What is better and what is the difference between a mixer and a blender? Principle of operation, comparison, pros and cons

A blender and mixer are devices that perform similar functions, but have many differences. An overview of functional models of various types will help you choose the most suitable appliance for cooking.

Among the many kitchen helpers mixer and blender occupy a leading position.

Both devices do an excellent job of mixing and whipping liquid components, however, each device has its own distinctive features and advantages.

To decide which unit is better to choose, it is worth learning more about the principle of operation of each of them and comparing the technical characteristics of devices available on the market.

The principle of operation and features of mixers

Note! The main working elements of the mixer are one or two metal whisks rotating at high speed, which ensure quick mixing of loose and liquid components into a homogeneous mass.

As a result, the user receives an oxygenated mixture without lumps.

Produced models are divided into two types: manual and desktop. The first version with a handle and a whisk attachment is designed to be immersed in a bowl of food.

The stationary device, in turn, consists of a container mounted on a housing with control buttons.

Such a device completely frees the hands of the user, who will only have to add the necessary components.

The principle of operation and features of blenders

Grinding process using a blender carried out by rotating movements of sharp knives made of high-strength stainless steelforming a small cross.

Stay up to date! Thanks to the increased power during rotation at high speeds, the unit is able to grind both soft and hard products in just a few seconds.

In shops represented stationary and manual immersion blenders.

Stationary models are a case with a control panel and a bowl installed at the top for loading ingredients.

The hand-held design includes an ergonomic push-button handle and a tall food cup.

Advantages and disadvantages of devices

Manual and stationary models of mixers are famous for such virtues, how:

  • quick and convenient whipping of liquid ingredients;
  • the ability to create airy mousses and lush mixtures;
  • ergonomics, mobility and low weight;
  • no need for special maintenance;
  • acceptable price.

Among the disadvantages of the mixer, one can single out the impossibility of grinding solid products and a slight heating of the body during operation.

Unlike the mixer The blender has enhanced functionality and a more modern design.

Keep in mind! The device has other advantages, including:
  • versatility of use;
  • the presence of additional nozzles;
  • ability to grind solid products;
  • high performance and efficiency;
  • convenient control panel.

Cons of advanced blenders experts call:

  • higher cost;
  • design dimensions;
  • work with an increased level of sound accompaniment.

Comparative characteristics and difference

The table shows the difference between a mixer and a blender.

Operation in progress Blender Mixer
Batter + +
Thick sour cream dough + +
Dough for pies +
Whipping egg whites +
mayonnaise preparation +
Grinding nuts and crackers +
ice pick +

Which model is better to choose?

To solve the dilemma and decide on the choice of device, a few tips from experts in the field will help household appliances:

  • if there are small children in the family, it is better to stay on a blender - the device will help you instantly mash vegetables or fruits with an ideal consistency;
  • fans of sports nutrition will also benefit from a blender - it will be possible to make a protein drink or smoothie in a matter of seconds;
  • A blender will also become an indispensable assistant for housewives who often cook homemade cakes - preparing dough and creams will definitely not take much time;
  • to create a homogeneous or porous structure, you need a compact mixer - a simple and easy-to-use device that instantly copes with light tasks;
  • if the unit is purchased for infrequent use, a mixer with 2-3 speeds and several nozzles in the kit will be a good solution.

TOP 3 best mixers


Kitfort KT-1343

A versatile device with many programs and functions that simplify the work.

Powerful stationary type mixer with planetary mixing system that fully complies with high quality standards.

During operation, the installed nozzle rotates around its axis and quickly moves in a circle, thoroughly mixing the loaded products.

A high-power engine and a sufficient number of nozzles allow you to get a mixture with an ideal consistency.


  • power - 1000 W;
  • number of speeds - 6;
  • number of nozzles - 3;
  • body material - plastic;
  • weight - 4.5 kg.


  • quality of materials and assembly;
  • elegant and stylish design;
  • almost silent operation;
  • intuitive interface;
  • Easily removable protective cover.


  • the whisk does not reach the edges of the bowl during whipping;
  • slight smell from the protective plastic cover;
  • short time of continuous operation.


Bosch MFQ 3010

A highly reliable device that combines multifunctionality, high-quality assembly and an affordable price.

Ergonomic 2-speed model with 4 attachments, powerful enough to tackle any task.

