TOP-13 rating of coffee machines for home with an automatic cappuccinatore. Selection tips, their characteristics, comparison, pros and cons

In order to brew coffee on your own at home, there is no longer a need to thoroughly study the nuances of preparation. A coffee machine with a cappuccinatore will help you make a fragrant drink. We offer you to get acquainted with the list of the most popular models in terms of price and quality.

coffee machine with cappuccinatore - an indispensable device for people who cannot imagine their day without a cup of aromatic coffee with delicious milky-cream foam.

Thanks to modern equipment with advanced functionality, it will take just a couple of minutes to prepare a tasty and aromatic drink no worse than in a cafeteria.

You don't have to put in any effort to do this. the device will cope with the task without user intervention.

Rating of the TOP-13 best coffee machines with an automatic cappuccinatore

Automatic coffee machines
#1De'Longhi ECAM 23.460
#2De'Longhi ECAM 23.120
#3Philips EP3246/70 Series 3200 LatteGo
#4De'Longhi Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino ESAM 3500
#5Philips EP2231 Series 2200 LatteGo
Carob coffee makers
#1De'Longhi Dedica EC 685
#2De'Longhi ECP 35.31
#4Gaggia Gran De Luxe
Nespresso capsule coffee machines
#1De'Longhi Nespresso Essenza Mini EN 85 AE
#2De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One EN 500
#3De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro EN 750

How to choose a coffee machine with a cappuccinatore?

It is worth noting! Coffee machines equipped with a cappuccinatore have gained great popularity due to their versatility and ease of use.

Such devices make it possible to quickly prepare coffee with thick, but at the same time airy milk foam without the need for additional equipment or accessorieswhich is their main advantage.

Despite the versatility and reliability of equipment for making coffee drinks, there are a number of nuances that you should pay more attention to when choosing a coffee maker.

Need to take into account the following options:

  • power consumption.
    Devices with a power of 1000-1500 W are able to easily cope with complex tasks.
    However, models with less than 1000 W should not be expected to quickly prepare cappuccino with stable foam;
  • cappuccino type.
    In specialized stores, you can find devices with manual and automatic foamers.
    Manual ones require the direct participation of the user, but with automatic ones, the process of preparing milk foam will take no more than 30 seconds;
  • water tank volume.
    Affects the number of servings of freshly brewed coffee.
    Therefore, when choosing an electric appliance, it is important to consider how many people will simultaneously consume coffee and milk drinks daily;
  • built-in coffee grinder.
    It will be necessary for lovers of coffee from freshly ground beans.
    This element increases the cost of the device, but the taste of the finished drink will definitely please real gourmets;
  • cleaning system.
    Can be automatic and manual.
    The first option is much more convenient, since the user does not have to manually clean the device from waste materials;
  • body material and design dimensions.
    The gadget should be presented in a durable plastic or metal case and have a compact size for easy storage on a work surface.

Overview of popular models

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a coffee machine equipped with a cappuccinatore and to purchase the most successful device, it is necessary to consider in detail the most popular models on the market, having become acquainted with their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Automatic coffee machines with cappuccinators

Rating of the TOP-5 best automatic models for home and office according to customer reviews and ratings.


De'Longhi ECAM 23.460

Compact yet high performance model De'Longhi with a two-line display for convenient preparation of coffee and milk drinks at home.

A coffee maker with a stylish design, innovative bean grinding technology and two independent heating systems for temperature control.

The thermoblock regulating the brewing process and the milk frothing system work simultaneously, which means that the user will receive the perfect drink with a dense creamy foam.


  • power consumption - 1450 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.8 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - yes;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 24x34x43 cm.


  • control panel with convenient buttons;
  • fortress control;
  • preliminary wetting of raw materials;
  • obtaining lush milk foam;
  • automatic cleaning of the milk tank.


  • overcharge;
  • noisy preparation of foam;
  • the need to remove scale.


De'Longhi ECAM 23.120

Attractive coffee maker designed to create rich drinks with unsurpassed taste.

A unit for ground and grain coffee with a simple mechanical type of control, a foam regulator and an adjustable coffee dispenser for different cups.

For comfortable cleaning, the device is equipped with a removable drip tray and a separate waste container.


  • power consumption - 1450 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.8 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - yes;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 24x34x43 cm;


  • many degrees of grinding grains;
  • the presence of a liquid level indicator;
  • metal millstones;
  • decalcification automatic;
  • high strength plastic housing.


  • there is no auto-off function after cooking;
  • manual preparation of cappuccino;
  • short network cable.


Philips EP3246/70 Series 3200 LatteGo

Spectacular device from the well-known manufacturer Philips, guaranteeing continuous and uninterrupted operation of the developed equipment.

Coffee brewing equipment with the ability to prepare five types of coffee drinks without user intervention.

Choosing your favorite coffee is quite simple - just press the appropriate button located on the touch control panel.

Exactly one minute later, a hot and rich drink will be poured into a cup.


