Rating of the TOP-5 submersible blenders Brown. Selection tips, their characteristics, their pros and cons

A submersible blender is equipment that will help the hostess prepare many interesting dishes. To simplify the routine process of cooking, you should purchase one of the models from the German brand Braun.

Submersible a blender can be found in almost every modern kitchen, because this The compact device is indispensable in the preparation of a variety of dishes and drinks.

With it, you can easily make puree, sauce for meat or fish, smoothies, milkshakes, as well as knead batter and chop vegetables, fruits, nuts or herbs.

Braun offers a wide range of submersibles, which will save the user from a long cooking process.

Rating TOP 5 best submersible blenders Brown

#1Braun MQ 5037 WH Sauce+
#2Braun MQ 3035 Sauce
#3Braun MQ 735 Sauce
#4Braun MQ 3137 Sauce +
#5Braun MQ 5077 Buffet +

How to choose a Braun immersion blender?

When choosing a universal immersion blender, first of all, the buyer must decide on the required set of operating speeds and the desired type of control.

In addition, you should pay attention to such parameters as:

  • maximum power;
  • functionality;
  • material of the submersible part and body;
  • knife material and number of blades;
  • the presence of a turbo mode;
  • the number of nozzles in the kit;
  • safety of use;
  • equipment dimensions;
  • electrical cord length.

Popular Models

An overview of popular submersible blenders from the German brand Braun will help you choose a model that is suitable in all respects.

Note! The rating includes the best-selling devices that deserve high ratings and user reviews.


Braun MQ 5037 WH Sauce+

Highly reliable device with a large number of speeds for thorough grinding.

Detailed device Brown MQ 5037 WH Sauce + with an improved shape of the handle, capable of performing its work in a pulsed mode.

The electrical appliance is equipped with a simple mechanical type of control, so even an inexperienced owner can easily start the process of grinding loaded components.

Ease of use provides smooth speed control.


  • number of operating speeds - 21;
  • power - 750 W;
  • submersible element material – metal;
  • body material - plastic;
  • speed control is smooth.


  • long warranty period;
  • thoughtful equipment;
  • wide choice of working speeds;
  • intuitive control;
  • cleaning removable elements in the dishwasher.


  • the inability to produce ice;
  • highly polluted housing;
  • no loop for hanging on the wall.


Braun MQ 3035 Sauce

A small-sized kitchen assistant that guarantees efficient grinding and mixing of ingredients.

Presented in a high-strength plastic case, the Braun MQ 3035 Sauce gadget has two working speeds for quickly grinding loaded products without unnecessary movements.

The unit is equipped with a mill with a volume of 0.5 l, as well as a whisk for whipping.

For comfortable cooking, the manufacturer has added a long power cord to the model, which allows you to place the device in a place far from the outlet.


  • number of operating speeds - 2;
  • power - 700 W;
  • submersible element material – metal;
  • body material - plastic;
  • speed control is smooth.


  • high build quality and materials;
  • measuring cup included;
  • electric cable of sufficient length;
  • silent operation;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • affordable price.


  • only two speeds of work;
  • small measuring cup;
  • the need to constantly hold the power button.


Braun MQ 735 Sauce

Presentable submersible grinder for great results in just a few seconds.

Braun MQ 735 Sauce all-in-one blender with high power motor unit and detachable metal leg with sharp stainless steel blades.

The device is equipped with an innovative speed control function, so that the user can independently set the most suitable power by operating with one hand.

The submersible part of the unit is easy to disconnect and wash after the end of the cooking process.


  • number of working speeds - 10;
  • power - 750 W;
  • submersible element material – metal;
  • body material - plastic;
  • speed control is smooth.


  • no splashing during grinding;
  • high German quality;
  • stainless steel whisk included;
  • uniform grinding of ingredients;
  • reliable protection against use by young children;
  • capacious measuring cup.


  • lack of a nozzle for mashing;
  • scratches quickly appear on the plastic case;
  • The length of the cord may not be long enough.


Braun MQ 3137 Sauce +

An advanced generating set with an ergonomic shape, designed for comfortable and long-term operation.

Practical and easy to use device Braun MQ 3137 Sauce + with a mechanical type of control.

In the set with the main device, the buyer will find a nozzle for making puree and a measuring cup for easy filling of the bowl.

Among the additional programs there is a turbo mode, upon activation of which the user will be able to instantly beat the components or grind them to the desired consistency.


  • number of operating speeds - 2;
  • power - 750 W;
  • submersible element material – metal;
  • body material - plastic;
  • speed control is smooth.


  • simplicity of design;
  • special shape of the blender leg;
  • sharp stainless steel blades;
  • reduced sound power level;
  • well thought-out splash protection.


  • there is no nozzle-shredder in the kit;
  • easily soiled case;
  • the need for thorough cleaning.


Braun MQ 5077 Buffet +

A miniature device that can handle the grinding of ingredients with minimal user intervention.

Reliable and compact Braun MQ 5077 Buffet +, equipped with durable stainless steel blades aimed at instant grinding of loaded components.

Processing products quickly and efficiently allows the presence of a powerful motor unit.

The device also comes with a whisk, a mash and dough attachment, a measuring cup and a 1.5L food processor.


  • number of operating speeds - 21;
  • power - 750 W;
  • submersible element material – metal;
  • body material - plastic;
  • speed control is smooth.


  • extended equipment;
  • motor block with innovative system;
  • nozzle for cutting vegetables into strips;
  • work in turbo mode;
  • long warranty period.


  • increased level of sound emitted during operation;
  • slight heating of the case;
  • No dicing attachment.


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Deciding to buy an immersion blender from a German brand Braun, should be considered, what:

  • when choosing a unit, you should pay special attention to its maximum power and number of operating speeds;
  • important parameters are also length of electric cable, material of immersion element and housing;
  • an excellent solution for quick cooking will be a multifunctional appliance with a long power cord and a large number of additional attachments;
  • if there are small children in the family, it is better to opt for a device with a security lock.

Useful video

This video provides an overview of the Braun MQ5035 immersion blender:

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