What is the difference between a steamer and a multicooker? Comparison of device functions

A steamer and a slow cooker are indispensable helpers in cooking. How do they differ and what cooking functions do they perform? What are their technical features and advantages over each other? And what is still healthier?

Multicookers and steamers occupy a special place in the kitchen, because with their help you can easily and quickly cook a variety of dishes.

And if the functionality of the steamer is limited (food is only steamed), then in a slow cooker, you can not only cook, but also fry and bake different products.

And, despite the apparent, at first glance, the advantages multicookers, the double boiler also has certain advantages to please its "competitor". So what is the best device to choose for the kitchen?

What is a steamer and its technical features

It is worth noting! A double boiler (from the English food steamer) is a household appliance for steaming food.

Devices are electric and gas, but the former are in great demand, because they are not tied to the stove.

device consists of several containers: water is poured into the lower one, and products are placed into the upper one.

Cooking takes place by means of steam rising from the water.

In a gas device, they cook in the same way as in a conventional saucepan (i.e., pour water and put the container on a gas or electric stove).

The gas model has a lower cost, is convenient and reliable in use, plus it saves energy (when cooking on a gas stove).

Electric, on the contrary, can work from any source of energy, so that it can be located anywhere. And this is its main advantage over gas.

What cooking functions can it perform and what are its advantages over a multicooker?

Stay up to date! Electric steamers perform the following functions:
  • Delay start function - has the ability to program the automatic switching on of the device.
    This feature is especially useful when you don't have time to cook in the morning or you need to have dinner ready when you get back from work in the evening.
  • Automatic steam temperature control - makes it possible to use the device even at the highest altitudes.
    Since the temperature of the generated steam does not depend on the level of atmospheric pressure.
  • Keep food temperature - for 14 hours the device keeps the temperature of the dishes, so they do not need to be reheated.
  • Automatic cooking - the device independently sets the time required for boiling products.
  • Cleaning Reminder - modern models of devices are equipped with a notification function (using an indicator) about the need to clean the device from scale.
  • Auto power off function — allows you to protect the device from overheating and damage.

At the same time, the device has the function of adding water during the cooking process.

Note! The advantages of a double boiler over a slow cooker are as follows:
  • Allows you to cook tasty and healthy food with preservation of all necessary vitamins and microelements (becausethere is no possibility of frying and dishes are prepared exclusively for steaming).
    This is especially true for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, diabetics, obesity or diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Allows you to cook several different dishes at the same time (due to the presence of several baskets).
    But at the same time, you need to remember that products that require long cooking are placed in the lower basket, and fast ones are placed in the upper basket.
  • It has lower cost compared to a multicooker.

In addition, cooking in this device takes less time than in a slow cooker.

What is a multicooker and its technical features?

The multicooker is multifunctional kitchen appliance with program controlused for automatic cooking.

Multicooker allows you to stew, fry, boil, bake and, of course, steam.

It is used as a deep fryer (for deep frying in a deep layer of vegetable oil), to maintain the temperature of dishes for a long time in automatic mode.

The multicooker consists of a plastic outer casing, inside of which there is a removable pan with non-stick coating, an electric heating element and a module for controlling the cooking process.

The housing is closed with a sealed lid, and on the surface of the housing there is a control panel with a display.

Important! The slow cooker combines the capabilities of several kitchen appliances: double boilers, bread makers, rice cookers, porridge cookers and pressure cookers (suitable for cooking dishes from fish, meat, vegetables, as well as soups, casseroles, etc.).

What cooking functions can it perform and what are its advantages over a double boiler?

The multicooker has the following functions:

  • Ensures food is cooked at a specified time (given) time.
  • Maintains food temperature after cookingkeeping them warm for a long time.
  • Used for heating.
  • Allows in automatic mode cook french fries (deep-fried) and other delicious dishes.
  • Performs sterilization, pasteurization and preservation functions.
  • It has mode for making jam, dough or fondue.
  • Can be used for making yogurt.
  • Possesses voice prompt function (i.e. voices the user's actions and gives further instructions).
Note! There is also an additional possibility of setting up an individual mode for the user with setting the temperature and time.

All data is stored in the device's memory.

