How to choose the right blender for your home? Overview of important features

Varieties and purpose of blenders. The main parameters of the devices that you should pay attention to. Top blender companies

The development of technology has made life much easier for those who like to cook something tasty.

One of the most comfortable kitchen helpers - blender, allows you to make puree soup in just a few minutes, whip a lush cream, please your child with homemade fruit puree.

Purpose of blenders

Stay up to date! The blender is designed for grinding and mixing various products: nuts, minced meat, ice, eggs, etc.

Multifunctional models can replace a combine, mixer and meat grinder. At the same time, the blender is compact and powerful, it is convenient to disassemble and wash.

Blender types

There are several varieties of blenders, each of which has its own characteristics of operation.


This type of instrument consists of a metal or plastic handle with a motor and one or more rotating nozzles.

It is allowed to immerse the blender not only in the bowl that is included in the kit, but also in any other containers.


  • you can grind a small amount of food;
  • small sizes;
  • multifunctionality thanks to different nozzles.


  • required to keep during work;
  • If the appliance is handled carelessly, the contents of the cup may splatter.


Note! This is a cordless blender powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged via the included charger.

Such models attract people who value mobility. Most often, portable devices are made in the form of submersible structures.


  • you can cook in any part of the house and not depend on the proximity of the outlet;
  • allows you to simultaneously grind food and, for example, look after a child or watch TV.


  • relatively large weight;
  • battery life does not exceed 30 minutes;
  • little power.


Should know! It is a stand with a motor and a control panel, on which there is a volumetric bowl with knives fixed at the bottom.


  • grinding products practically does not require the participation of the owner;
  • it is convenient to prepare drinks for several people and pour immediately;
  • many models are equipped with a self-cleaning option.


  • it is problematic and sometimes impossible to prepare small portions up to 250 ml;
  • a stationary device is more bulky than a submersible one.

The main parameters on the basis of which the choice is made

Before buying a blender, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics.

Only in this case, the purchased device will meet expectations.


it the most important device parameter, on which its functionality and performance directly depend.

Motor power can vary from 120 W for portable devices and up to 2.6-3 kW for professional models.

When choosing, consider the following recommendations:

  • devices with a power of less than 250 W are suitable for cocktails;
  • 220-360 W is enough for making mashed potatoes for a child, as well as mixing products that have a liquid consistency;
  • 350-650 W will allow you to get smoothies, jam, minced meat, whip dough for pancakes, etc.;
  • an indicator of 0.7-1 kW is needed to crush ice, grind coffee beans or nuts;
  • 1-1.2 is enough to knead a thick dough;
  • a blender with a power of more than 1 watt will cope with almost any product.
Reference! For most culinary experiments, a power of 0.6 to 0.8 kW is sufficient. It is on such models that the choice of buyers most often falls.


In these blenders the battery is built into the case.

For recharging, you need to place the end of the wire in the device connector, which can be covered with a plug, and insert the power supply into the network.

Some models are charged on a special base-stand included in the outlet.


At work in this mode, air is pumped out of the bowl. This avoids the oxidation of the components during their grinding and mixing.

In such a device there is a sealed container and a special pump.

Useful volume

Working capacity volume taken into account when calculating device performance.

An immersion blender can be lowered into any vessels, and for stationary appliances, the bowl that comes with the kit is important.

Keep in mind! The useful volume of the bowl is less than the geometric one by 150-200 ml.

When choosing a volume, you should consider how much of the finished product will be needed for daily needs:

  • containers of miniature blenders hold 150-300 ml;
  • standard models have bowls with a volume of 500-800 ml;
  • to cook dinner for a large family, you will need to acquire a device for 1-1.5 liters;
  • professional devices include bowls from 2 to 2.5 liters.

Speed ​​mode

Adjustment of rotation speeds allows to process different types of products.

The minimum speed is needed for purees and milkshakes.

The medium range is ideal for vegetables and nuts, and if you need to cook minced meat or knead the dough, you need to turn on the highest speed.

Remember! The duration of the grinding process depends on the choice of the speed of rotation of the knives.

Many blenders have these modes of operation:

  • worker - with adjustable speed of rotation of the blades;
  • turbo - fast switching to maximum speed;
  • pulse - switching on and off at certain intervals.

Most users will be comfortable working with a blender that has 2-3 speed settings., and those who often decide on culinary experiments should opt for a device with 5-8 speeds.

Professional devices have more than 10 modes.

On sale you can find a modern blender model with 30 or more speeds.

But you need to make sure that the rotation frequency is smoothly regulated within each of the modes.


The functionality of the blender depends on the number of nozzles included in the kit. Good devices have 3 to 5 nozzles..

The most useful are such elements:

  1. Whisk whisk.
  2. Nozzle for making puree, making the mass airy and homogeneous.
  3. Shredder for cutting cheese, vegetables, fruits and other products into small pieces.

In professional devices, additional nozzles, such as knives for curly cutting, may be provided.

Important! A large number of nozzles increases the cost, so it is worth evaluating your needs before buying. Standard blades, a mill and a whisk can handle basic operations quite well.

