Rating TOP-12 portable and stationary irrigators. How to choose a reliable device?

The range of irrigators developed by well-known manufacturers is wide and varied, which becomes the reason for a difficult choice. However, finding a good device will be easy if you familiarize yourself with the key selection criteria and popular models.

According to many dentists, irrigator - Not only An indispensable device for a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, but also an excellent assistant in the prevention of dental diseases.

The modern market is filled with models of stationary and portable irrigators - it is up to the buyer to decide which one is better to choose.

A detailed review and rating will help you understand the features and differences of devices new products and proven devices that have earned high marks from experienced users and experts.

Rating TOP-12 best irrigators

Stationary models of impulse type
#1ACleon TF600
#2CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-2
#3WaterPik WP-660 Aquarius Professional
#4Revyline RL100
Portable models of impulse type
#1CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-3 Basic
#2Revyline RL 450
#3B.Well WI-912
#4WaterPik WP-562 / WP-563 Cordless Advanced
Stationary models with bubble technology
#1Donfeel OR-830
#2Panasonic EW1611
#3Oral-B OxyJet + Pro 3000
Portable models with bubble technology
#1Panasonic EW1211A
#2Philips AirFloss HX8274/20
#3Panasonic EW1411

How to choose an irrigator?

Note! In order to purchase an irrigator that is suitable in all respects, when choosing a device, experts recommend paying attention to such important technical characteristics as:
  • apparatus type – stationary or portable.
    The first option is a rather large design, which will be inconvenient to take with you on trips.
    But a miniature portable model will become an indispensable tool for people who often travel or have a small bathroom where there is no extra space;
  • water supply technology - pulse or microbubble.
    In addition to the standard cleaning of the teeth, units with impulse technology are able to massage the gums that improve blood circulation.
    At the same time, microbubble devices have a bactericidal effect and help fight dental diseases;
  • water tank capacity - it is important that the contents of the container are sufficient for complete cleaning.
    The best option is selected based on your own preferences and how many people will use the unit.
    On sale there are models with a capacity from 120 ml to 1 l;
  • number of operating modes - on average, modern units are equipped with 3-4 operating modes.
    However, expensive models may have 6-7.
    If the buyer has braces or implants, it is better to give preference to an irrigator with a large number of modes for high-quality, but at the same time gentle cleansing;
  • nozzle set included - in a set with the device, you can usually find from 1 to 10 replaceable nozzles for high-quality cleaning of the oral cavity.
    The more of them, the more versatile the equipment will be in use.
    In addition, with a large number of nozzles, several family members can use the device at once.

Portable and stationary irrigators: pros and cons

Stationary Models irrigators are often referred to as family irrigators because they have a capacious water tank, a large set of nozzles and are powered by electricity without requiring recharging.

Keep in mind! The device is durable and reliable, however:
  • has a large size;
  • characterized by an increased level of noise emitted during operation.

Unlike stationary devices, portable models are compact and ergonomic.

They are ideal for business trips, travel and travel, silent operation and do not need to be connected to the network.

However, mobile irrigators:

  • equipped with a small water tank;
  • have low impact resistance;
  • are more expensive.

Irrigator or electric toothbrush: which is better?

Electric Toothbrush - a great replacement for a classic brush.

electrical appliance perfectly copes with the cleansing of the oral cavity, removes all impurities and eliminates plaque, but does not have a therapeutic effect on the gums and teeth, as does the irrigator.

Important! In irrigators, in turn, in addition to the usual brushing of teeth, there are many other options that can improve blood circulation and prevent the development of many dental diseases.

The cost of an irrigator is often higher than an electric brush, which is its main drawback.

Popular Models

Buyers can choose from stationary and compact portable irrigators with pulse or bubble technology.

You can choose the best model for yourself with the help of a review of popular devices for cleansing the oral cavity.

Stationary models of impulse type

Stationary type units operating in impulse technology, are highly efficient.

Should know! By creating hydraulic shocks, such models allow you to quickly and painlessly eliminate soft bacterial plaque and carry out a light healing massage of the gums.

Pulse type device Good for people suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis.

Rating of the best stationary models of impulse type according to customer reviews and ratings.

