to split or damage upon accidental impact;
  • metal.
    Models with such a case are more expensive, stronger and withstand high heating temperatures.
    The last criterion is important in case of a short circuit - the metal case will not catch fire and will not smell, unlike the plastic one.
    The metal has only a few shades of execution, however, this does not impair the appearance of the meat grinder.

The choice should be made solely on the basis of taste preferences or other characteristics.

There is no significant difference between a case made of metal or high-quality plastic.

Washing in the dishwasher

Wash in dishwasher only individual, rare models are possible.

Reference! The thing is that after such a wash, the metal elements of the meat grinder lose their luster and become rusty.

Only parts made of plastic or stainless steel are suitable for the dishwasher.

If there is a need to facilitate the process of care and cleansing, then it is worth looking for just such models of electric meat grinders.


Complete set and a set of nozzles may vary, depending on the model. There are the following types of nozzles:

  • meat grinder - the main nozzle, without which no model can do.
    Designed for the manufacture of minced meat, it can be supplied with several types of gratings with different hole diameters.
    The larger they are, the larger the minced meat will be chopped;
  • shredder - Necessary for chopping vegetables and fruits.
    Depending on the type of knives in the shredder, the products can be cut into slices, circles or grated;
  • juicer - Designed for squeezing juice from soft fruits and vegetables.
    Juice is drained into a separate container, and spent cake into another;
  • for kebbe - serves to make kebbe (a meat dish that resembles a zrazy);
  • nozzle for sausages and sausages - with its help it is convenient to stuff the shell of these products with minced meat;
  • for cookies - designed for the formation of shortbread cookies.
It is worth noting! The least common attachments are for forming noodles or grinding coffee, nuts, powdered sugar and cereals.

Number of speeds

Common variant - Availability two speeds. But there are models with just one power button, without the ability to select speed.

The choice should be made, focusing on the intended use of the meat grinder.

If, in addition to minced meat, it is supposed to use a meat grinder for squeezing juice, forming cookies or noodles, then you can’t do without a second speed.

This makes it easier to control the process and possibly reduce noise and energy consumption.

You can grind all types of minced meat on a device that has only one speed.

Popular manufacturers

Know! The following are companies whose models have proven themselves among buyers:

The meat grinders of this manufacturer are of high quality and cope even with streaks and tough products. Popular Models:

    • MFW 68660;
    • MFW 67600;
    • MFW 45020/45120.

There are several models of this manufacturer on the market.
All of them are characterized by high performance and stylish design.
Popular with buyers:

    • ME 546810;
    • ME 1068;
    • ME 640832.

Models of this manufacturer have become widespread due to their high quality and relatively low cost. Among them:

      • KT-2102;
      • KT-2103;
      • KT-2101.

A reliable and reputable manufacturer of household appliances, presenting several models of electric meat grinders on the market:

      • HR2709 Daily Collection;
      • HR2723/20 Viva Collection;
      • HR2710/10 Daily Collection.

Domestic manufacturer, whose devices are equipped with the maximum number of nozzles. Popular models of Axion:

    • M 35.01;
    • M 35.02;
    • M 34.03.
For a smarter choice, see our rating TOP-10 meat grinders, which shows the pros and cons of popular models, as well as their current prices and characteristics.


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Useful video

This video presents a test of electric meat grinders, which one is better for minced meat:

Conclusion and Conclusions

For selection suitable model of meat grinder, the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • frequency and options for using the device.
    The number of nozzles, speeds and the time of continuous operation depend on this;
  • type of food to grind.
    The harder and more difficult they are to process, the more powerful the meat grinder will be required;
  • the importance of appearance and ease of care.
    It is worth paying attention to these parameters when choosing the body material and the possibility of washing in a dishwasher.

  1. Kristina He speaks

    My electric meat grinder Mulineks has been serving for 5 years. I never thought it would be so convenient. Especially when there is always meat in the refrigerator with a margin. In our family, everyone loves dumplings, manti, khinkali, pies.And it takes no more than 2 minutes to wind the stuffing!!! This is the best gadget for the kitchen.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Definitely, if you often cook using minced meat, then it is better to get a meat grinder and make it yourself, rather than buy. We also use this gadget in the kitchen.

  2. Catherine He speaks

    In my opinion, one of the most useful kitchen gadgets in our family. We have a Bosch electric meat grinder, it is already three years old. It is actively used not only for the classic processing of meat into minced meat, but also during the preservation of blanks for the winter: we grind tomatoes, prepare various seasonings from herbs and vegetables with it. I don't like the consistency of many sauces when cooked with a blender (adjika, tkemalli). But with the help of an electric meat grinder, I get what I want quickly and easily!

  3. Marina He speaks

    Our Bosch meat grinder worked flawlessly for five years, but after this time, problems arose: if the meat came across, the meat grinder could not grind it, and the auger sleeve broke. We replaced the blade and sleeve, but this did not solve the problem.

    1. Igor He speaks

      If you use the device often, then it can simply have already worked out its service life and you just need to buy a new one. And if the meat grinder was quite expensive, then I recommend contacting a service center, they will accurately diagnose the problem and offer repairs. Diagnosis is now free of charge.

  4. Zhenya He speaks

    Until now, I used the old Soviet manual meat grinder, somehow I didn’t dare to use an electric one, I’m afraid of them)). But I read the article here, so intelligibly and in detail everything is described.It remains only to choose a model, I think there will be no problems with this, I will look at the reviews and reviews here.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Now the prices for electricity are very affordable, if you look for a discount, you can meet 2500 rubles.

  5. Tatiana He speaks

    My husband and I were given a Philips meat grinder for a wedding, we have been using it for more than 3 years. A very good meat grinder, the kit included nozzles for cutting vegetables, + it can be used as a juicer. During the entire time of using this device, the knife was sharpened only 1 time, the meat grinder is quiet, but powerful. Very satisfied.

  6. Mikhalych He speaks

    Meat grinder AXION M 61.01
    I chose this machine not by chance, the time has come for blanks, and the old one, produced back in the USSR, grunted. Bought without coordinating with his wife, but she is very pleased. The noise during operation is much less than that of the old one, the nozzles are the same as those of all competing models, the design has been worked out for decades, the components are produced by the same manufacturers. The design is nice and traditional. I see no reason to pay for a brand.

  7. Petrov He speaks

    Quote: “If the description of the meat grinder model indicates, at the same power, different performance, then it is worth giving preference to a device with a higher capacity. Such an electric meat grinder will better cope with tough meat and will wear out less under load.
    In fact, everything is reversed, Higher performance - higher speed - less torque - copes worse with hard meat and veins - a greater load on the mechanisms in "difficult moments".

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