An important feature of the generating set is the high quality of materials - thanks to this, the device is reliably protected from mechanical damage.

The mixer also has a pulse mode for quick mixing of ingredients.


  • power - 300 W;
  • number of speeds - 2;
  • number of nozzles - 4;
  • body material - plastic;
  • weight - 0.9 kg.


  • easy removal and replacement of nozzles;
  • accelerated work in a pulsed mode;
  • reduced level of sound power;
  • compact design and light weight;
  • high strength materials.


  • slight heating of the plastic case;
  • there is a slight vibration during whipping;
  • the appearance of a specific smell when working at high speeds.


Philips HR3745/00 Viva Collection

Attractive multi-tasking mixer that stands out for its silent and long-lasting operation.

Planetary mixer, presented in a durable snow-white plastic case and complemented by suction cups, necessary for a stable position of the device on the work surface.

The design is equipped with a capacious bowl designed for 3 liters of liquid, a cone-shaped whisk for beating and hooks for kneading dough.


  • power - 450 W;
  • number of speeds - 5;
  • number of nozzles - 4;
  • body material - plastic;
  • weight - 4 kg.


  • work in accelerated turbo mode;
  • a wide range of work programs;
  • button for easy detachment of nozzles;
  • attractive appearance;
  • device for winding electrical cable.


  • No mixing paddle included
  • noisy operation at maximum power;
  • plastic bowl for ingredients.

TOP 3 best blenders


Philips HR2621/90 Viva Collection

High-performance equipment that will help diversify the menu by taking a direct part in the process of preparing interesting dishes.

A sophisticated submersible model with stepless speed control and an ultra-ergonomic rubberized grip that feels comfortable to hold.

To prevent splashing, the manufacturer equipped the universal gadget with a unique wave-shaped protective nozzle.

In addition to the main device, the delivery set includes an oversized chopper. You can clean the structural elements in the dishwasher.


  • power - 800 W;
  • number of speeds - 1;
  • number of nozzles - 3;
  • body material - plastic, metal;
  • weight - 1.3 kg.


  • reliable protection against overheating;
  • long warranty period;
  • quick change of accessories with one button;
  • easy power control;
  • rich equipment.


  • the length of the cord may not be enough;
  • the presence of a plastic smell;
  • vibration during operation.


Kitfort KT-1344

An ergonomic device with a well-thought-out design that can cope with tasks of any complexity.

An inexpensive, but productive model that effectively combines the functions of two devices: a chopper and a stationary blender.

The unit is equipped with a pulse mode and three operating speeds.

Thanks to this, the user will be able to create the perfect dish without any effort.

The desired mode is selected using the regulator located on the body.


  • power - 800 W;
  • number of speeds - 3;
  • number of nozzles - 4;
  • body material - plastic, metal;
  • weight - 4.5 kg.


  • smooth speed control;
  • simple mechanical control;
  • optimal number of operating speeds;
  • the presence of a capacious glass jug;
  • high-quality grinding of solid products.


  • plastic smell;
  • the appearance of scratches on the case;
  • high noise level.


Bosch MSM 66130

An electric unit that lovers of delicious homemade food cannot do without.

A device with a comfortable handle and a metal immersion part, 12 operating speeds and smooth speed adjustment.

Comfortable, and most importantly safe operation is guaranteed by the presence of a long electric cable and protection against splashing of components.

Removable parts can be cleaned both manually and in the dishwasher.


  • power - 600 W;
  • number of speeds - 12;
  • number of nozzles - 2;
  • body material - plastic;
  • weight - 1.7 kg.


  • ice pick function;
  • reliable fastening of nozzles;
  • measuring cup with lid;
  • a large number of speeds;
  • concise design.


  • lack of a grinder in the kit;
  • increased noise and vibration;
  • heating of the body during prolonged operation.


When choosing between a mixer and a blender, it is important to remember about the following details:

  • hand mixer suitable for simple tasks, but stationary will help to prepare a large number of various dishes;
  • for cooking their solid foods, it is better to choose a blender - it is much more functional, but its cost is slightly higher;
  • main technical parameters devices are the power consumption and the number of operating speeds;
  • special attention should be paid to the security system, the quality of materials and workmanship, as well as the number of interchangeable nozzles;
  • for convenient use, it is worth giving preference to a model with a long network wire.

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