Need to check the quality of the knives. Reliable parts are made of stainless steel.

Straight knives cut products well, and curved ones provide fast mixing and high-quality grinding.

The number of blades can vary from 2 to 6 pieces.

Not only the quality of the products obtained, but also the service life of the device depends on the knives.

The presence of a chopper

This is a separate container with special nozzles. (with a chopper knife, slices, graters, devices for cutting food into cubes and slices).

Special variety grinder - grinder for coffee with a volume of 50-100 ml.

The presence of a whisk for whipping

Note! The whisk is designed to beat eggs, butter, creams, etc. into a fluffy, homogeneous mass.

It can be made in the form of a drop (for liquid mixtures) or a spiral (for thick products).

Most blenders have one whisk, but some models have the ability to insert two mini whisks at the same time.

Immersion material: metal or plastic

Recommended for hot food to choose blenders with a metal submersible part.

Even a boiling mass can be processed with such a device.

Plastic should only come into contact with warm and moderately hot products.. In addition, if dropped, it can crack and break.

jug material

Should know! Blender bowls are made from the following materials:
  1. Plastic.
    Can quickly scratch or melt on contact with hot food.
    In addition, toxic compounds pass from low-quality plastic into food.
  2. Glass.
    Increases the cost of the device and breaks when dropped.
    The advantages of glass include environmental friendliness, transparency, durability and resistance to high temperatures.
  3. Metal.
    Such a bowl is convenient to use, but it is opaque and significantly raises the price of the device.

In modern blender models, jugs are made of tritan, a heat-resistant polyester., according to the characteristics close to glass.

This the material is safe for health and completely transparent.

Additional functionality

For ease of use and expansion of capabilities, some models are equipped with additional options.

Work in the smart home system

Need to know! Smart home technology is a home automation system that facilitates routine work.

Blendersupporting this technology can be controlled remotely using a special applicationinstalled on the mobile device.

Such a device not only supports cooking according to automatic programs, but also calculates the energy value of products.

In addition, through the application, the blender signals the end of the program or problems that have arisen.

Ice pick function

Food ice crush option indispensable in the preparation of cocktails and cooling drinks.

Only powerful devices have such an opportunity, it is impossible to load ice into a conventional blender, this will lead to its breakdown.

The presence of a travel bottle

These mini blenders also called "sport" or "to go". Their bowl is made in the form of a bottle, which is very convenient to take with you.

Keep in mind! Such a device allows you to save on smoothies and sports cocktails.

It is enough to load all the ingredients, turn on the blender and in a few minutes a healthy snack on the road will be ready.

overheat protection

important function, protecting the engine from premature wear and combustion.

Special sensors are built into the device that turn off the device in case of overheating.

Self cleaning

Modern blenders may have a self-cleaning option.

She is consists in cleaning the walls of the device by pouring a small amount of liquid into its bowl and turning on the motor.

top blender companies

For a complete overview of the best models, we recommend that you look at our rating of the best models of stationary blenders and submersible.


  • Bosch MSM 67165;
  • Bosch MSM 26500/2650B;
  • Bosch MSM 87165;
  • Bosch MSM 66130;
  • Bosch MMB 43G2.


  • Redmond RHB-2972;
  • Redmond RHB-2942;
  • Redmond RHB-2913;
  • Redmond RHB-2976;
  • Redmond RHB-2944.


  • Braun MQ 5037 WH Sauce+;
  • Braun MQ 3035 Sauce;
  • Braun MQ 5077 Buffet+;
  • Braun MQ 3025 Omelette;
  • Braun MQ 3137 Sauce+.


  • Kitfort KT-1344;
  • Kitfort KT-1365;
  • Kitfort KT-1363;
  • Kitfort KT-1356;
  • Kitfort KT-1341.


  • Xiaomi Circle Kitchen CD-BL01;
  • Xiaomi Pinlo Little Monster Cooking Machine White;
  • Xiaomi Ocooker CD-HB01;
  • Xiaomi Pinlo Hand Juice Machine PL-B007W2W;
  • Xiaomi Qcooker Portable Cooking Machine Youth Version.


  • Polaris PHB 1054AL;
  • Polaris PHB 1481AL;
  • Polaris PHB 1065;
  • Polaris PHB 1066AL;
  • Polaris PHB 0753.


  • Philips HR2604;
  • Philips HR2621/90 Viva Collection;
  • Philips HR2655/90 Viva Collection;
  • Philips HR3556 Viva Collection;
  • Philips HR2102 Daily Collection.


Based on the foregoing, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  1. To make the device last longer, you should buy a model, made from high-quality, wear-resistant materials.
  2. When choosing a blender, you should pay attention to its equipment.
  3. For those who want to cook away from a wall outlet, a portable or cordless blender will do.
  4. The device with a travel bottle allows you to take a freshly prepared smoothie or cocktail on the road..
    In this case, you do not have to wash extra dishes.

Useful video

From this video you will learn how to choose the right blender and what parameters to pay attention to:

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