The best Hoover upright vacuum cleaners: the secrets of choosing and the top best models

Brand vacuum cleaners HOOVER is suitable for cleaning in residential areas, offices, public places and even in vehicles (both cars and passengers).

Hoover designs differ from each other in terms of power and other parameters.

Good choice: criteria to pay attention to

Hoover vacuum cleaners have the performance to satisfy even the most demanding users.

The range of branded devices includes devices for solving various problems.

To choose the best model for your home or office, it is advisable to focus on the following parameters:

  1. Performance. The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner determines the power of the engine with which it is equipped.
  2. Functionality. Among upright vacuum cleaners, there are many models of 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 formats. Such devices are universal and as mobile as possible.
  3. Built-in battery capacity. The duration of the operation of a vertical wireless device directly depends on the energy consumption of the battery.
  4. Compatibility with different coatings. The universal upright vacuum cleaner is suitable for processing almost all existing types of floor coverings.

Hoover's Best: High-Performance Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover makes cleaning gadgets with a long lifespan, user-friendly design and light weight.

The best of them are the models:


One of the most convenient modern vacuum cleaners with a vertical design. Its main advantage is support for control using a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

The device is supplied with a large number of attachments for:

  • bottom and top dry cleaning,
  • pollution control in hard-to-reach places,
  • furniture and carpet cleaning,
  • removing dust from the surface of batteries and radiators.

The Hoover Wizard program is designed to control the operation of an ergonomic and functional vacuum cleaner.


An efficient device that can work offline for up to 55 minutes. For convenient movement inside the apartment or house, maneuverable rubberized wheels are provided in its design.

Also, the device is equipped with a power regulator and a flexible universal nozzle that easily penetrates into hard-to-reach areas (for example, under furniture).


Upright vacuum cleaner that can work in manual mode and electric mop mode.

You can use it for cleaning in a residential area and in a car.

Thanks to the extension handle, the FD22RP011 quickly and effectively removes dust, cobwebs and dirt even under the ceiling. Also, the model is suitable for cleaning tables, shelves and drawers in cabinets and chests of drawers.


Lightweight and manoeuvrable, equipped with an ergonomic brush that can be fixed at a comfortable angle. It has a minimum weight, so it can be easily transported in passenger vehicles.

In the configuration of this model there is a LED backlight, which provides optimal visibility during cleaning.


Cordless model with plastic dust container and effective filter. Thanks to its miniature design, it goes even into narrow gaps and removes those dirt that a conventional vacuum cleaner cannot handle.

The developments listed above "bribe" users with functionality, as well as an ideal balance between price and quality.

Hoover makes sure that the cost of development is affordable and affordable for the vast majority of users.

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