Silanga BL550 compact blender review. Enjoy the taste of summer all year round!

A blender is a gadget for the kitchen, which helps a lot in cooking as independent dishes: desserts or drinks, for example. smoothies, detox shakes, popsicles, and auxiliary, for example: sauce for burgers or pizza, batter.

Blenders are divided into two types: submersible and stationary. Stationary grind ingredients better and therefore are more popular.

With their help, you can prepare a cocktail, smoothie, sauce, batter. Fans of culinary experiments, adherents of a healthy diet, young parents and those who are just preparing to become blenders have long acquired blenders.

Today we will take a closer look at the operation of the Silanga BL550 stationary blender.

The device and accessories are fixed tightly, so they will not be damaged during delivery.


The blender package includes:

  1. Motor base;
  2. Blade module
  3. Shaker bowl
  4. drinking cap
  5. storage lid
  6. Instruction in Russian
Everything that is stated is included in the kit and this kit is more than enough for the device to work.

Specifications and Features

Let's move on to the technical specifications. The most important is the speed of rotation of the knives, since it is due to the speed of the blade that the products in the bowl are crushed.Also important characteristics include: bowl material, dimensions, power and safety.

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Blade rotation speed

One of the key indicators is the number of revolutions of the blades per minute.

In the Silanga device, the knives develop a speed of up to 24,000 rpm, which is a very decent indicator. and even more than some of the "big" brothers.

Grinds well and efficiently ice, nuts, frozen berries, herbs, fruits and vegetables. The mixture is homogeneous, without hard pieces.

Shaker bowl

There are two types of blender bowl material: eco-plastic (tritan) or glass. You can cook hot dishes in glass bowls, but they are significantly heavier than eco-plastic vessels.

Note! The BL550 model has a BPA-free ecoplastic bowl that does not absorb colors and odors. The Silanga blender bowl is also a removable shaker.

Comes with drinking lid and storage lid, respectively, the prepared drink can be taken with you or put in the refrigerator, which you can’t do in bulky bowls of “large” stationary blenders.

Working volume of the bowl 550 ml, which is more than enough to prepare almost any drink, cocktail, smoothie or sauce.


Of particular note is the dimensions of the Silanga BL550. It is very compact compared to its peers., you can leave it on the countertop, or put it in the closet. The weight of the device is about 1 kg, so even the most delicate and fragile housewives can handle it without any problems.


Blender power is 300 watts. This indicator is more than enough to spin the knife block, plus the operation of the blender is much quieter than that of large devices, while without losing the quality of grinding.


We must not forget about the safety of using a particular technique. Any gadget must be used strictly for its intended purpose. We would like to note that the module with blades is twisted tightly to the shaker bowl, which does not allow the contents to spill.

The motor base is equipped with suction cup feet, so the appliance will not bounce on your kitchen countertop during operation.. The motor is equipped with an overheating protection, which is activated after a long and continuous grinding, in most cases 30-60 seconds are enough to fully cook the contents.

Additional functions

The removable knife block is very easy to wash, unlike large appliances, it is especially difficult for those who have not done it right away.

The shaker is also easy to clean, just add water and detergent to the bottle, turn on for 20-30 seconds and rinse with water.

Shaker, lids, knife block can be washed in a dishwasher, but at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees.

The blender turned out to be technologically convenient for both preparation and cleaning.

What dishes can be prepared?

Like any blender, the BL550 requires a small amount of liquid to grind certain ingredients into a puree. Depending on the recipe, it can be oil, water, milk, juice, and so on.

We took a couple of classic recipes and tested how the device copes with different tasks:

fruit smoothie

Cut the apple, celery and add 200 ml of water. In 30 seconds, the device turned the ingredients into a homogeneous and thick mass.The blender has one grinding speed, so it didn’t take long to guess how to prepare a cocktail.

Tomato sauce

For the test, we took 1 package of cherry tomatoes. The peel of this variety is dense, and they themselves are quite juicy. We added tomatoes to the shaker without adding, twisted the knife block and turned it on for 1 minute.

The mass turned out to be homogeneous and not very thick, since the tomatoes themselves contain a large amount of water. The blender did an excellent job with the peel and bones, the result pleasantly surprised us.

fruit sorbet

For dessert, we took frozen strawberries, ice and juice. According to the recipe, it was added in layers so that the grinding and mixing was uniform and constant. Included 2 times for 1 minute to fully verify the complete mixing of all products. The mixture is thicker than a smoothie. The device coped with the preparation of dessert.

Video presentation of the device

Conclusion and Conclusions

We have studied and tested the Silanga BL550 blender. It should be noted that the technical and design advantages of the device greatly simplify both the use and maintenance of the blender.

Our key benefits include:

  • high speed of rotation of knives;
  • universal shaker bowl with lids in the set;
  • removable knife block;
  • compactness of the device;
  • ease and safety of use.

The device is presented in three colors: gray, green, orange. Suitable in style for both lovers of the "classics" and those who want something bright.

To test the real possibilities, we chose unusual recipes. We were pleasantly surprised by the result of grinding and mixing ingredients of different consistency and density. The blender not only looks good, but also performs its functions perfectly.

You can order the device through the trusted online stores below:

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