Overview of Tefal electric kettles. TOP 9 best models, their characteristics

If you are choosing an electric kettle, confused among the extensive range, then this article is for you. Below you will find answers to the questions: what Tefal kettles are, the pros and cons of each of the models and which option is right for you.

With time more and more people stop using the classic types of kettles for boiling water on the stove and prefer electric kettles.

This is beneficial: less energy consumption, water boils faster, the mobility of the unit itself plays an important role.

Now on the market there are models for any user.

There are compact tourist electric kettles, there are models with a large volume, different colors and from different materials.: plastic, metal or material integration.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Factory marriage is not uncommon, even in such a popular company as Tefal. When buying, you must check the quality of all contacts and buttons.

Plug in the appliance and heat up the water It can also be useful if there is such an opportunity right in the store.

When buying steel teapots and silver-plated models, you must carefully examine the surface for scratches and other defects.

After all, the quality of water and the health of the family subsequently depend on this.

TOP 8 models

Rating of the most popular Tefal models. A short overview of each device along with the pros, cons and features.


Tefal KO 120 Travel'City

Compact and lightweight kettle for business trips or tourist trips.

Integrated power switch from 110W to 220W will provide the opportunity to travel to Europe and America, where the 110 W network is widely used.

The volume of the device is 0.4 liters, which makes it ideal for boiling water for 2 cups of tea, which, by the way, are included along with 2 spoons.

The Tefal KO 120 Travel’City comes with an easy-to-carry pouch when purchased, which certainly adds to the comfort of traveling with a small household appliance.


  • The Travrel-o-city series is equipped with:
  • Hidden heating system;
  • Water level indicator;
  • Power indicator;
  • Auto-off function;
  • Weight - 0.6 kg.


  • Many buyers note durability;
  • Nice design;
  • Compactness;
  • There is a water level indicator;
  • Light weight, less than half a kilogram.


  • The kettle boils in about 8 minutes.
  • Some users find it not durable;
  • Over time, there is a backlash at the power button.


Tefal KO 2701 Aqua 2

A simple and reliable kettle Tefal KO 2701 Aqua II for a large family.

The kettle is equipped with a stainless steel heater 1.7 liters.

Equipped with an indicator to indicate the working status.

The lid is raised with a button, which eliminates its accidental at the wrong time.


  • The Aqua 2 is in production
  • in white
  • The power of the device is 2400 W
  • Volume - 1.7 liters
  • Anti-scale filter included
  • Equipped with dry water shut-off system
  • The shape is made in such a way that allows you to store the cord in a special compartment.
  • Additional features include automatic opening of the lid and free rotation on the stand.
  • The mass of the device is 820 grams.


  • Easy for maintenance;
  • Just rinse the inside;
  • Anti-scale filter;
  • No plastic smell;
  • Small cost.


  • Some users note that the cord is not long enough and cannot be adjusted;
  • Simple design;
  • The outside gets dirty easily.


Tefal KO 299 Express Plastic

Nice design, low cost and ergonomics.

The KO 299 Express Plastic kettle is designed in such a way that Allows precise control of the water level.

This property allows boil just as much as needed: one cup, two or more thanks to 2 water level indicators.

The minimum volume of water in this case is 250 ml.


  • The Express Plastic model has the following features:
  • Power - 2200 W;
  • Volume - 1.5 liters;
  • Hidden heating system;
  • There is a filter to regulate the ingress of scale when pouring liquid;
  • The kettle is equipped with inductors for water level and inclusion;
  • There is an auto-shutoff function when boiling;
  • Weight 600 grams.


  • Excellent design;
  • Anti-scale filter;
  • Comfortably lies in the hand;
  • Water does not spill past the mug when filling it with water.


  • Power cord length;
  • Expensive repair in case of breakdown;
  • Great power consumption, but no more than most powerful models.


Tefal KI 760D

Elegant glass teapot KI 760D with stainless steel elements.

The material from which the device is made is 100% recyclable.

Equipped with hidden heating element, has the ability to move freely around its axis.

Opening is done with a simple push of a button.


  • Power 2400 W,
  • Volume - 1.7 liters;
  • There is a backlight and an operation indicator1
  • Auto power off function.


  • Excellent design;
  • Decent quality;
  • Comfortable;
  • Quiet;
  • Pleasantly lies in the hand.


  • It is difficult to pour water into containers with a narrow neck, since the kettle spout is quite wide;
  • Many note that when pressed, the lid opens too abruptly, so you need to hold it so as not to get burned;
  • Also, when pouring water to the maximum mark, water begins to splash out through the spout.


Tefal KI 240D Express control

Multifunctional, powerful stainless steel KI 240D Express control.

Unique touch control system allows you to control and adjust the required temperature for boiling water.