The multicooker has the following advantages over a steamer:

  • Allows you to cook food in different modes: frying, steaming, baking, etc.
  • Replaces many kitchen appliances (frying pan, pot, oven, grill, etc.), while the functions of a double boiler in this regard are very limited.
  • Device easier to clean unlike steamer.

Otherwise, the cooking functions are largely similar: in both cases, everything happens automatically (meaning the electric model of the device).

Important! Dishes in both cases are prepared quickly, with minimal user involvement (you only need to set the desired parameters and put the products into the device).

Comparative table of differences

What is the difference? Below are the comparative characteristics and functionality of each device:

Steamer Properties Multicooker properties
Designed for steam cooking. Provides different cooking modes: frying, boiling, stewing, baking, deep-frying.
It preserves the useful properties of products, since vegetable oil is not used in the cooking process.

Suitable for people who follow a therapeutic diet or lead a healthy lifestyle.

Allows you to cook steamed dishes, but in an amount not more than one.
It has the ability to cook several dishes at the same time (due to the presence of several baskets). It does not have the ability to cook several dishes at the same time.
Requires less cooking time. The cooking process takes a little longer.
It only has a steam cooking function. It combines several kitchen appliances: a frying pan, a grill, a saucepan, an oven, a double boiler.
Only used for cooking by generating steam from the water at the bottom of the appliance. Allows you to cook many different dishes: cereals, soups, french fries, bread, casseroles, yogurts, etc.

What is better for health?

If in choice suitable kitchen appliance focus solely on health, the best option would, of course, be a double boiler.

What's better? A double boiler preserves the benefits of food and allows you to cook several dishes at the same time (which is especially important when following a therapeutic or preventive diet).

The slow cooker also has the function of a double boiler, but in a limited mode (that is, you can cook no more than one dish in one session).

For the rest, multicooker - a universal kitchen appliance (home mini-chef), allowing you to enjoy all kinds of dishespampering yourself with something new every time.

Conclusion and Conclusions

A double boiler and a slow cooker are modern kitchen attributes, without which it is difficult to imagine a person's life.

They remove the burden of cooking and allow you to enjoy the tastes of your favorite dishes without spending personal time.

But Before choosing the right device, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The steamer cooks food exclusively with steam, but at the same time allows you to cook several dishes at the same time.
  • Multicooker has different cooking modes, combining a pot, pan, oven, steamer and grill.
  • The steamer preserves the quality and usefulness of the products.
  • The slow cooker does not allow you to cook more than one dish in one session, but it will please even the most inveterate gourmets with a variety of tastes.

These are the most important criteria that you should focus on when choosing kitchen appliances.

Useful video

This video compares a double boiler and a slow cooker, an overview of which of these devices is better:

  1. Marina He speaks

    If we consider steam cooking, then the double boiler wins. Firstly, it steams faster than a multicooker, I think due to the instant supply of steam, such is its design. Secondly, the bowls of the steamer are certainly deeper than the steaming space of the multicooker. For example, half a small chicken will not fit in the steamer compartment of the slow cooker.
    But a slow cooker can replace one burner of a stove, well, or an oven.

  2. Alexandra He speaks

    I have been using the multicooker for literally 3 months and it has become indispensable for me in the kitchen.It’s elementary to cook rice, you set the decision and went about your business for 10 minutes. No need to stand, interfere and make sure that nothing sticks. All in all, a find!

  3. Anya He speaks

    I also had double boilers (electric, but the simplest: steam and a timer, nothing more), and a slow cooker. From experience, with a double boiler, she loses weight much better, she calmly threw off ten kilos. It also does not require attention: he put it in, after forty minutes he took out a healthy dinner. But in limited conditions (communal apartment, hostel, etc.), I would still take a cartoon with a steaming basket. The variability is crazy: she cooked mulled wine, baked charlottes, baked meat, cooked amazing porridges, like in an oven. Well, everything that is done in a frying pan, a slow cooker can also take over. Comfortable.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Thanks for the detailed comment and recommendation!

  4. Fania He speaks

    In my opinion, a double boiler is very useful, especially if you need to cook for children, then a double boiler is definitely better. It cooks faster, which is very important and I have been using it for more than a year. In the multicooker, you can already experiment. Bought REDMOND two months ago, so far I'm happy with it. I make my own dairy products. The bowl is voluminous, but we took two at once, for replacement.

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