  • power consumption - 1500 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.8 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - yes;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 24.6 × 43.3 × 36.6 cm.


  • convenient touch display with backlight;
  • quick and easy removal of waste raw materials;
  • automatic preparation of cappuccino with dense foam;
  • the ability to control the degree of fortress;
  • filling two cups at a time.


  • lack of anti-drip system;
  • there is no indicator of the level of the remaining liquid;
  • cost of equipment.


De'Longhi Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino ESAM 3500

A device equipped with a cappuccino maker that can prepare the user's favorite coffee drink in just one minute.

Coffee machine with built-in grinder and eco-timer function that allows you to program the automatic shutdown of the device to save energy.

The appliance is equipped with a well-thought-out self-cleaning descaling system, so you don’t have to clean it from dirt after each use.


  • power consumption - 1350 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.8 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - yes;
  • body material - plastic, metal;
  • dimensions - 28x36x35 cm.


  • automatic preparation of cappuccino;
  • indication of inclusion and water level;
  • the presence of a removable capacious container for milk;
  • the ability to adjust the degree of grinding grains;
  • The appliance will not turn on without water.


  • increased sound power level;
  • long preparation for work and shutdown;
  • fast water consumption.


Philips EP2231 Series 2200 LatteGo

A fully automatic coffee machine with which you can forget about coffee bags and drinks from coffee shops forever.

Device for preparation of three types of coffee: espresso, cappuccino and latte.

Using a simple and convenient menu, the user will be able to adjust the volume of a serving of coffee and adjust the intensity of the aroma, as well as choose one of 12 grinding options for natural coffee beans.

Thorough grinding is ensured by reliable ceramic millstones.


  • power consumption - 230 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.8 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - yes;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 24.6 × 43.3 × 37.1 cm.


  • separate waste container;
  • large capacity for coffee beans;
  • self-regulation of a portion of hot water;
  • automatic preparation of milk cream foam;
  • use of ground and grain coffee.


  • ultra-sensitive touch panel;
  • the length of the electrical wire;
  • hull contamination.

Carob coffee makers with cappuccinators

The best coffee makers in the carob category with a cappuccinatore.


De'Longhi Dedica EC 685

Powerful innovation designed for semi-automatic coffee preparation with airy milk froth.

A premium unit equipped with a unique thermoblock that is able to keep the water temperature at the level necessary for making the perfect espresso.

The design is complemented by a removable tray - this allows you to use glasses and cups up to 12 cm high.


  • power consumption - 1300 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.1 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • body material - plastic, metal;
  • dimensions - 15x30x33 cm.


  • intuitive interface;
  • optimal power indicators;
  • obtaining a delicate foam of a nutty shade;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • adjustable blower.


  • the need to frequently clean the horn;
  • the appearance of scratches on the chrome stand;
  • high center of gravity.


De'Longhi ECP 35.31

A carob-type unit, ideal for the daily preparation of coffee and coffee-based drinks for the whole family.

A modern model with a manual cappuccino maker, a metal horn and the possibility of simultaneously preparing two portions of coffee in one start.

A feature of the device is the presence of a cup warming function, thanks to which the owner can get an excellent drink.


  • power consumption - 1100 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 19x31x24 cm.


  • a wide selection of drinks;
  • simple mechanical control;
  • hot water supply;
  • high quality materials and assembly;
  • attractive appearance.


  • no display;
  • you can not make coffee from grains;
  • automatic decalcification is not provided.



A stylish appliance that will not only help you brew delicious coffee, but will also be a great addition to the kitchen interior.

Premium coffee maker.

The electric unit gives the user the opportunity to brew a coffee and milk drink of varying strength according to original and classic recipes, which real gourmets will appreciate.

There is also a special function for warming cups.


  • power consumption - 1050 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.5 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • case material – metal;
  • dimensions - 26x31x24 cm.


  • reliable security system;
  • durable metal case;
  • inclusion indication;
  • convenient adjustment of the portion of hot water;
  • 4 drinks to choose from.


  • short network cable;
  • manual preparation of cappuccino;
  • no automatic decalcification.


Gaggia Gran De Luxe

A presentable device from a proven Italian brand specializing in the production of multifunctional coffee machines.

Attractive model, enclosed in a plastic case and complemented by a stainless steel front panel.

The design is equipped with a manual cappuccinatore and can be used both for brewing coffee from ground beans and for preparing drinks from coffee pods.


  • power consumption - 1050 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.25 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no,
  • body material - plastic, metal;
  • dimensions - 20x30x27 cm.


  • simplified mechanical control;
  • automatic shutdown function;
  • two servings of a drink at a time;
  • removable drip tray for easy collection of drops;
  • reservoir of optimal volume.


  • no blocking of inclusion without water;
  • no display;
  • there is no anti-drip system.



Reliable kitchen assistant with a set of automatic modes, aimed at durable operation with minimal labor costs.

An elegant device that perfectly brews strong rich espresso and drinks with the most delicate milk foam.

The user can determine the amount of cream foam according to his taste.

