Rating of the TOP 16 blenders for smoothies and milkshakes in 2021. Selection tips, their characteristics, pros and cons

A compact blender is a good solution for people who prefer to prepare their own healthy drinks and smoothies without preservatives. The unit quickly copes with the tasks of any complexity and helps to diversify the daily menu.

Home blender - it is small a device designed to quickly grind food to a homogeneous consistency.

Device will be a great helper for people who like to drink milkshakes, as well as vegetable and fruit smoothies, rich in vitamins and valuable trace elements.

Preparing delicious drinks with a compact blender is an interesting and exciting activity that does not take much time and effort, so you should get this functional device by choosing one of the popular models.

Rating of the TOP 16 best blenders for smoothies

Portable models
#1SILANGA BL550 Smoothie maker
#2Xiaomi Pinlo Little Monster Cooking Machine White
#3VES electric M-143
#4Philips HR2602
#5VES electric M-170
#2L'EQUIP BS5 Cube
#3Bosch MMB H6P6BDE
#4KitchenAid 5KSB4026
Models with a glass
#1Philips HR2604
#2Philips HR3556 Viva Collection
#2Xiaomi Circle Kitchen CD-BL01
#3Midea MC-BL1004/1005
#4Kitfort KT-1363

How to choose a blender for making smoothies and milkshakes?

Note! The choice of a good blender for making healthy drinks at home should be carried out taking into account the main technical characteristics, among which are:
  • device type.
    Today, in stores you can find portable and stationary models that differ from each other in tank volume and functionality.
    If you need to take the prepared drink with you to work or on a trip, you should choose a portable device;
  • bowl capacity.
    Miniature fitness machines are equipped with bottles of 0.3-0.35 liters.
    However, stationary type models can be equipped with 1.5-2 liter containers.
    The choice depends directly on the preferences and needs of the buyer;
  • maximum power.
    Manufacturers offer devices with power from 120 to 650 watts.
    The best option for creating a variety of drinks will be an electrical appliance with a power of 350 watts.
    But if the unit is purchased for grinding solid foods or crushing ice, it is better to opt for a device with a maximum indicator;
  • body material.
    The body of the electrical unit can be plastic, metal or a combination.
    Metal models are considered more reliable, but modern plastic devices can compete and please the user with a long service life;
  • additional features and accessories.
    Many manufacturers supplement their gadgets with grinders, whisks and special attachments for crushing ice.
    The presence of accessories slightly increases the cost of the device, but greatly simplifies the work with the unit and expands the possibilities.

Popular Models

To select a suitable blender, experts recommend studying the rating.

Note! This list includes the most popular and best-selling models on the domestic market, equipped with all the necessary options for making a quality drink.

Portable models

TOP 5 portable models according to customer reviews and ratings.


SILANGA BL550 Smoothie maker

The next generation smoothie blender. The best choice for making smoothies, detox and fitness shakes.

The compact Silanga BL550 Smoothie maker handles all healthy and delicious smoothie recipes. The main elements are from Japan, namely the knife block and the engine of the model.

A lightweight device with a shaker bowl allows you to prepare drinks and cocktails and take them with you. Safe use is ensured by protecting the motor from overheating and protecting the shaker bowl from incorrect switching on. Easy to maintain and use - all removable parts are dishwasher safe.


  • Japanese engine - power 300 watts;
  • knife rotation speed - up to 24000 rpm;
  • knife block - 4-blade made of Japanese steel;
  • bowl volume - 550 ml Jug material - Tritan (from the USA);
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical;
  • weight - 1 kg;
  • number of speeds - 1.


  • engine with overheating protection made in Japan;
  • Japanese steel knife block
  • new generation eco plastic shaker material;
  • high blade speed
  • unified speed mode;
  • protection against incorrect inclusion;
  • Includes: Removable knives, sports bottle, storage and drinking cap, motor block.


  • not found.


Xiaomi Pinlo Little Monster Cooking Machine White

A miniature device that will be an excellent option for making healthy drinks.

A compact model that can conquer even experienced owners with its ergonomics and manufacturability.

Thanks to the presence of high-quality components and a high-powered engine, the device will serve without breakdowns for many years, helping the user to prepare various drinks for every taste.

After preparing a neck or smoothie, the device is easily cleaned of residues under running cold water without the use of special detergents and hard washcloths.


  • bowl capacity - 0.45 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 1;
  • power - 500 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • prevention of splashing of liquids;
  • ease of use and storage;
  • high speed motor;
  • small travel bottle included
  • modern and stylish design.


  • increased level of sound accompaniment;
  • slight heating of the case during operation;
  • just one speed.