ACleon TF600

Modern irrigator ACleon TF600 for high-quality cleaning of the oral cavity.

It has a stylish design, so it will look harmoniously in the interior of any bathroom. Does not take up much space and is easy to operate.

Thanks to the large water tank, the Akleon irrigator will not need to be filled frequently. Several family members can use the device without additional filling with liquid.

The device qualitatively cleans even hard-to-reach places - gaps between teeth, between braces locks, implants, crowns, gingival pockets.

For orthodontic constructions in the configuration there are special nozzles. Among the additional modes - 17 levels of pressure adjustment, a compartment for nozzles with an ultraviolet lamp that disinfects them, as well as 2 brushing programs - regular and gum massage.


  • tank volume - 600 ml;
  • jet pressure - 100-900 kPa;
  • the number of operating modes - 17;
  • nozzles in a set - 7 pieces.


  • nozzle rotation 360 degrees;
  • ergonomic design and stylish design;
  • can be used by several family members;
  • 17 pressure adjustment modes.


  • not identified..

CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-2

Main advantage: 2 nozzle modes: spray and jet - for effective cleaning of interdental spaces and massaging the gums

The CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-2 oral irrigator is designed for effective and safe oral hygiene procedures at home. Does not take up much space in the bathroom, it is possible to hang on the wall.

A smooth flow power regulator makes the use of the device comfortable - each user will choose the power according to their feelings. The control key is located directly on the handle of the device, allowing you to gradually change the power to a more comfortable one right during the procedure.

The "Spray" mode is designed for gum massage and general cleaning of the oral cavity. Gum massage enhances blood microcirculation, which is a good prevention of gum disease.

The "Jet" mode is a precisely directed pulsating stream of water for cleaning the interdental space, the cervical region of the tooth and other hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity.

A smooth power control will allow you to set the most optimal water pressure in accordance with the health of your teeth and gums, as well as to adapt to the operation of the irrigator when you use it for the first time.

The irrigator is equipped with a large capacious
solution tank, which allows the whole family to use the device without refueling during

The kit includes interchangeable tips that can be replaced according to the type of procedure.


  • tank volume - 500 ml;
  • jet pressure - 150 - 850 kPa;
  • spraying time - 150 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 2;
  • nozzles included - 5.


  • smooth water supply regulator;
  • 5 nozzles included;
  • capacious reservoir;
  • touch button on / off;
  • magnetic irrigator pen holder;
  • possibility of fastening to a wall.


  • no attachment for braces and sensitive gums.

WaterPik WP-660 Aquarius Professional

A modern device that will help clean the oral cavity at a professional level.

Functional impulse device with continuously adjustable water jet pressure, presented in an updated design.

The device holds 650 ml of liquid, does an excellent job of cleaning the oral cavity and rinsing the installed corrective structures, and also has a long power cord.

For ease of use, the manufacturer supplemented the device with a timer.


  • tank volume - 650 ml;
  • jet pressure - 70 - 690 kPa;
  • spraying time - 90 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 10;
  • nozzles included - 7.


  • nozzles rotate 360 ​​degrees;
  • long warranty period;
  • simple and ergonomic design;
  • the presence of a container for compact storage of nozzles;
  • possibility of use by several family members.


  • the white body gets dirty quickly;
  • the cost of the device is slightly overpriced;
  • bulkiness.

Revyline RL100

A proven device that combines optimal functionality and acceptable cost.

Pulse model with an automatic three-minute timer, smooth adjustment of the pressure of the water jet and a large set of interchangeable nozzles that will help you clean your teeth perfectly.

The device is equipped with a long network cable, so it will be extremely convenient to use it.


  • tank volume - 600 ml;
  • jet pressure - 210 - 870 kPa;
  • spraying time - 90 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 10;
  • nozzles included - 7.


  • democratic price;
  • high functionality of the device;
  • smooth pressure adjustment;
  • ergonomic design;
  • economical consumption of electricity.


  • bad compartment for storing nozzles;
  • activation method;
  • the need to regularly flush the tank.

Portable models of impulse type

TOP battery models of impulse type in terms of price and quality.

CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-3 Basic

Key Benefit: Portable and powerful irrigator for hygiene at home and on the go

The CS-3 Basic irrigator is not just a household appliance, but a medical product. Medical devices are always registered and checked more carefully, because they are recommended not only for healthy people, but also for patients with dental diseases and structures in the oral cavity.

The irrigator Medica AquaPulsar CS-3 Basic has three modes of operation of the device, which will allow you to correctly select the mode of operation of the jet: from the mildest to the most intense.

The device is lightweight and powerful. Modern induction contactless charging, maximum pressure level of 590 kPa, minimum weight (only 270 g) and affordable price of AquaPulsar CS-3 Basic will make it an indispensable companion in the life of a modern person.


  • tank volume - 130 ml;
  • jet pressure - 200-590 kPa;
  • spraying time - 40 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 3;
  • nozzles included - 2.


  • 3 working modes: intensive, daily and soft.
  • 2 nozzles included;
  • induction charging;
  • economical;
  • affordable price.


  • small tank volume.

Revyline RL 450

A practical and easy-to-use gadget that will help you perfect your smile.

A unique model designed specifically for those who appreciate high quality, high innovative technology and stylish design.

The equipment attracts attention with its low weight, excellent ergonomics and silent operation.

A feature of the model is the presence of a capacious battery that charges quickly.


  • tank volume - 240 ml;
  • jet pressure - 130 - 760 kPa;
  • spraying time - 40 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 5;
  • nozzles included - 5.


  • the presence of a switch on the handle;
  • high-strength materials;
  • travel case for transportation included;
  • preset timer;
  • automatic shutdown function.


  • inconvenient power switching;
  • lack of a water protection system;
  • problematic filling with water.

B.Well WI-912

A reliable tool that is easy to use and attractive in appearance.

A high-quality battery-powered device that performs its work in three modes for the user's choice.

The device is equipped with an automatic shut-off function, step-by-step adjustment of the pressure of the water jet, as well as a good set of interchangeable nozzles, two of which are the same.


  • tank volume - 150 ml;
  • jet pressure - 378 - 720 kPa;
  • spraying time - 120 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 3;
  • nozzles included - 5.


  • convenient adjustment of water pressure;
  • high quality materials and good assembly;
  • absolute safety of operation;
  • highly efficient operation in any mode;
  • reduced sound power level.


  • you will have to fill the tank often;
  • the device requires regular cleaning;
  • slightly overpriced.

WaterPik WP-562 / WP-563 Cordless Advanced

A functional unit capable of providing high-quality oral hygiene without much effort on the part of the user.

A good impulse device with the ability to adjust the pressure of the water jet, a switch conveniently located on the handle and a compact container for storing and transporting interchangeable nozzles.

The design is presented in a strict black case, is lightweight and does not take up much space on a shelf in the bathroom or in a bag.


  • tank volume - 180 ml;
  • jet pressure - 310 - 520 kPa;
  • spraying time - 40 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 3;
  • nozzles included - 4.


  • presentable appearance;
  • intuitive control;
  • reduced sound power level;
  • ease and safety of use;
  • Two year warranty on the device from the manufacturer.


  • the need to frequently fill the water tank;
  • only three jet spray modes;
  • The device must be charged.

Stationary models with bubble technology

Models of stationary irrigators with microbubble technology They do an excellent job of removing any dirt due to the formation of small bubbles in the water, which effectively break down plaque and food particles.

Keep in mind! For best results, the user does not have to increase the jet pressure.

This is especially important for people with corrective structures or implants, as well as for young children and those with gum problems.

Donfeel OR-830

An improved model that people who are closely monitoring their health cannot do without.

A unit with innovative micro-bubble water technology, suitable for use by all family members.

The equipment has a large number of operating modes, which means that the user will be able to choose the best option for himself.

There are 8 interchangeable nozzles available.


  • tank volume - 1000 ml;
  • jet pressure - 80 - 680 kPa;
  • spraying time - 90 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 10;
  • nozzles included - 8.


  • intuitive control;
  • concise and elegant design;
  • a wide range of operating modes;
  • large water container;
  • reliable fixation of the body on the surface.