This will allow tea lovers to choose the required level of water heating individually for each type of tea.

Design allows you to maintain the temperature of the water for an hourAt the same time, thanks to the high power, a fully filled kettle will boil in a few minutes.

Removable anti-scale filter reliably controls the composition of the liquid entering the user's mug.


  • Power - 2400 W;
  • Volume 1.7 l.
  • Hidden heating element;
  • There is an indicator of inclusion and water level;
  • Anti-scale filter;
  • Temperature control - 7 modes;
  • Display.


  • Easy to manage;
  • High quality;
  • The presence of a display;
  • Rapid boiling;
  • Water does not spill when boiling.


  • Some buyers think that the cover material is cheap plastic;
  • Not all users approve of the lid opening mechanism;
  • Short power cord.


Tefal KO 2608 Safe to touch

Metal kettle KO 2608 Safe to touch with double walls for better heat retention and prevention of burns.

Double walls, one of stainless steel, the second of plastic helps to maintain the temperature inside for half an hour after boiling water.

Pleasant and simple, not prominent design will allow the device to fit into any interior.


  • The power of the Safe to touch model is 2150 W;
  • Volume - 1.7 liters.
  • Equipped with water level indicators;
  • Anti-scale filter.


  • Keeps temperature for a long time after boiling;
  • It is safe to pick up immediately after the operation of the kettle;
  • Nice design;
  • Build quality.


  • Many note that the shape of the spout is incorrectly designed and it is impossible to pour water into the container without spilling it on the table;
  • Short power cord;
  • The lid opens abruptly.


Kettle Tefal BF 9251 Silver Ion

A device with additional purification from microbes and bacteria by means of silver ions.

Kettle BF 9251 Silver Ion equipped with an ultra-polished heating element.

There are 2 indicators showing the water level and a button to automatically open the lid.


  • Silver Ion power is 2400W;
  • Volume - 1.7 liters;
  • Equipped with hidden heating system;
  • The kit includes a filter against scale;
  • Water level and power indicators.


  • High quality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Nice design;
  • Silver plated.


  • Short cord;
  • When the kettle is full, water splashes out;
  • Sometimes users notice a darkening of the bottom due to the presence of silver in the composition of the coating.


Kettle Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus

Graceful form, minimum of functions and low price.

Model KO 150F Delfini Plus equipped with a removable lid and a removable limescale filter.

The automatic shut-off function and free rotation of the kettle on the stand make its use as comfortable as possible.


  • Model Delfini plus 2200 W;
  • Volume 1.5 liters;
  • Hidden heating system;
  • Anti-scale filter;
  • Power indicator;
  • Auto-off function;
  • Weight 820 gr.


  • Power indicator;
  • Light;
  • Anti-scale filter;
  • No plastic smell;
  • Low price.


  • Simple design;
  • There is no water level indicator;
  • Not the best quality.

Conclusion and Conclusions

At choosing an electric kettle, should take into account the features of each model:

  • Road option.
    If you want a model for use on trips, then it should be compact, lightweight and reliable.
    In this case, you should choose Tefal KO 120 Travel’Cit.
  • Design first.
    For many people it is important aesthetics of the acquired equipment.
    It should not only competently fulfill its duties, but also succinctly fit into the design and ergonomically lie in the hand.
    In this case, you should choose Tefal KI 760D.
  • For complete confidence in the purity of the water.
    All of the above models are reliable, but in addition to this additional degree of purification with the help of silver ions, only Tefal BF 9251 Silver Ion.
  • Simplest kettle.
    If you want to choose the most budget option that will meet the minimum user requirements for the quality of materials and ergonomics, then this Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus.
    The simplicity of the form. Nothing extra. Moreover, thanks to the removable cover, it is easier to wash than other models.
  • The most practical model.
    Models Tefal KI 240D Express control and Tefal KO 2608 Safe to touch are the most advanced of all.
    The first gives the opportunity to choose the heating temperature, and the second will keep the heat as long as possible.
    An excellent choice for large families where they often like to drink warm drinks.


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  1. Tatiana He speaks

    We have Tefal KO 299 in our office. The kettle is cool, not expensive, looks stylish, heats water quickly, does not stink of plastic, fits comfortably in the hand. It's good that there is an auto-shutdown, our old kettle burned out due to the fact that the water boiled away. The body is quite durable, it has already flown a couple of times, surprisingly, there is only a small scratch on the side. Of the minuses, the cord is a little short and the case heats up, not much, you can’t get burned, but it’s quite noticeable.

  2. Catherine He speaks

    We use the Tefal KO 2701 Aqua 2 kettle in the office. In the office, we boil the kettle very often and it serves us faithfully. Lightweight, comfortable, boils quickly, turns itself off. We did not notice that it boils for a long time. We like. Great for office life.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Thanks for the feedback!

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