VES electric M-143

A representative electrical appliance that allows the owner to easily create a variety of drinks and dishes.

A versatile fitness blender in a heavy-duty metal-plastic case, which has the ability to instantly grind loaded products, turning them into a thick smoothie or cocktail.

The unit is equipped with two bottles and sealed drinking caps with valves, which allows you to take the prepared drink with you to work or a picnic.


  • bowl capacity - 0.6 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 1;
  • power - 500 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • thoughtful equipment;
  • quality assembly;
  • acceptable price;
  • attractive appearance;
  • cord of sufficient length.


  • slight vibration during grinding;
  • slight plastic smell;
  • noisy work.


Philips HR2602

Introduced by a well-known Dutch company, a blender designed to be an excellent assistant for busy housewives.

A clever single-speed model in a mini format, with an ergonomically designed jug and a cross-shaped blade for perfect chopping of ingredients.

The device is able to cope not only with the grinding of soft foods, but also with the crushing of ice.

Therefore, the user will have the opportunity to supplement the prepared cocktail or shake with ice crystals.


  • bowl capacity - 1 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 2;
  • power - 350 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • removable cruciform blade;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • capacious reservoir;
  • travel glass included;
  • concise design.


  • cord of insufficient length;
  • pollution of the snow-white body;
  • problematic opening of the lid.


VES electric M-170

A high-performance unit aimed at efficient grinding of loaded components.

A multifunctional fitness unit with a powerful motor unit that combines the functions of three electrical appliances: a blender, grinder and coffee grinder.

Each accessory is equipped with its own knife block, which simplifies the work with the device.

You can clean all removable structural elements in the dishwasher.


  • bowl capacity - 0.6 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 1;
  • power - 500 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • stable location on work surfaces;
  • the possibility of grinding coffee beans;
  • cleaning in the dishwasher;
  • hermetically sealed lid;
  • instant grinding.


  • tight cover;
  • one working speed;
  • the need to take a break during work.

Professional Models



Annotation (to the right of the photo) - The most multifunctional device. The best choice for home use.

Silanga BL1750 GLA is deservedly considered the leader among devices for home and professional use. In the metal case of the device there is a Japanese motor for 1400 W, and a knife block for 8 blades from Germany and a heater for 800 W are built into the glass bowl of the device.

The user will now be able to cook not only cold, but also hot dishes. The blender has 11 built-in programs and 7 speed modes. For hot ingredients, the allowable volume will be 1.45 liters, for cold ingredients - 1.75. The model is suitable for cooking absolutely any culinary delights: sauce, pate, soup, baby food, smoothies or juice.


  • Japanese engine - power 1400 watts;
  • heater - power 800 watts;
  • knife rotation speed - up to 36800 rpm;
  • knife block - 8 blade from Germany;
  • bowl volume - 1.45 / 1.75 liters;
  • jug material - Heat-resistant glass;
  • case material – metal;
  • type of control - mechanical and automatic;
  • built-in programs - 11;
  • number of speeds - 7;
  • weight - 6.5 kg.


  • Reliable Japanese engine;
  • Knife block from Germany;
  • 8 blade knife;
  • 11 programs and 7 speeds;
  • Heat-resistant glass jug;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Blocking of incorrect inclusion.


  • the jug must not be washed in the dishwasher.



Powerful stationary blender with many useful options and programs for comfortable cooking.

Versatile mid-range equipment with a roomy tritan bowl from a popular Korean brand.

A feature of the model is the presence of a well-thought-out security system - the device is equipped with an automatic protection against incorrect assembly.

For compact storage of the wire, a small compartment is provided in the body of the device. The structure is controlled by mechanical and electronic switches.


  • maximum power - 2000 W;
  • the number of revolutions per minute of work - 25000;
  • number of working speeds - 6;
  • jug volume - 1.6 l;
  • smooth speed control - yes;
  • device dimensions (WxHxD) - 20.5x47.5x21.5 cm.


  • low level of sound during operation;
  • elementary device control system;
  • presentable appearance;
  • high performance and efficiency;
  • Possibility to prepare a large number of dishes.


  • the impossibility of cleaning the device in the dishwasher;
  • the network cable may seem too short;
  • The instrument is supplied as standard.



A high-performance stationary type device capable of coping with any task set by the user in a matter of seconds.

A cute model from a German company that will be an ideal assistant in making vitamin cocktails and fruit and vegetable smoothies, puree soups, sauces and even desserts at home.

The equipment is equipped with a powerful motor, sharp knives, a strong bowl and is supplemented with six working programs.In the kit with the device, the buyer will find a special nozzle for crushing ice - no more unnecessary and dangerous movements.