  • the stop button should not be used frequently;
  • noisy work;
  • rapid wear of nozzles.

Panasonic EW1611

Spectacular stationary model with high technical performance for comfortable use.

An economical dental device that does not take up much space in a small bathroom and will become your best friend and assistant in the fight for dental health.

The device will be liked not only by its compactness, but also by the quality of cleaning - quickly, efficiently and efficiently.


  • tank volume - 600 ml;
  • jet pressure - 392 - 647 kPa;
  • spraying time - 115 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 10;
  • nozzles included - 2.


  • smooth adjustment of the power of the water jet;
  • sophisticated design;
  • work with reduced sound accompaniment;
  • spray duration;
  • long warranty period.


  • only two nozzles in the set;
  • the white body gets dirty quickly;
  • short cord.

Oral-B OxyJet + Pro 3000

A presentable device equipped with everything necessary for high-quality cleaning.

Premium dental center with auto-off function, pre-installed sound timer and the ability to use as a regular toothbrush.

The electrical appliance impresses with its ergonomics, functionality and attractive appearance.

The kit also includes a bracket.


  • tank volume - 600 ml;
  • jet pressure - 300 - 600 kPa;
  • spraying time - 28 min;
  • number of operating modes - 5;
  • nozzles included - 7.


  • conveniently located on the handle switch;
  • ease of operation;
  • no need for special maintenance;
  • interesting design;
  • a large number of interchangeable nozzles.


  • the cost of the unit is slightly overpriced;
  • increased noise level;
  • the need for regular replacement of brushes.

Portable models with bubble technology

Panasonic EW1211A

One of the best models on the market today, presented in a high-strength case.

An ultra-ergonomic gadget with innovative micro-bubble technology, aimed at high performance and long-lasting performance.

The device is equipped with a capacious battery - in order to fully charge it, it will take 8 hours.


  • tank volume - 130 ml;
  • jet pressure - 200 - 590 kPa;
  • spraying time - 35 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 3;
  • nozzles included - 2.


  • the ability to use several family members;
  • long warranty period;
  • convenient adjustment of water pressure;
  • detailed instruction manual;
  • minimum noise level.


  • long battery charging;
  • a small set of interchangeable nozzles included;
  • There are only three modes of operation.

Philips AirFloss HX8274/20

Multifunctional device with ergonomic handle for absolute user comfort.

An interesting model, which is a functional dental center with microbubble technology, which guarantees the gentle removal of plaque, high-quality cleaning of the spaces between the teeth and the gradual loosening of mineralized deposits.

The battery can work for three weeks without the need for recharging.


  • tank volume - no;
  • jet pressure - no;
  • spraying time - 30 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 2;
  • nozzles included - 2.


  • comprehensive oral care;
  • universal charger included;
  • easy change and fixation of nozzles;
  • ergonomic handle design;
  • small weight and size.


  • increased level of sound accompaniment;
  • meager equipment;
  • high cost of the device.

Panasonic EW1411

Another successful model aimed at efficient and long-term operation.

Nice device with micro bubble technology and 4 working modes.

The device is perfect not only for adult users, but also for young children, provided there are no contraindications for use.

The powerful metal hydride battery takes 8 hours to fully charge.


  • tank volume - 130 ml;
  • jet pressure - 200 - 590 kPa;
  • spraying time - 40 sec;
  • number of operating modes - 4;
  • nozzles included - 2.


  • versatility of use;
  • the battery holds a charge for a long time;
  • the possibility of using medicinal balms instead of water;
  • acceptable sound power level;
  • simplicity and security.


  • small liquid container
  • only two nozzles;
  • thrust power.


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When choosing an irrigator, you need to remember that:

  • first of all you should decide what type of device you need: overall stationary or miniature portable;
  • take account of also cost of water supply technology – it can be pulsed or microbubble;
  • important parameters are tank capacity, total number of operating modes and number of interchangeable nozzles;
  • attention should be paid to maximum jet pressure and spray duration.