To do this, you just need to gradually move the special regulator until the glass is filled with air mass.


  • power consumption - 1000 W;
  • maximum pressure - 15 bar;
  • volume - 1.4 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 24x31x26 cm.


  • tray with full indicator;
  • capacious milk tank;
  • adjustment of the portion of boiling water;
  • measuring spoon included;
  • double serving button.


  • no hot water supply;
  • uncomfortable cleansing;
  • insufficient temperature of the finished drink.

Nespresso capsule coffee machines with cappuccinatore

The most popular Nespresso capsule models with a cappuccinatore.


De'Longhi Nespresso Essenza Mini EN 85 AE

A miniature capsule model that combines an optimal list of functions, ease of use and interesting design.

One of the most compact and ergonomic coffee machines on the market, equipped with a manual milk frother, waste container for 6 capsules and a removable drip tray.

Among the additional features there is an adjustment of the portion of heated water and an energy saving mode that is activated after 3 minutes of continuous operation.


  • power consumption - 1150 W;
  • maximum pressure - 19 bar;
  • volume - 0.6 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 11x21x33 cm.


  • the presence of a timer;
  • automatic shutdown function;
  • preparation of five different drinks;
  • high power;
  • economical energy consumption.


  • impossibility of simultaneous preparation of two portions;
  • no supply of boiling water;
  • no display.


De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One EN 500

Stylish device, made of durable materials of high quality, which will easily fit into any interior.

A capsule gadget in an impact-resistant plastic case in a delicate cream shade.

The appliance is equipped with an automatic cappuccinatore, a long power cord and a touch control type, which guarantees comfortable operation.


  • power consumption - 1700 W;
  • maximum pressure - 19 bar;
  • volume - 1 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • body material - plastic;
  • dimensions - 19x36x39 cm.


  • pre-wetting function;
  • indicator of the water level and the inclusion of the device;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • acceptable cost;
  • the presence of a tray for coffee drops.


  • small milk tank
  • light body quickly gets dirty;
  • noisy work.


De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro EN 750

Capsule-type device equipped with a patented cappuccino preparation system with the most delicate milk foam.

A miniature device with a touch screen and a capacious container for used capsules for 15 servings.

The electric appliance is distinguished by the presence of 6 preset recipes for coffee and milk drinks, a large jug for milk, as well as bright neon lighting.


  • power consumption - 1400 W;
  • maximum pressure - 19 bar;
  • volume - 1.3 l;
  • built-in coffee grinder - no;
  • body material - plastic, metal;
  • dimensions - 19x33x27 cm.


  • automatic cleaning of the milk container;
  • shutdown during prolonged non-use;
  • container for capsules with neon illumination;
  • the use of glasses up to 15 cm high;
  • rinse function.


  • the device cannot prepare two portions of a drink at the same time;
  • additional costs for capsules;
  • no anti-drip function.


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Having decided to purchase a coffee machine equipped with a cappuccinatore, it is worth remembering that:

  • when choosing equipment need to pay attention to options such as power consumption, maximum pressure, water tank volume and foamer type;
  • important technical characteristics are also type of brewing mechanism, method of cleaning the unit, body material and design dimensions;
  • an excellent solution for lovers of rich coffee from freshly ground beans will be a unit with a built-in coffee grinder that can instantly grind loaded beans;
  • to automate the process of preparing high-quality coffee at the touch of a button it is worth buying a powerful and functional device with an automatic cappuccinatore;
  • if there is absolutely no time for the process of preparing a drink, it is better to opt for a capsule coffee machine that allows you to get an aromatic drink in 30 seconds.

Useful video

This video presents a rating of the best coffee machines for home use:

  1. Albert He speaks

    Personally, I have Bosch, and I am very pleased. It's been running for eight years now with no problems. The cappuccinatore is manual, but whips up excellent foam. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you make this foam on top of the coffee or, conversely, first make the foam, and then pour the coffee into it. The second option is a little more to my liking. Although, of course, you need to adapt to any cappuccinatore and choose milk that is suitable for fat content ...

  2. Julia He speaks

    We bought a DeLonghi for home in the spring, this is my first coffee machine, I have never had such an apparatus at home. We chose it according to the noise criterion, since we mainly brew coffee in the morning, when the rest of the family is sleeping, it was a very important moment to brew coffee as quietly as possible. The second factor was compactness, I did not want it to occupy the floor of the table. And of course, the cappuccino maker, our coffee machine had to be able to make cappuccino foam. We were very pleased with our choice of DeLonghi, it meets our requirements and almost insanely brews aromatic cappuccino for us in the morning.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Congratulations on a great purchase! ??

  3. Dmitry Doroshenko He speaks

    We bought a De’Longhi ECAM 23.460 coffee machine last spring. Just like it says in the article. Bought because my wife loves cappuccino and latte. We are quite satisfied with the work of the machine, it has never broken down. I am especially pleased that the machine cleans itself from scale and we do not have to spend time cleaning it.

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