  • maximum power - 1600 W;
  • the number of revolutions per minute of work - 30,000;
  • number of working speeds - 6;
  • jug volume - 2 l;
  • smooth speed control - yes;
  • dimensions of the device (WxHxD) - 20x50x22.5 cm.


  • smooth power adjustment for convenience;
  • excellent equipment;
  • instant grinding of frozen foods;
  • the ability to speed up the cooking process with a pusher;
  • versatility and practicality of the device.


  • the cost of the device is slightly overpriced;
  • before use, you need to study the instructions;
  • expensive repairs in the event of a breakdown of an electrical appliance.


KitchenAid 5KSB4026

Universal kitchen equipment that attracts not only with ergonomics and presentable design, but also with its highly efficient work.

Built to instantly process solids, this blender helps you make smooth nut butters, perfect baby food and smoothies.

The machine has an innovative motor speed control system that automatically adjusts the speed of the blades. A capacious ribbed bowl made of high-strength glass ensures constant contact of the contents with the knives.


  • maximum power - 1200 W;
  • the number of revolutions per minute of work - 16000;
  • number of working speeds - 5;
  • jug volume - 1.4 l;
  • smooth speed control - yes;
  • dimensions of the device (WxHxD) - 19.3x40.1x22.9 cm.


  • attractive external design of the device;
  • quite a large list of useful programs and functions;
  • stable metal base;
  • automatic cleaning of the device;
  • the presence of an asymmetric stainless steel knife.


  • the case of the device quickly gets dirty;
  • small length of the network cable;
  • impressive weight of the structure.

Models with a glass

The best devices with a portable mini glass.


Philips HR2604

A device designed specifically for the preparation of excellent drinks with an unforgettable taste.

Stationary two-speed model with a powerful motor and a cross-shaped blade of increased strength.

The blade is fairly easy to keep in good condition, and easy to clean by hand due to the ability to remove it.

For convenient operation, the unit is supplemented with a grinder and removable elements that can be found in the kit.


  • bowl capacity - 1 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 2;
  • power - 350 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • the ability to crush ice;
  • cleaning removable elements in the dishwasher;
  • sharp stainless steel knives;
  • small glass included
  • stylish design.


  • lack of a compartment for storing electrical wires;
  • easily soiled plastic case;
  • noisy grinding.


Philips HR3556 Viva Collection

A unique device that eliminates the need to grind ingredients with a knife.

Large blender with a large jar made of heat-resistant material.

The device is equipped with a powerful motor and a regulator for self-selection of a suitable speed for grinding and mixing.

Effective mixing of the ingredients is guaranteed by sharp blades that instantly grind the chopped pieces.


  • bowl capacity - 2 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 2;
  • power - 900 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • obtaining an ideal uniform texture;
  • the presence of marks to control the level of liquid;
  • the presence of a travel bottle in the set;
  • work at high power;
  • regulator with anti-slip coating.


  • large pieces are crushed for a long time;
  • the power cord is not long enough;
  • increased sound power level.



A compact assistant that will take a special place in the kitchen of athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Personal blender 5 in 1, designed for the preparation of everyday dishes and drinks, as well as various sauces, milkshakes, berry, fruit and vegetable smoothies, as well as sports nutrition.

The 2-speed device rewinds even large pieces quickly and efficiently, mixing the components evenly until a smooth structure and uniform consistency is obtained.

There is a grinder available.


  • bowl capacity - 0.8 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 2;
  • power - 750 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • the presence of a grinder-coffee grinder;
  • thoughtful protection against overheating;
  • tritan travel glasses;
  • compact design;
  • acceptable price.


  • increased level of sound accompaniment;
  • slight heating of the case;
  • marks may be erased.


The best stationary models.



The best stationary model for making smoothies. Cope with cocktails for a large company.

Silanga BL1500 PRO is recognized as the leader among stationary devices for making smoothies.A powerful, reliable and versatile device copes with your favorite tasks of preparing tasty and healthy drinks, and thanks to the built-in programs it can make ice chips, batter, hot mashed soup.

The Japanese engine and 6-blade Japanese knife block are responsible for the quality of cooking and reliable use of the device. A 1.5 liter jug ​​will allow you to cook for many servings and treat a large company.

For the manufacture of the glass of this device, a new generation of eco-plastic Tritan was used, which is brought to production from the USA, it does not absorb odors and colors, does not emit harmful substances when interacting with products. 3 programs and a speed controller allow you to make smoothies and cocktails from any ingredients: fruits, nuts, ice, vegetables and others. All removable parts, except for the motor base, can be serviced in the dishwasher.