Useful video

From this video you will learn which irrigator is better to choose and buy for your teeth:

  1. Sergey He speaks

    I must say that by that time the irrigator market had not changed much since I chose my first device - basically the stores offered the same models, which I had refused a year before, either because of the high price or because weak features.

  2. Sveta He speaks

    I bought an Oral-B OxyJet + Pro 3000. What can I say, it gives a jet with good pressure, but with a very small flow rate. The pressure is good.The set includes a bracket. There are plenty of interchangeable attachments and plus the on/off switch is conveniently located. There is one that I noticed for a short period of use, it is noisy (

  3. Alina He speaks

    I have had a TM B.Well 911 irrigator for three months already. I am completely satisfied with it, it is easy to transport, it is small. Powered by a battery, if you clean it 2 times a day for 2 minutes, it lasts up to 35 days. I pour 40 ml of filtered water into it or special. for the irrigator. The control is very simple, there are two buttons on and off, select the mode (intensive cleaning, cleaning sensitive teeth and cleaning gums). Includes 2 nozzles with colored rings. I am happy with my choice, I look at a slightly different model in the rating, but mine is worthy and there is a result from it.

  4. Anatoly He speaks

    We have a Panasonic EW1411 with four operating modes. The model is quite easy to use and safe. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery, although it holds a charge for a long time. It is very advantageous that water can be replaced by liquid medicines such as balms and the like. Even if the pressure was a little more powerful, and there were a little more nozzles - there would be no price for him!

  5. Rim Illarionovich He speaks

    If you are thinking of purchasing an oral irrigator, then I advise you to buy Panasonic EW1411. A good model with four nozzles, which is quite enough. The device is also suitable for children. My son is 5 years old, he learned how to use and performs procedures with pleasure. The price is average, the quality is good. There is a guarantee.

  6. Nina He speaks

    I bought a Revyline RL100 irrigator a long time ago. I use it almost every day and I'm completely satisfied.Perfectly cleans the oral cavity, multifunctional and has a large number of nozzles. I really like that you can turn off the jet right from the handle. Good thing, if you think to take it, take it.

  7. Svetlana He speaks

    Irrigator CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-2 received as a gift. I have been using it for almost three months and the most positive impressions. This is my first irrigator and there is nothing to compare with yet, but I am satisfied with the results of use. After the brush, the jet knocks out a lot more. Several modes, you can choose the strength of the jet. The irrigator itself looks very stylish and deserves its rightful place in the bathroom.

  8. Olesya He speaks

    The irrigator was advised to purchase by my dentist. Before that, I used an electric toothbrush for a couple of years. Heaven and earth) I have a Medica Aqua Pulsar CS-3 basic irrigator model. It does not have a base, so it is convenient to take it with you. Level power. For such money, I think that the model is very, very justified. If you still have doubts, then take it without hesitation. Then thank yourself 10 times more)

  9. Anna He speaks

    I started using the irrigator not long ago, not much more than a month. I am absolutely satisfied with the device. Despite its compact size, the irrigator copes perfectly with its goal. without injuring the gums. Also, due to its size and powerful battery, you can take it with you on the road. The design of the irrigator allows you to fit into any bathroom, complementing it. I also really want to note that the water tank is very hygienic, after use there is no liquid left in it, which means it will not stagnate. I recommend it to friends and relatives with pleasure.

  10. Alyona He speaks

    I bought my first and only irrigator 2 years ago after I put on braces, after tormenting myself with a toothbrush for 3 months, I came to the conclusion that it is worth spending money on an irrigator and maintaining healthy teeth while the bracket system is in place. I have a Panasonic EW1411 model, it helps a lot, everything is clean and pleasant in the mouth after eating, especially when you are out of the house - always with you in your bag. I think that even after removing the braces I will remain faithful to him.

  11. Vadim He speaks

    To be honest, the irrigator was an alien gadget for me for a long time, and I flatly refused to use it. And he began to do it just to argue with his wife, for the sake of a joke. However, over time, I realized that the thing is very useful and really maintains the freshness and health of the oral cavity. As for the models, everyone in our family has their own, but all are made using impulse technology, and at the moment this is absolutely fine with everyone. Personally, I have a Revyline RL 450, I can safely recommend it ... With

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