  • Japanese engine - power 1200 watts;
  • Blade rotation speed - up to 31000 rpm;
  • Knife block - 6 blades made of Japanese steel;
  • The volume of the bowl is 1.5 liters;
  • Jug material - Tritan (from USA);
  • Case material – plastic;
  • Control type - mechanical and automatic;
  • Built-in programs - 3;
  • Weight - 4 kg;
  • Number of speeds - 5 (smoothly adjustable).


  • reliable Japanese engine;
  • knife block from Japan;
  • 6 blade knife;
  • 3 programs and speed control;
  • jug from American Tritan;
  • overheat protection;
  • blocking of incorrect inclusion.


  • not very long cord (1 m).


Xiaomi Circle Kitchen CD-BL01

An advanced fitness blender that is compact and ultra-ergonomic.

An excellent kitchen unit of a stationary type, presented in a high-strength metal-plastic case.

The equipment is small and light in weight, which makes it easy to move it, as well as take it with you on long trips or for a walk.

The device is controlled by a small rotary knob.


  • bowl capacity - 0.6 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 1;
  • power - 250 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • fast and efficient grinding of ingredients;
  • extended equipment;
  • elementary mechanical control;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • modern design.


  • only one working speed;
  • inability to process large volumes;
  • overcharge.


Midea MC-BL1002

A high-tech device that greatly simplifies the process of preparing delicious cocktails.

Stationary unit, enclosed in a metal-plastic case, which does not heat up during prolonged grinding.

The device is equipped with a capacious glass food bowl and can operate at maximum speed in pulsed mode.


  • bowl capacity - 1.5 l;
  • number of working speeds - 3;
  • power - 1800 W;
  • body material - metal, plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • operational safety;
  • presence of light indicators;
  • sharp stainless steel blades;
  • a jug with a small spout;
  • ease of cleaning from impurities.


  • the impossibility of making puree;
  • increased level of sound power;
  • do not pour hot liquids into the jug.


Kitfort KT-1363

A unique development of a proven Chinese manufacturer with many useful options.

Compact design with a double plastic cup that allows you to keep the temperature of a freshly prepared drink for a long time.

The unit is aimed not only at making smoothies and milkshakes, but also at kneading dough, as well as crushing ice.


  • bowl capacity - 0.45 l;
  • number of operating speeds - 1;
  • power - 250 W;
  • body material - plastic;
  • type of control - mechanical.


  • simple and elegant design;
  • possibility to take a drink with you;
  • obtaining a homogeneous consistency;
  • fast grinding of pieces;
  • preparing baby food.


  • only one working speed;
  • difficulty opening the lid;
  • traces remain on the body.


What is the difference between professional smoothie blenders?

Unlike standard devices designed for making vitamin drinks at home, professional blenders have a more powerful motor unit and are able to process the products loaded into the bowl several times faster regardless of their density and size.

Such units do an excellent job not only with the creation of drinks, but also with kneading dough, grinding coffee beans and nuts, crushing ice.

What is the difference between blender and mixer?

During the use of the mixer, the user mixes the liquid components with rotating metal whisks..

Note! The unit cannot work with solid products, since it is not equipped with blades capable of grinding components.

How to quickly make a milkshake in a blender?

For a quick cocktail bananas, strawberries or other fruits and berries must be loaded into the blender bowl.

Components chop at low speed, then add ice cream or milk.

After re-mixing the ingredients and achieving the desired consistency, the drink can be poured into glasses or taken with you.

The whole process of preparing a healthy drink will take no more than 2-3 minutes.

How to make kiwi juice with a blender?

To prepare low-calorie kiwi juice, you should peel 3-5 fruits, cut the fruit into 4 pieces and place them in a blender bowl.

Grinding kiwi at maximum speed until smooth, leave the resulting drink for 10 minutes.

Then you need strain the juice through several times folded gauze or a sieve - all the pulp, solid particles and small bones will remain in the filter, and delicious natural juice will get into the glass.


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Having made the decision to purchase portable or stationary blender for making smoothies and milkshakes at home, worth remembering that:

  • the main criteria for choosing a unit are number of working programs and food bowl capacity;
  • it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum power, the material of the body and knives;
  • for ease and safety of use the device must be equipped with a long electric cord and protection against overheating;
  • if you need to take the prepared drink with you, it is better to purchase a portable model with a small bottle;
  • stationary device is perfect for a large familywhere everyone loves to drink vitamin smoothies and shakes.

Useful video

From this video you will learn how to choose the right device for making cocktails, smoothies, mashed soups and other dishes:

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